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Ok, my friend says the Dodge 6.7L diesel has the best fuel economy of all the other diesel trucks. So I go to the Dodge web page, build my truck, and then I chat with some rep asking for the highway/street MPG rating thinking they will give it since they get superior fuel economy. Instead the rep sends backs the disclaimer infomation saying "Oh, Dodge never tested their trucks, and doesn't know" (yeh, right)... But it's the same for ALL the companies. So, anyone care to tell me what they get with the new 6.7L?


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    The dealer is correct about one thing... trucks with a GVWR above 8500 are not tested for fuel economy by the government or manufacturer. You have to rely on owners for their results.

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    Would you build something without knowing exactly how it performs? I wouldn't. Just goes to show how lame they are, so it comes down to picking out one you like regardless of the fuel economy... That's why I'm buying a Ford.
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    I have a 2007 3/4 ton 6.7 liter 4x4 Ram. Fuel economy is awful. The 5.9 engines would get 18-22 mpg. You can count on 13 1/2 - 15 1/2 mpg on the highway with the 6.7 liter. However, my friend has a 2008 2 wheel drive and he is getting 18 mpg with 3000 lbs. loaded in the back.
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    I bought a used 2008 Laramie Quad-Cab 4x4 long bed. So far everything works fine. It had 2400 miles when I bought it; it now has 3800 miles. So far I am averaging around 16 mpg, based on actual reading of the difference in fill-ups (not the overhead fuel meter.) I hope it gets better. I replaced a Chevy 2500HD Extended cab with the 6.0 gas; it had 154000 and I was starting to make expensive repairs. I could have gone another 50,000 miles or so, but found this used truck. Where I live, it is very hard to find long bed PU.
    So far, everything works fine. Now if I can figure out the wiring so I can install the gooseneck ball and the trailer brake, I will be fine. Both Chevy and Dodge make good trucks. The last Ford I owned was a 1976 which I sold in '84 when I moved to Europe.
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    I have a 2007 4x4 Dodge diesel 1 ton single axle pick up with 4 door cab. Pretty consistently, since new, I have gotten 13 -14 mpg when towing a 3 horse horse trailer fully loaded. I get about the same when towing my boat (19.5 foot Malibu Skier). Empty I get between 18-19 mpg. This is a 6.7 with six speed manual transmission that just rolled over 20,000 miles. I'm told the mpg will get better with more mileage pon the engine but I'm not unhappy with it right now, except for the high price of diesel. This thing out pulls my old Ford Powerstroke and gets way better mileage than the Ford as well. In 120,000 miles with the Ford I went through 2 automatic transmissions and 3 torque converters. At almost $4000 per tranny and $2000 per torque converter, that was some major cash. So far I'm much more impressed with the Dodge. Being a Ford fan I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the Dodge dealer but I don't think I'd go back to a Ford now. The Dodge tows the horse trailer so well you have to look behind you to realize you're towing one. The Ford let me know it was back there on every hill, little or big. I even tried a programmer (Bully Dog) to help with the lack of power but all it managed to do was use more gas. It might even have contributed to smoking the last torque converter. The only thing my Ford had that was superior to the Dodge was a more comfortable back seat. The clean diesel technology in the Dodge makes the exhaust odorless as well and the engine is much quieter too. Obviously I'm pretty happy with the Dodge, even without a program or chip. If my mpg takes a bump up down the road, I'll be ecstatic. Maybe I had a lemon with the Ford but not so far with the Dodge.
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    I have a 2007 3500 6.7 Cummins. I get about 14.5 MPG when it is running. I would not recommend purchasing the 6.7 L engine. The check engine light is on more then it is in the shop. Three of first four weeks I owned it was in the shop. Now it is injectors which I can not get for six weeks. I am going to try to Lemon law it.
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    I have a 2007 also. My Truck is a Mega Cab dual rear wheel 4x4. I had about 3 weeks of down time in the 1st 30,000 miles. So far all that's wrong is the engine light stays on constant but I've noticed better fuel economy 16mpg. I now have 50,000 miles. There were two trucks at my local Dealership that were supposed to be lemon lawed. A big construction company from Tampa bought 40-50 units and two trucks with the 6.7L gave them a lot of problems. Those two were on a ranch or hunt preserve. I think people who drive local tend to have more problems with turbo and exhaust system.
