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I see that IIHS has the new Accord as their top pick for safety in a Family Car..great, I am getting ready to buy one. Anyone know why the car safety link in Edmunds shows the NHTS rating of 4 not 5 stars for side impact front passenger on the 08 Accord. There are others that rate it 3 stars for rear passenger safety. I know it is safe but not sure why this discrepancy in side impact ratings. Anyone else confused by this? The CRV shows 5 stars across the board.


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    Thanks. I saw the NHTS 3 star rating for the rear side impact on the 08 Accord but was wondering how it differs from the IIHS rating where the car was rated the safest family sedan for 08. Which is more credible IIHS or NHTS tests? If you go by the latter my other two choices.. the 08 Altima and the 08 CRV are safer (5 star) for rear passengers.
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    Have you found an answer to this question? I've run into the same issue in deciding what to do for a new car. I'd really like to get the Accord, but not if it means my kids aren't safe. I could understand if the IIHS and NHTSA had different front crash results because the tests are rather different (offset vs. head-on), but the side test geometries and speeds are basically the same as far as I can tell, and yet the results are wildly different. I'm tempted to think that one set of results is wrong. I've looked around quite a bit on the internet and haven't found anything that discusses this (other than your message). I'm tempted to call Honda and see if I can get an answer.
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    Seems there are some differences between IIHS and NHTS methods and ratings. The top rating that you can get in IIHS is "GOOD" and that is what they rated the Accord all the way around. NHTS has the star rating and only gives 3 stars to the rear side impact test. My guess is the penetration levels were the same in both tests. I guess that I won't worry about it since IIHS which is the independent agency rates the Accord as their top safety pick. Problem is it is about the only one I see with less than 5 stars anywhere including the Altima and CRV which are the other two vehicles that I am considering. Not much discussion of any of this on the Accord forum so I guess that it doesn't bother most people here.
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    Did you ever get anymore information from Honda or elsewhere on this 3 star rating? I'm looking at the new accords and can't get past the poor side impact scores.
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    Why is no one talking about the Accord's three (3) star rear side impact crash rating - that seems like a really danger. no?

    Does this mean I should buy a Camry instead
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    The NHTSA side impact test simulates a medium sized passenger car slamming into the side of a car at 38.5mph. The IIHS test simulates a SUV or Pick-up slamming into the side of a car at 31mph. Something like 97% of cars get 4 or 5 stars in the NHTSA test so three stars is very low. I would take the IIHS rating more seriously than the NHTSA rating but ideally you want a car that does well in both tests. Usually if a car does well in the IIHS tests it will do well in the NHTSA tests. I would look at a car like the Camry that does well in both tests.
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