Hyundai Entourage Sliding Doors Problems

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newbie on this forum, after two frustrated times at the dealer, with two issues - Knocks on the engine (while the AC/Heater on) , two is the Sliding doors popped open while parking on a slope (anyone have the same issue???) and while driving at low speed (few times).

First time had the car checked by Stevens Creek Subaru/Hyundai (California) dealer for those two issues, they told me to duplicate the engine knocks inorder for them to put in the work order , took my 30 minutes to duplicate the knocks. they took it in, one day later told me to take the van home since they could not duplicate the sliding door issue and had to order the part for the knocks.

One week later had the car in for the second time, they first told me the part should be installed within couple hrs, then take them the whole day, just minutes ago they told me to call back in 24 hrs, since the work require more time than anticipated (!!!!). Now not to mention the sliding door issue .

I'm so frustrated with the way the service here, I have to travel almost 60 miles for the service (I work nearby the dealer), they persistently do not even provide pick up shuttle (only 10min from the dealer) so I could pick up the far this is the worst service I've ever encountered compared to the past experience with Nissan, Infiniti and even Cheverolet could match .....

I hope that they will fix both problems tomorrow, otherwise I'll have to call the corp. office to vent my frustration spread the message around to make sure Hyundai get it right.....good and improving product with crappy service will not get Hyundai anywhere in a near future.....Thank you for the forum otherwise I probly have stroke by now....


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    My dealer fixed the sliding door issue by putting a small piece of vacuum tubing into the door mechanism. According to the tech, the doors slide too far forward and don't engage properly. The additional piece of rubber stops the door earlier in the travel and allows the latch to properly engage. This is a well-known issue.
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    Sorry to hear about your door problems.

    If you wish, you can write a review about the dealer service here.
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    My 07 Entourage (purch Sept07) is currently in the shop for the 4th time for the pwr sliding doors opening 2"-3" after closing...this has happened over 20 times. The van has been in the shop for about a month combined. They've replaced both latch assemblies and control modules so far to no avail (I'll have to bring up the vacuum tubing suggestion).

    I'm also having electrical issues...the airbag light has come on twice while driving, smoke came out of the dash when I turned on the front glass defroster the first time, and the fog light dash indicator has begun flashing after using the turn signal (in daytime when the lights are off).

    I've already started the Lemon Law process, although I wish they could just fix it since I really like to van...we'll see.

    Let me know if anyone has seen the same issues, and how they've been (hopefully) resolved.
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    As posted before, there's a fix for the doors. The doors slide too far forward and don't latch properly. To fix this, the tech inserts a piece of vacuum tubing to limit door travel.
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    Regarding the lemon law process, I went through that for power steering problems. Eventually got a new van. Be patient, it can take a while but it does work. Our case was pretty straightforward and all the work on the van was done at one hyundai dealer so the records were easy to locate and the issues easy to verify.
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    You are definitely not alone on the sliding door issue. My boyfriend purchased his '07 Entourage in December 2006. We have on video the problems with the sliding doors on an incline (popping open when we are trying to close them, or when we are trying to open, they would slide forward on their own and then "catch" halfway to close.

    Last October we were on level ground (in his driveway) and the doors actually closed on his son's hand when he reached back to grab his seat belt. The doors did not open (which was what the dealership claimed would happen if there was any obstruction). We had to actually open the door to free his hand. Both his son and his daughter are now terrified of the power doors, and shy away from the door anytime it opens and closes before they even reach for their seat belts. They also warn anyone who enters the van to watch out for the doors. No child should ever be terrified like that.

    We have contacted Hyundai and the dealership and we have been told that none of this was a problem. We now have a lawyer to help us to get Hyundai to take action. Neither of us want the van anymore, and it would be hard pressed for either of us to purchase a Hyundai ever again.
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    As I've posted multiple times - this is a real problem and there is a fix. The problem is the doors slide too far forward and the doors fail to latch properly. This can get worse over time because the rubber bumpers that limit door travel compress over time. The fix my dealer did was put a piece of vacuum tubing somewhere in the door frame. No more problems after that.

    You might suggest to your dealer they talk to Hyundai corporate or the techs at Fairfax Hyundai Fairfax VA. Don't believe them if they tell you this isn't a problem but it can be easily resolved without getting the lawyers involved.
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    Thanks... I will pass it on, but it still doesn't explain why the doors didn't auto open when there was something in it's path. That is the main reason why we don't even want the vehicle anymore.

