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Toyota Yaris Tire and Wheel Questions

maracuchomaracucho Member Posts: 2
Hi, somebody can tell me the specifications of the offset distance and bolt pattern of the 2006 yaris hatchback?, this its because i want to buy a set of 4 rims (16") with the following specifications:

Bolt Pattern: 4:100/114.3

Offset: 42

Will this set of rims fit on my car?



  • benlearnbenlearn Member Posts: 3
    How do you have a 2006 Yaris? The first year it came out in the states is the 2007 model.
  • dakedake Member Posts: 131
    Curious if anyone has had issues with the Tire Pressure warning light illuminating for no apparent reason?

    Came on about a week ago, I verified the pressure in all the tires and they were right at recommended levels with one tire being about a lb lower than the other three. Just to be safe I aired everything to the exact same value, and verified all the lug nuts were torqued properly as well.

    I finally disconnected the battery and reconnected and no joy. The light still popped on as soon as I started the car up. Is there a) a different reset method - I know some modern cars aren't fooled by the battery disconnect anymore? or b) another idea in general?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,403
    Different makes have different procedures. For example, my Nissan Versa simply requires you to drive a bit once you've rectified any pressure difference and the light resets.

    From poking around a bit it seems like at least some Toyota models have a button in the glove box or on the steering column that you hold down to reset.

    Your owners manual should have that information. Or a call to a dealer or competent garage should get you an answer as well.
  • dakedake Member Posts: 131
    Yeah, I searched the forums too, and don't find anything for current Toyota models. There's nothing in the owner's manual - the Yaris doesn't appear to even have the old fashioned manual like Toyota's used to have, just a quick reference thing for the basics. There's no switch in the glove box or anything like that either that I can find.
  • dakedake Member Posts: 131
    Huh... why can you only edit your post for 30 minutes? Ok, anyway, I answered my own question (sort of) in that there appears to be a Technical Service Bulletin out on the TPMS activation. I'm taking it in on Monday to have it sorted out.
  • dakedake Member Posts: 131
    Took it in - one of the sensors was apparently bad, so they slapped a new one on. Good as new.
  • phrancheskaphrancheska Member Posts: 2
    Got this info from another forum: forum

    I took my car to the dealership and watched them reset it.

    1. With the odometer on trip A and the ignition off, press and hold the reset button.
    2. Turn the ignition on (no need to start the car) and wait for it to start blinking. It will count down and when it's done, it'll be reset.

    Also, finally found on page 243 of the 2008 owners manual.
  • phrancheskaphrancheska Member Posts: 2
    The Yaris does have a traditional owner's manual - you can have access to it online, as well, but you have to register with the Toyota Owner's Online thing. It's searchable, though. Here's the link: Registration

    You can also order it through your dealer with the following publication numbers (but it's not free)


    Pub #



    Repair Manual
    VOL. 1


    Repair Manual
    VOL. 2

    Repair Manual
    VOL. 3

    Owners Manual Mexico Sdn

    Owners Manual Mexico H/B

    Owners Manual Sdn


    Owners Manual H/B


    Electrical Wiring Diagram
    "NCP91,93 "


    Collision Repair Manual
    "NCP91,93 "

  • lewjac3lewjac3 Member Posts: 15
    It seems logical that 15 inch wheels would keep the rpm's lower than 14 inch wheel's, that said can I assume that 15 inch wheel's would produce better mpg, than the 14 inch wheel's?
  • bamacarbamacar Member Posts: 749
    The only problem is the wheels never touch the road - you drive on the tires. The overall height of the tires is all that matters. Yes if the overall height is greater you will have lower rpms for the tires. A high profile 14" tire can easily have a greater overall height than a low profile 15" tire.

    MPG is really dependent on distance divided by fuel use. If you have a greater tire height, it may appear when you divide the mileage by the fuel use that you are actually getting worse gas mileage. In reality the mileage is about the same, but your odometer will actually just be inaccurate (as it was based on a lower height tire). You will have actually traveled farther than the odometer will read.

