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Have a 2008 HD Silverado 6 weeks old,when using the plow it drops amps so bad you can hardly lift the plow.Cant use the revolving lights or any thing else .took it to the dealer 8+ times,they put on new voltage reg,new computer etc,the mechanic called the GM factory rep and he said nothing wrong!HELP!


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    Does your truck have the VYU plow prep package? If so the 160 amp
    alternator should work fine. I have no issues with my 07 GMT-900 2500
    with plow and emergency lights....................

    Check out for more help and answers.
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    yes it does have this prep pkg,thanks,I went back to the dealer today and they called gm again and they are blowing it off as it must be my plow,so we hooked up a brand new plow and same thing.I have to carry a booster box with me to start the truck.Great adv. for new chevys,I am at a loss of what to do next,this area we get major snow and I am scared of whats going to happen when I cant lift the blade not to mention not running my emerg. lights.Thanks
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    Had that problem many times with @#@%^@!!#$ electric plows. Get the pump checked. 99% of the time the pump motor is drawing too many amps (just before it completely dies). A proper plow set up should run without up grading your alternator (but it doesn't hurt) upgrading your battery is a better $ up grade.
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