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    Fuel economy is only what you make of it, for instance my 03 3500 fully stock gets 30.6 MPG, @ 55 mph that is. If you drive the tar out of it it gets worse. Shift patterns and acceleration are key factors in fuel economy.
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    currently have 2003- 2500 with hemi and 3.73. Mainly use truck to pull RV trailer.plan to move up to 5th wheel in the 14K to 16K lb. range.
    from all Towing Guides I've looked at, I'll need the cummins/ 6 spd auto/4.10 set-up to get to the 16k. Hemi, with 6,500 (+/-) trailer getting about 7 to 9 mpg when towing. ( at about 60-65 mph) How's that going to compare to the 6.7 / 4.10.
    Would REALLY like some actual experience ........going tomorrow to possibly buy
    a 2009 3500 dually...............Thanks
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    guess I'll reply to myself.........went to Store.saw "red" dually: loaded.
    made the DEAL.........bought it......think I'm in LOVE (yeah right.after 100 miles).
    electronic monitor is showing 14 to trailer @ 65 mph.
    i guess I'll see.
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    Congratulations! You'll like the Dodge very much. I tow a fifth wheel horse trailer and have the single wheel axle. Fully loaded it pulls just fine. I kicked around the idea of a dually and talked to a number of people who towed 5th wheel RV's and horse trailers and most of them told me the single wheel towed just fine and got around 13-14 mpg while towing. I do have a buddy in construction who has a dually but his 5th wheel trailer pulls a large tractor/backhoe combo. Although the dually gets less mpg than the single (duallies have a lower gear ratio) he's happy with it because of its stability and it doesn't tend to get stuck in loose dirt or mud at work sites like the singles do. I also know some people who tow very large slide-in campers and they like the stability of the dually over the single as well. Duallies look awesome too. Either way, you'll enjoy your truck. Don't know if yours has the auto tranny or not but I have the 6 speed standard and I like it for towing way better than the auto. No burned up torque converters and there's no sensation of the trailer being back there unless I look behind me.
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    thanks for the reply.did get the 6 speed auto...still can't believe that the truck came standard with the engine it's time for Huskey flaps........extang tri-fold...trailer brake......who said trucks can't be FUN
    thanks again
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    I forgot to mention the engine brake. My standard tranny model came with the engine brake as standard equipment too and it works like a charm. Maintains its speed down steep hills even with a fully loaded horse trailer with no sensation they are about to run over me. Couple that with the cruise control and its all good. The heater also warms up faster with the engine brake on. The trailer brake (Prodigy) I got for mine came off my Ford. All I had to do was buy the Dodge adapter cable for the unit and it plugged right into the OEM harness under the dash. If you buy one for the Dodge it should have the Dodge cable with it.
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    I am considering buying an 08 6.7 mega or QC 3500. I do love my 2006 6.0 F350 and have had good luck with it up until now... they don't know whats wrong with it yet. should find out tomorrow. gotta be injectors or something to do with the fuel supply. (@176000 km / 105000 miles so far) anyways I get around 15 to 17 mpg. 11.5 towing my 14000 lb 5th wheel. I want this to go up and not down. so some more updates on the 6.7 mpg would be nice and other problems you guys have had.. my next truck will not be a new Ford due to the 6.4 being a big piece of junk. thx
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    it's been about 2 weeks now. have driven the 3500 about 750 miles, none with the rv except to change the hitch ( had to buy another "drop" hitch to match-up with my Rockwood (TT). Needed 9" drop!.
    Truck is getting about 15mpg av. town and highway- without Trailer. 1st trip planned for Good Friday.
    4.10 rear lists 16,500 lb. tow rate with dually...that's about 3K MORE than with the 3.73. Did not find too many with the 4.10 on Dealer's lots, so when we found one, we bought it ( got SUPER deal and super trade-in on our 2003 2500 Hemi).
    Laramie Package adds alot of stuff..even got Moon Roof. missed 0% for 48 by 1 week, but 2.90 on 48 is still not bad......esp. with all the discounts and rebates.
    Brother-in-Law has King Ranch..he's still up in the air about it..but it does have bigger cab than my Quad. Mega would have been nice..but we thought that 8' bed would be better for a big 5th Wheel ( after we sell the Boat).
    New Brake Control ( Tekonsha P3) was just Plug and Play..with the pig-tails that came with the unit and the Dodge.( got for $130.00 on line)
    all in all.happy so far
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