    It was corporate and the dealership who both told us it wasn't a problem at the time.
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    We purchased our Entourage SE February/07 ... this posting would be way too long to read if I wrote all of the grief we've had with this car. I'll just post the things that have been "fixed".
    - Radio has been replaced twice
    - DVD player has been replaced once
    - Drive unit for the Power Tailgate has been replaced once
    - Power sliding door (left) latch assembly has been replaced once
    - O2 sensor has been replaced once
    - Front rotors were warped, they were machined (??)

    Plus, the "air bag" light on the dash board comes on intermittently while I'm driving but service has been unable to detect it.

    Can anyone help me with this? I have already met with a rep. from Hyundai Motor America - I was so humiliated. I'm pretty sure I spoke with him calmly when telling him our situation and asking him what they could do for us. After a 10 minute meeting, all of a sudden, he said, "I'm losing my patience with you, ma'am". I was stunned because I had no idea what he was talking about. And then, he walked out of the conference room. He then gave me the contact info for the BBB in VA and said that was my best bet.

    After reading up on VA's lemon law, I don't think my car qualifies because no part has been fixed 3 times. Is there anyone out there that can help??

    Thanks for reading ....
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    They're right about not qualifying as a lemon unless it's been back three times for the same repair (or a second time for a safety issue). In our case, corporate opened a case file and took notes but also directed us to the BBB. I got mad too not realizing the BBB is the established way to get resolution. They weren't just putting me off. Call the BBB and file a case, see what they do. It doesn't cost anything but an hour or two of your time if you have all the paperwork.

    The Service manager at the dealership tried to convince me I didn't have a case since it wasn't the same part every time. I didn't buy it because every part in the PS system went bad so I told them they were just throwing parts at the problem. I suspect the real problem was that someone in the production chain put the wrong fluid (probably brake fluid) in the PS system and it ate up all the rubber components. He also tried to convince me the PS system wasn't a safety issue, more BS.

    Sorry for your bad luck. If it's any condolence, every manufacturer has a bad vehicle or two. You and I just happened to get Hyundai's bad Entourages.
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    Good luck with the corporate case... be sure to keep all paperwork, and document everything that happens. Get some of the stuff on video if you have to.

    After we got a lawyer, Hyundai is "reopening our case" in the "alleged" door closing on my future stepson's hand. Which is good, hopefully they will at least realize that they need to prevent this from happening to other kids. We have the doors opening/closing on their own on video, so we're sending it in.

    If they are so convinced that the safety feature is going to work, do you think that they would be willing to try it out for themselves??
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    Call a Lemon Law Attorney anyway! Each state's lemon law varies, (in NJ, there must be 3 unresolved repair attempts for the same problem, or the vehicle must be out of service for a total of 20days or more for any number of problems) You can read my earlier posts to see the issues I had. I contacted an attorney and Hyundai offered me a replacement vehicle. I picked it up Monday, and guess what...the power sliding doors do the SAME THING my 07's did.

    Keep taking the vehicle in - even if they say they can't duplicate the problem. Once it is on paper, you can proceed after the requisite number of repair attempts are made. It is a pain and a waste of you time, but once you qualify for Lemon Law, you can fight for a FULL Buyback of the vehicle.
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    Wow, I am reading these posts regarding the sliding door issues and I am so sorry for all of you that have had WORSE problems than we have had. I've been posting into another forum here regarding 3 dead battery issues (all resolved with replacements as per TSB's) but we, too, have the sliding door issue.....which COMES AND GOES. Particularly on one side. When we close them, they sometimes creak and cringe when trying to engage. Lately...they haven't been closing properly but that seemed to have gotten better.

    Our dealer here in NJ seems to know about this problem and is expecting Hyundai to release a recall or a fix. The head mechanic at the dealership has some ideas for the fix, but I am VERY impressed with the guy in FAIRFAX who had the rubber tubing installed to fix the door issue. I would love to get more detail, but I guess it is best our dealership contact theirs? It might be a good fix in the interm...while Hyundai gets the issue sorted out.

    "Rob22315"....are you still problem free with the door issue?

