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spencer10spencer10 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I have a 1997 Lumina with a V6 3.1 liter engine.
On startup the engine will be quiet, after 30-40
seconds it become noisy and this will last about 60
seconds and the quiet again. No loss of power or
decrease in gas mileage. Oil and filter changed
every 3000 miles. Is this common with the GM V6?


  • impala0impala0 Member Posts: 3
    I had a 3.1 with 200,00 miles on it and it had a little clatter when first started from the hydrolic lifters. After it ran for a minute the noise was gone and it did this from the time it was new until I sold it with no apparent loss of power.
  • poisondartfrogpoisondartfrog Member Posts: 102
    What is the brand and weight of oil that you use? How about the brand of oil filter?

    I'd be using a 5w-30 and a filter with a anti-drainback valve (such as AC-Delco). It does sound like a hydraulic lifter noise.

    Check the oil level, too, obviously on level ground, warm, waiting a minute or so after shutting down the engine to get the oil back in the crankcase. Sometimes an oil level that is too high can cause the lifter clatter.
  • hengheng Member Posts: 411
    The start up chatter seems across the board on V-6 Aleros.
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