2004 Toyota Highlander Limited - Fog Light Lenses

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Not long after I purchased my 2004 Highlander Limited (new), I noticed that both of the Fog Light lenses were shattered. I took the vehicle to my dealer to have them replaced (at a cost of about $325). The service manager at the dealer stated that in order to replace the lenses, he first had to remove the front bumper cover.

This morning I looked at my fog lights and both lenses are shattered again. Has anyone out there experienced this? Is there any other less expensive way to replace the lenses? Does anyone have a therory as to why they keep breaking?



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    I have a 2005 HL. Right after I bought it, the fog lights cracked all over. It was still under warranty--although I don't believe these were covered, but my dealer replaced them. They cracked again with in a month. I have been driving it ever since with the cracks. I figured if I replaced AGAIN, they would just crack AGAIN.
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    My driver side fog light has cracked all the way across recently. I have an 05 HL. I took it to the dealer and of course, they said it had been hit by a rock and that is why it cracked. I think they are full of it! Anyway, I have been looking into replacing both fog lights with OTHER fog lights.

    I have heard from other HL owners that the cracking of the fog lights are an issue. :(

    In my searches, I have found out some interesting info.

    Fog Lights that will fit the Highlander:

    2004-2006 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER (Including 2006 Hybrid)
    2004-2007 TOYOTA PRIUS
    2004-2006 SCION xA
    2000-2005 TOYOTA ECHO
    2000-2005 TOYOTA MR2 SPYDER

    I have been thinking about these instead of the normal Fog light with the shield in front of the bulb.

    eBay Motors: 04-05 SCION XA JDM FOG LIGHTS BUMPER LAMPS KIT CLEAR (item 360025305573 end time Feb-25-08 20:41:53 PST)
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    I had the same problem with my 2005. I bought it used, a few months after I bought it I noticed the fog light lenses were broken. When I took it to the dealer they said it was rock spray. Which I know it wasn't as I don't drive on rock roads at all. But I didn't argue, how could I prove otherwise? Now I know I was right! I just left them cracked, should I replace them?
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    You do NOT have to remove bumper on a highlander to change foglamps.
    Look under the front bumper and you will see 2 wide hole for access. Inside, at the 6'oclock positon is a 10mm screw, just twist counter clockwise, and pop the foglight out. I got a replacement pair on eBay for about 90 bucks. Pop those back in, put screw back in, plug in. Done.
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    Well.... y'all "made me look".

    I've got a 2003 HL, bought new, and I live on a gravel road. Almost 90,000 miles on the car so far.

    No cracks or any other defects in the fog lights. We don't use them all the time, but they've had sufficient use that if heat were the problem, it'd show.

    So did they do something different in the plastic lenses for 2004?

    and "thanks" to msagro for the tips on replacement.

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    every car I've ever had with fogs deveolped cracks rather quickly. honda, toyota, GM, all the same.

    i've learned that unless they actually fall out, leave 'em be. cracks don't hurt anything.
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