    We hope the doors DO NOT GET WORSE...I am taking a long trip on Monday back home to Toronto from Jersey (7-8 hour drive) and I have a 3 year old and 15 month old. Yikes.
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    The doors are still an issue for us as well. It doesn't happen 100 percent of the time, but when they doors are trying to latch you will hear the "ding ding ding" and the groaning/crunching noise.

    This is not even considering the squeaking noise coming from the steering wheel and the hard shaking we experienced driving the car last week after it was inspected and the 30K mileage maintenance (it was an oxygen sensor, but very scary to have it happen mid-trip to the store and within days of the maintenance being done.) One of the mechanics at the dealership actually told my boyfriend that his Entourage was the highest mileage car that he had seen that hadn't been at the dealership to get fixed at least once. Most had died between 6 and 15K.

    Hyundai USA is willing to buy back our vehicle (not for the full price), but will take no credit for the door's malfunctions. I still wonder why they would buy back the car if they were that convinced that it wasn't their fault.

    We are seriously never buying a Hyundai again. Its not worth our time or money to buy cars that are such shoddy products. :lemon:
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    Well...our hyundai has just reached 15,000 miles and we just had two replacements to fix a dead battery 3 times...and .. of course..the door issue (like yours...a ding/ding/ding followed by the groaning/crunching noise).

    I am about to head out on a long trip. Lets' hope I make it. LOL.

    I really hope I have no more problems.
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    Saw this on one of the other Entourage links, I think we should all set up a complaint about these doors...

    File a complaint here:

    That's the Office of Defects Investigation.

    If enough people complain and they see a pattern, Hyundai could be forced to do a recall, or at least a TSB to dealers. Who knows, maybe they can adjust their alignment specs a little or maybe the wheels aren't up to spec.
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    Great idea! I will do that ... for the doors and the battery drain issue...
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    I am wondering if they are somehow related...
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    My driver's side power door is also having problems. When I took it in, the dealer "lubricated" the tracts - charged me $43 for labor. They told me it's not a warranty issue because they believe it had something jammed in there that would have been my fault. He said to come back when they could remove the entire door assembly and they would find the problem if I wanted to spend that much money. They then proceeded to tell me that all I need to do is stop using the remote! (that still won't work, it must be muscled open or closed) I didn't have time to argue that day so I paid the $43. I came home and googled and found this site. There seems to be a lot of problems with the doors so, three days later returned the car to them. I told them they were insane if they thought I was going to pay for a broken power door or accept one that won't work with the remote. I don't believe it just jammed and it should be covered under warranty.
    It acts like it's trying to jump the tract. There is nothing visibly blocking the door and if it was, the door is supposed to have a sensor that would prohibit it from opening. Right? I told them to fix it and to refund my $43. The service manger wasn't there when I took it back so I'll have to wait to see his response. I'm getting ready for a fight.
    Anyone else have a dealer claiming it's not warranty related? It's got 59k miles. Is it possible my kids have dropped something in there that no one can see without taking the door off? If so, does that void the warranty?
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    The power doors ARE a HYUNDAI issue-- not a user issue. We are almost finalized on settlement with Hyundai on this situation. They still won't accept blame, but I find it curious that they would want to settle this when they claim there is nothing wrong. We have family that works at a Hyundai dealership, and they said that they have seen the issue on several Entourages, where the doors don't work properly, that they open and close on their own. In fact, in the past two weeks we had a situation where it was very cold outside (below 20 degrees) and the passenger side auto slide door was stuck-- would not open or close when we were first trying to get into the car. The door did eventually open... WHILE WE WERE DRIVING DOWN THE FREEWAY. Luckily the kids were buckled in tight, and we were able to pull over shortly after it opened to make sure it closed. These doors are not supposed to open while the car is in motion period. Heaven help Hyundai if anything happened to these or any other kids.

