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I recently crossed 21 K miles in my Saturn. The brakes make a squeaky sound every time I press them. Is this a sign that the brakes need to be replaced?


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    I have a 2007 Ion that is in proper working order. I have just been in my 2nd accident in three weeks. While it maybe bad driving--I'm not a perfect driver--I'm suspecting some back brake problems. Both times the car felt like the back locked up sending me into a spin. Are there any others who have experienced this problem?

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    I have a 2006 Saturn Ion that has had several problems with the brakes. One morning on the way to work my rear brakes locked up on me and sent me into a 360 on a "S" curve. Luckily I've had combat driving training in the army and I managed to recover, only after going into another spin in the other direction from over correcting. I've also had problems with the electronics in the doors. Some windows work at times, then don't. I've also had one come off track. I take good care of the car, all maintenance is done on time, washed often, etc. I feel I was takin for a spin, and not literally. After the poor experiance when I bought the car, which I will not go into, I do not think I will ever own another saturn. (This comming from a guy that has owned 2)
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    Unfortunately no car is perfect. I had to replace the tires on my Saturn as it wouldn't pass the PA inspection. The mileage on the car was under 25 K miles. :mad:
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    David, your rear brakes seizing up may be due to sticky calipers on the rear drums. I bought a 2004 Ion just a few months ago and at the first oil change the mechanic had to spray half a can of brake cleaner on the rear drums and calipers because there was an incredible amount of dust accumulation after only 32,000 miles. I've also had a few "nuisance" occurences, like the trunk button pushing through the console...I'm not sure yet how to rate this does start and drive well however, and my MPG is 32 so far as an average, so I love it at the gas pump but not when I hit a bump and everything feels like its going to fall off !
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    My local service center is estimating about 420 dollars to replace 2 brake rotors and a tag light. (includes the cost of parts). :confuse:
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