Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Turning problems

motorhomebillmotorhomebill Member Posts: 2
I own 2 JGC Limited's, a 1994 and a 1998. Both have a problem turning at slower speeds.
When I do the 'turn around' on a highway, I have to turn exceptionally wide, etc.
I've replaced the Transfer Case on the 98 and it didn't help. The mech told me it was the 4 wheel drive engaging due to control arm bushings, shocks, and uneven tire wear (after replacing the TC!).
This has to be a somewhat common problem as I have the same problem with both vehicles, I would think. Yet, I can find very little info on the matter.
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


  • dixiecrawlerdixiecrawler Member Posts: 89
    Sounds like both of your JGC's are equipped with the "full-time" transfer cases. If that is the case, there's not much you can do about it. The reason you have such a wide turning radius is because your transfer case is driving both the front and rear axles, and a driven front axle will pull while turning which causes the wide turns. A non-driven front axle is merely being pushed, which doesn't fight against the rear axle like the full-time "push/pull" relationship. This is normal behavior for a full-time equipped 4WD. The only way to change this is to swap in a part-time t-case like the NP231.
  • motorhomebillmotorhomebill Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your response and info dixie.
    It makes sense, but what doesn't make sense is why (with both vehicles) it wasn't doing this from the start.
    Seems it started around 150,000 on both if memory serves rightly.

    They both have the QuadraTrac auto 4 wheel drive (or all the time 4 wheel). I haven't been able to find info on this matter and with me having the same problem with two Jeeps four years apart, I would think it is a somewhat common problem.