    These doors are a liability, and there needs to be a recall. Period.
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    Thanks Sashadog
    I am going to the dealership on Monday. We'll just have to wait and see what they say. You would think the onboard computer would prevent the door from opening when the vehicle is in drive. I hope they issue a recall like they should.
    How can they sleep at night?
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    Hyundai says doors only covered for the first 12,000 miles - unless it's defective. My point is that if a power door breaks in two years - that is proof enough that it was defective. Good grief - it's a HUGE selling point. If it's unreliable after only two years and expensive to repair who would ever buy one? Who cares about that stupid free towing? I'd rather have REAL warranty coverage.
    Supposedly the door has a problem with the "door lock accelerator" and that isn't covered. It's only covered if the part was defective. They said it may be jammed, which is my fault and, it's not the part that is defective. Here's the pickle - if it worked as it should have it would never become jammed. If it hits something it should stop. If that doesn't work - it WAS defective. That being said, I don't see anything jammed in the door anyway.
    The dealer is getting a Hyundai rep involved (according to the toll free customer service person I talked to. She called my dealer about it) Maybe they'll do the right thing.
    I can't wait for that 310-862-9009 caller calls back. I have gotten a dozen calls from that number. I kept missing the call and they never left a message. I Googled it and it's Hyundai survey about service satisfaction. HA.
    I told my dealer that I had no intention of paying for the repair and I wouldn't take it back until it was fixed. They haven't called back.
    If Hyundai knows the doors are a problem and they should do a recall and do not, I may be gathering names for plaintiffs. That is no joke. Despite the arbitration clause in the contract - it can be done. That clause has been held as non-enforceable in states with good consumer protection laws. The argument being that they cannot force you to agree to never sue them in advance of knowing what could happen.
    I'll update after I hear from my dealer.
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    Kudos to my dealer and the Hyundai rep. They are going to replace the part for my sliding door at no cost despite the fact I'm almost 60K miles and warranty went out after 12k. I just had one small rant with the dealer. I also called the warranty line and complained. The dealer called their Hyundai rep and got it approved without a problem. They immediately told me the part was covered. I forgot to ask about the labor. I assume it's free too. If not, I'll be upset all over again.
    I sure hope that is all that it needs. I see a lot of chatter that the ongoing problems with the doors. Can anyone tell me what they were told was wrong? Mine was supposed to be the "door lock actuator". I would describe the problem as follows: The remote didn't work beyond opening about an inch. Once it opened, you had to manhandle the door to get it to open all the way. The remote did nothing to close the door. It made a grinding sound in both directions when remote to pushed.
    Is this the same diagnosis for anyone else?
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    For us, it was the automatic doors. We have the video of it on youtube (, which you can clearly hear the grinding and bell because the latch wasn't working. Basically we discovered (after the door closed on my boyfriend's son's hand) that if you are on any sort of incline, the doors won't latch, and will open up on it's own. Our main issue initially was with the door closing on the hand (when my boyfriend was specifically told when he purchased the van that it if anything blocked the doorway when it closed, it would automatically open and not latch. Guess what? It stayed closed.) We are currently in settlement talks with Hyundai to sell back the van. We no longer want it since it is a danger (especially considering the doors opened on their own last weekend while driving on the highway-- which was a new occurance.)

    Between the door issues, the squeaks and the noise in the van, this Entourage is a lemon. :lemon:
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    Although I had 59k miles, my dealer repaired the power door at no charge. Of course, at first they told me I would have to pay and I went a little crazy. Later, he said he just had to get approval from the local Hyundai Rep (Albany, GA) and it wasn't a problem. He said the power doors were a problem for many vehicles including the other brands they sell/service.
    I went to the complaint center link posted here and listed my problem anyway. Who knows if the other door will continue to work. I hope so. I am afraid after 60k, I would have had a harder time. Maybe they'll issue a bulletin or a recall if enough folks post their complaints to that web site shown.
    They also had to replace my automatic transmission pump under warranty. The engine had a whine to it.
    Anyway, all of my problems were repaired at no charge and it seems to be working fine for now.
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    I have had trouble with the passenger sliding door opening. I would try to open the sliding door with the remote and it would not open. Also, the warning light for the sliding doors (that the door is open) comes on sometimes. The doors do not open, but that light will come on. I have to pull over, place the van in park, open the door and then close the door. I haven't actually experienced the door opening while I am driving, at least it doesn't seem opened, thank goodness. I have two children, which are 11 and 3. That scares me just listening to other people's situations. My van has about 57,000 miles, and thank goodness I haven't experienced the door coming completly opened while I am driving. That to me is a real safety issue and a very dangerous situation could excel from that. I hope they do make a recall on the doors. Also, I have had trouble with my car shaking really bad when I drive it. It begins shaking when I get up to 65mph; does anyone else have this problem. When the car shakes, the steering wheel & the center tray rattles.
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    It sounds like some of you need to make sure your dealer has seen this TSB....

    It just came out March 09 & my dealer didn't even know about it until I showed them.

    Mine is in the shop right now getting it taken care of.
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    Thank you SO MUCH for bringing this to the attention of the people in this forum. I am due for an oil change, and I'll be sure to bring this in with me. :)

  • afob3afob3 Member Posts: 17
    Will wait to see how it goes once the parts get in. They weren't going to do anything for it (could not duplicate) until I showed them what it was doing. For us, it seems to have more to do with how level the ground is where you are parked. If the van is slightly tipped left or right it will act up every time. We noticed this when it would malfunction 100% of the time at church where the lot is sloped.

    I would suggest, that if your dealer is a "can't duplicate" it dealer, that you swing by thier lot on a Saturday or Sunday and find a spot where you can duplicate it for the tech.

    TSB's and other interesting service info on all Hyundais is at

    Many of the TSB's on these vans has been compiled here
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    OK just got it back from the dealer. The doors now move almost silently and latch with a solid click. I swung by church where they always seemed to act up on the way home and they no longer mind being slightly unlevel :) As a bonus... the squeak I had in the rear end on uneven roads is now also gone.

    The job took a day and a half and I was provided a loaner. I insisted that they don't rush it since it is a really big job just to remove everything to get to the parts. The tech explained it as removing everything from the weatherstripping on the rear door to the sliding doors. :surprise:
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    I have 24000 on the 2007 Entourage SE and there are some annoyances about the doors. I have not had problems that required dealer repair but would like to air gripes, anyway. I usually depower the doors and just open and close manually because I don't like power sliders. I find that the doors are more susceptible to freezing shut that any other car I have ever owned. If there is a hint of ice, these things might as well be welded shut. You would think that Koreans would understand cold weather operation. I have coated the gaskets with layers of silicone oil but to no avail. I wouldn't be surprised if these doors would somehow freeze shut in July.
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    Well....I went to my dealer regarding the TSB on the sliding doors. They have it documented from last year that we've had the problem. HOWEVER, because it wasn't doing it on that day, they can't justify fixing the problem. In fact...they made me feel like I was just making this all up (the problem). URGHHH!!!!
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    Well, the papers have finally been signed for the settlement, Hyundai is buying the Entourage back for the entire purchase price minus "normal wear and tear" and what was required to pay off the trade-in. Now we are just waiting for the check to come in so we can turn in the car and get something new. Of course they are taking their sweet time in getting this done too. It's been almost 2 years since we first contacted Hyundai about these faulty doors. We're just happy to get this ordeal overwith.

    We actually went to a local Hyundai place to check out the Genesis (which I didn't like at all), and when we mentioned our trouble with the Entourage, the sales guy who was working with us told us that they weren't making the van any longer. Which even he thought was ironic since it got so many "safety" awards just a year ago.

    If they are giving you the runaround, fight them. Get a lawyer involved if you have to. Don't let them think you are alone on this issue. Because obviously, you aren't. :)
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    :lemon: I HAVE HAD IT!!! :lemon:

    Just like so many others, I too have been experiencing similar issues with the doors... but wait, this gets worse!!!

    Initially, the doors would not stay closed. The dealer's service department fixed it by adding something to the seal... It closed but occasionally we would hear the crushing sound.

    After a while, the problem returned and then would either not stay closed or alternatively not stay open. (never a happy medium!) As a result, one of the times, after opening the door, it automatically closed - on my 4 year old's fingers!

    I took it back to the dealership and they replaced the door modules. Still the problem would continue to occur intermittently.

    About 2 months ago, I took the car back after seeing the issue AGAIN. This time, when I came to collect the car I was handed a Technical Service Bulletin. The bulletin was labeled:
    Group: Electrical
    Number: 09-BE-001
    Date: March, 2009.
    The circulation was for Parts Managers, Technicians, Service Advisors, Service Managers and Warranty Managers.