    I haven't taken it to a dealer yet. Holding off as they want $50 to diagnose the problem.
    Hopefully I'll find the answer here, first!
  • dixiecrawlerdixiecrawler Member Posts: 89
    The problem may have become more prevalent over time due to a couple of things. You might want to check your steering linkage and components for excessive play. Grab either your tie rod or drag link and try to move them from side to side. If they move, that could be your problem. Your steering linkage should be tight. Another thing you may want to check for is worn front axle bearings. Jack up the front end and see if you can rock the wheel back and forth (top to bottom). There shouldn't be any movement there either. Let me know what you find out and we'll see where you need to go from there.
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    Hi - I have the same problem with my 98 JGC Limited Full Time 4 wheel drive V8. It started about a year ago. Happens when I drive about 20 miles. Turning in parking lots gets very difficult. Almost as if the front of the drivetrain is binding. Takes more gas to make the turn. Some parking garages are nearly impossible and can only turn at extremely slow speeds and the tighter the turn the more difficult. Jeep Dealer told me I needed my tranny rebuilt. Rebuilt the tranny and still have the same problem.
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  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    could be a bad front wheel bearing or cv joint by the wheel binding trans dosent have anything to do with drive of front wheels that is done by the transfer case
  • offroadjunkyoffroadjunky Member Posts: 1
    I second this opinion, I bought a 98 jeep grand cherokee Laredo that had this issue. First I found that the control arm bushings were bad so I replaced them, made the turning a little bit easier but still have the problem. Had my diff's oil changed and found it to be paste: metal shavings and oil mixed which created paste in both diff's. So since then I realize that the diff's need to be replaced front and rear. I am thinking about doing an E-Locker Conversion but still researching to see if there will be any issues if the front end is limited slip until posi is needed. I am thinking about doing both diff's as E-lockers actually and keep rear diff locked but might try the limited slip to see if there is any issues.
  • rockingrannyrockingranny Member Posts: 1
    my '96 JGC Laredo 4x4 does same if it doesn't disengage the 4 wheel drive totally. I have to stop, drive, forward, then reverse at least 2 wheel revolutions, then go forward. This puts it back in 2 wheel drive correctly. You can always tell the 4x4 is engaged when you can't turn sharp and it jumps or skips on you. I've got 218,000 on mine. I just replaced crank sensor, coolant sensor, and oil gauge sensor because engine was shutting off when driving - bummer & scary on freeways. Hope this fixed problem but still get message "coolant sensor bad".
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    The issue with Jeeps AWD (NP249) transfer case is. After the 150000 mark the turning starts to go to crap, the diffs start to go, and so does the steering components. There is one thing that causes alll of this to happen, and you are right with looking at the T-case. The "Viscous Coupling, VC, or what ever people want to call it". Its an internal part, expensive part ($493 on ebay or $1200 from jeep). But today my JGC is getting a new T-case, a NP242. so does anyone want a T-case that will chew up diffs, kill your ball joints, and give you whiplash on sharp turns?
  • repeterrepeter Member Posts: 3
    Hello your comment with great interest..have had problems with my 95 JGC while turning in parking lots etc...knew it was the viscous coupler so I took out my front drive shaft last spring..drove it that way all year with no problems, but remember to use your will roll away..replaced the drive shaft before the snow flew this year and to date have had no problems with the VC..did it cure itself?..I don't know but I'll keep you posted..would like to know if the NP 242 TC is full time AWD or the Selec-trac part time?..happy 2012....Peter...Kelowna BC Canada
  • zjfamilymanzjfamilyman Member Posts: 1
    It shouldn't have anything to do with the Tranny. Most Jeep enthusiasts will tell you that it is the viscous coupler in the transfer case, a part essential to the quadra trac 4wd system that is known to wear out at about 150,000 miles. In some cases the transfer case fluid is just dirty and needs changed, the same can apply to the front differential fluid. You'll probably need to have the viscous coupler changed though, or you can switch to the selec-trac transfer case that doesn't utilize a viscous coupler as it is not an on demand system.
  • northcountry1northcountry1 Member Posts: 1
    My 2007 JGC Diesel is similar problem with sterring. Dealer said it was the power sterring pump and needed to replace or flush the line. Pump was on BO so they flushed the line and no difference - what a surprise. Two weeks later and the probem seems to be getting worse. Happens mostly in the morning when I back out of my parking stall and then go forward, turning sharply. The front wheels seem to be fighting each other and rocks the steeering wheel back and forth slightly. Once I get out of the parking lot and start moving forward on the street it goes away and I don't notice it again until the next morning. Would you agree it would be in the trasfer case?
  • repeterrepeter Member Posts: 3
    As I posted earlier,I took my front drive shaft out of my 95 JGC and drove it that way for a whole season.This confirmed the problem was in the transfer case;specifally,the viscous coupler.I reinstalled it when the snow flew and to date,mid june,the problem appears to have cured itself..note..if you remove the driveshaft you MUST use the wife drives a 94 JGC with the same problem and I've taken out her front drive shaft..she noticed a huge improvement in handling immediately..of course,if you really need 4WD this won't work for you,but they handle very well without it..greetings from Kelowna BC Canada
  • blue2cooter1blue2cooter1 Member Posts: 1
    that is most definitely the viscous coupling. I had the same problem with my 98 GC but I waited too long and tore up my front differential. I went the better and cheaper route and bought an NP242 transfer case. Replaced front end and transfer case, problem solved......... The viscous coupling is around $500 and a rebuilt 242 transfer case if I remember right was around $385
  • derricksjeepderricksjeep Member Posts: 1
    Im having the same issue with my 04. Did anyone find the exact reason why this is happe ing? I got my front and rear differential liquids replaced as well as the transfsr case. Can anyone help?
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    I've just brought a 2003 jeep Cherokee limited edition and went on a little 4x4 track for the first time ever now i have the same problem with turning at low speed and i think my jeep is stuck in 4x4 I can't get it back in 2 wheel drive any suggestions? Thanks
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    Same with my 06 jgc
  • RobouttenRoboutten Member Posts: 1
    I have a 96 Grand Cherokee 5.2 all-wheel drive for some reason my transfer case lock my rear wheels up from going forward would not roll backwards hooked up to the truck but everything a neutral truck rolls forward and backward fine what is my problem in my case
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