    The bulletin addresses problems with power sliding doors, along with a new closing module. I was also informed by the service representative that I should disable the door buttons on the back doors - just in case! Now that would not be a safety issue would it!?!! :confuse:

    My first question: If all of these people/roles were in the circulation of the bulletin - how come it was surprise to them each time the encountered the issue?
    My second question: Why were the Entourage owners not proactively contacted by Hyundai regarding the issue?

    Here is the kicker:
    The last weekend, I visited Great Wolf Lodge with my family in Williamsburg, VA. (This is a great place if anyone reading this is interested!) On the way back to Maryland, while driving at about 60Mph on RT 64, my left sliding door opened up! My daughter, who if 5 and was sitting in the left passenger seat was right there!!! I had to do an emergency stop on the highway to close the door. While doing so, I made sure that this was not an accident on her part but after measuring the reach of her leg, realized that there was no way this could be her fault!
    Anyone with this vehicle will surely know that the doors do not open while the car is not in parking.

    At this time I was ready to leave the car there and grab a cab - although it was cold, I had my wife and three kids with me and I was 160 miles from my home. I closed and locked the doors and went on my "merry" way! I immediately called the dealership and got my salesperson to see what it would take to invoke lemon law.

    How or why this happened - I do not know. All I do know if that I have had enough! :sick:

    I have contacted Hyundai and begun the process of a buy back. I have no idea what that really means or how long it will take but I do not feel safe having my wife drive my kids around in this vehicle any more. :lemon:
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    If you have not already, contact a lawyer to help you with the buyback. We fought for over a year and a half with Hyundai with the buyback, because their initial offers were only for the 'current market value'- which they don't make the van any longer, so that has dropped.

    Hyundai needs to do a major recall on these vans, but doing so would mean that they aren't as good as their commercials make them look. We definitely tell anyone who we see have one that the car just sucks. :sick:
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    Wish i would have seen this b4 we bought the 08 entourage. L PSD won't open w/the pwr. i hope it doesn't exhibit more problems.
  • beth145beth145 Member Posts: 2
    I had my drivers side PSD serviced 3 times - the door would close, then beep and then go all the way back open. It has never opened while we were driving, thank God. The first time they blamed the weather stripping thinking it was too bulky in the cold temps and then "adjusted" it. The next two times, they replaced the latch. The fourth time, they researched further, gave me a rental for 10 days and narrowed it down to the mother board on a specific time period that this van was made (bought this 2007 in 9/06). If I had know this problem existed, I would have pushed further for them to replace that "mother board" for the passenger side becasue now, 7 months, the passenger side PSD is doing the same think. You can muscle it closed if you REALLY lean hard into it when it closes but even then, you can pull it up with one finger not even using the latch. They replaced the latch on this side and I'm counting down the days until this "fix" fails. :mad:
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    It's a shame because I love this van! Especially the storage area in the back!
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    I want to know what lawyer did you contact. I have a lawyer but my lawyer tells me nothing. I call, he never returns calls and now I am having more problems with the vehicles and I can't tell him. I have had friends who used him with no problems but I have had so many. Please let me know. :mad:
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    The symptoms of the PSD mysteriously opening while the car is in motion are back! I took the vehicle back to the local service center and they were unable to reproduce the problem. I was even told to take the vehicle back and try it more until the issue occurs again! Can you believe it?

    I got Hyundai Consumer Affairs involved again. They too were not able to reproduce the problem. After asking them how they attempted to reproduce the issue - it became apparent that they just stood there hitting the open and close button on the remote. In other words, an entirely sterile environment. I have just one word for them: "Impotent"!!!

    My question to those that did get the buy-back is how did you convince Hyundai to do this? Were they able to reproduce the issue? Or was it just a matter of having a lawyers signature on the complaint.

    I even filed a complaint with NHTSA and have heard nothing back from them.

    The latest from Hyundai Consumer Affairs: Invoke lemon law.
    This is of course, after we have exceeded the mileage restriction for lemon law! They conveniently dragged their feet until I had exceeded the mileage! Damn them!!!
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    I'm not sure of the name of the lawyer off hand, it was one local to my fiance's work. I know it wasn't the only lawyer he talked to though. If your lawyer won't return your calls, get another one involved.

    The buy-back was a long and drawn out process-- it was almost 2 years from when the original incident of the door closing on a hand to when it was settled. There is a reason why these vans won all these "safety awards" and then the next year they immediately shut down the line. :(
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    I was in contact with a columnist from the Baltimore Sun about my :lemon:. He has added an entry to his blog about this issue.

    Please visit the blog @ _op.html and enter a comment about your experience.
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    I recently relocated to the West coast. (San Diego to be specific.) :)

    I found that after repeated attempts to resolve the issue on the East coast, the advice given to me just before relocation was the most helpful. I was told to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. :surprise:

    As a result of the complaint, I was contacted by a Hyundai consumer affairs representative from the West coast.
    The vehicle was inspected and the technician from Hyundai was able to (finally!) reproduce the issues. An attempt to fix the problem was made. The result was a misalignment of the doors, which basically looked as if the vehicle had been in an accident!

    After some additional conversations, Hyundai finally agreed to buy back the vehicle (less usage costs). We are currently going through the motions.

    My original thought when told to contact the BBB was that the rep was just trying to get rid of me and that he never expected me to actually file a complaint against his company. Now, looking back at the situation with a clear head, it now seems to me that his advice was very helpful and sincere. It was probably the only thing that helped me get this resolved! :shades:
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    The same problem has been happening to me since I bought the van in 07, brand new. The Hyundai dealer replaced the modules for all the doors, including the back hatch while it was still under warranty. But, nothing improved the situation any, doors would still open whenever they felt like it and, even worse, they wouldn't close when I wanted them too. So now I have had this vehicle for 4 yrs. and nothing has helped my problem, and every time I want the dealer to fix it or else, he says it has to be doing it before he can fix it. Now isn't that some dealer? I agree it is a Hyundai problem and something should be done before someone gets hurt. There is 3 of us around our small town that are thinking about bringing a class action suit against Hyundai, so maybe that will coerce them into calling a recall, because there has to be something that can be done!
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    Been there, done that!

    This is similar to the issue that I had... :sick:

    Hyundai Customer Service would schedule an appointment with a Regional Hyundai tech who would come out and test the vehicle. Since this was done in a sterile environment, like inside the dealer's service bay, they were unable to reproduce the issue and therefore unable to fix it.

    If you read my earlier posts, in this forum, they eventually fixed the issue by changing the entire door alignment. In this case, the vehicles front and rear doors were no longer in alignment and the vehicle looked like it had been in an accident!

    I was lucky enough to find a helpful rep at Hyundai Consumer Affairs that was willing to work with me. (This could also be due to the fact that it was after filing a complaint with BBB and NHSTA.) I am happy to say that I no longer own this vehicle. Hyundai purchased the vehicle back from me.

    For a time I was seriously thinking of boycotting Hyundai but they really did make things right. It took a long time and I am happy with the outcome. My wife is now driving a Hyundai Veracruz and loves the vehicle. It's not a minivan but she's happy... so I'm happy. :shades:
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    I have had my Entourage at the dealership several times for the sliding doors not closing properly and/or opening when they feel like it. Today, October 31, 2011 was the first that they told me there has been a recall on the sliding doors. Supposedly it came out in June of this year, but I was never notified; frustrated? yes, but not notified.
    The van is at the dealership now for repair on the recall. I expressed my concern that I was not notified about the recall considering the door slid open going down the highway with two kids strapped in their seats and I got no response. How do you make sure you are notified of recalls? I am still notified by Volvo and Volkswagon for recalls on vehicles I no longer own!
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    I just purchased a used 2007 entourage and didnot do much reserch in it. I am finding the same power sliding door problem, not closing properly and opening by itself. It is out of warranty now. Please suggest what are my option and do you think it would be under recall on this issue. Any help /opinion is appreciated. Thanks
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    Hi, your entourage is on a recall so a Hyundai dealership is responsible for repairing the sliding doors at no cost to you. I wouldn't wait too long to schedule the repair; I made that mistake and drove around for a day with the doors bungee strapped to hold them closed. Best of luck to you. Love my van again now that the doors are repaired!
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    Thanks very much for reply. I did go to the dealership and they replaced the faulty door at no cost. I hope this works now. Thanks again for the reply and providing the information.
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    Does anyone have information on a recall for 2007 Entourage power sliding doors? Much thanks!!

    I've been dealing with this issue for the last 6 months to a year because my bumper to bumper warranty is expired. Would love to have this repaired.
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