    It is actually tire width that has the greatest effect on mileage. A wider tire has greater friction and thus has lower fuel efficiency in general.
  • mvgmvg Member Posts: 2

    Would tires size 190/70/14 fit on a 2008 yaris hatchback basic model.. stock everything?
  • highmiler650highmiler650 Member Posts: 75
    These are the sizes available for a 2008 YARIS:

    Plus Zero
    Plus One
    Plus Two
    Plus Three
    Plus Four
  • The_GamalielThe_Gamaliel Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a new toyota yaris hatchback 2008 and i would like it to hook it up so i want to know what would be like the biggest wheel and proper tire for this type the car. Any advice help. Thank you.

    P.S. I don't know anything about tires and wheels, i just know that the tire size is like 15".
  • highmiler650highmiler650 Member Posts: 75
    Just take a look at the previous message. The largest size 15 tire would be a 205/55-15
  • qschubmehlqschubmehl Member Posts: 1
    I think larger wheels will significantly increase your mileage by making the overall gearing higher. The tradeoff will be slightly slower acceleration. As 'Bama points out, the overall diameter is determined by the tire size ratio(ie A 175/70 will have a larger overall diameter than a 1175/60, because the distance from the wheel to the outside of the tire is 70% of 175mm, versus 60% for the 175/60).
  • girlcarbuildergirlcarbuilder Baton Rouge, LAMember Posts: 221
    first tank was about 38 mpg. Getting better requires a lot of diligence and habit changes in driving as well as careful drivetrain selection.

    We bought a '09 3 door white manual Yaris. I was not happy with Toyota for putting on the 15 inch rims/tires. Bigger tires cost more and more to turn! More rubber contact to the road means more friction.The 14 inch with smaller tires will give you a better mileage. It has taken a lot of care and time to relearn matching this cars clutch and gear match ups since the engine revs are a lot quicker than other standards in the fleet. We keep our speed no more than 60 mph and use the highest gear possible to cruise in. In other words, drive it like a diesel. RPMs under 2000. That got us to 40 mpg.

    At 5000 miles, we caught a nail in the side wall of the rear tire. Rather than replace it with another 15 inch. We located two 14 inch rims and carefully selected another 14 inch tire with the same height as the 15 inch ones. 175/70 R 14. That one has the same width as the recommended 175/65 R 14 and the height of the 185/60 R 15, but more narrow. Best of both worlds. That bumped up another 2 mpg's. I am waiting for the next few tanks to come in to decide if that reading is in error or correct. So at this point it is looking like 42 mpg's. City. Oh, I do a bit of coasting in Neutral as well and use the cruise control.

    I copied my post from another forum and brought it here. Rule of thumb, the fatter the tread gets and/or the shorter the tire, lower gas mileage. So best tire/rim size should be a 175/70 R 14. If you go up another size in the 14", the tread gets wider which will defeat your purpose. I wish 13" rims would fit in the front like the older Tercel and Mazda 323's.
  • bleeper87bleeper87 Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    hey bro! what size rims would i need for the 185/60-15 tires for the Yaris Hatchback?
    also, will this work on a 2007 Yaris?
    Thanks for the information.

    Tom :)
  • buffalofatkidbuffalofatkid Member Posts: 1
    Just bought an 07 yaris. I am an idiot at vehicles, but would like to put on a set of darker (smoke grey) rims. Don't need super fancy, just wannna jazz it up a little. What do I google/ebay/craigs list for?

    do I just put 15x5 by 100 thread? 4 holes? 5 holes?

    Can I just put em on or do I need to alter the vehicle in other ways? Or does that matter by what size I buy. I think the same size with some style would be fine. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  • robiasrobias Member Posts: 1
    My wife bent her wheel the other day and I was wondering if you have to use a "yaris" wheel, or if you could substitute?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaMember Posts: 12,726
    Any other wheel with the same diameter, section, and offset will sub right in. For instance, you could use almost any 14" or 15" (depending on which rims your wife's car has) rim from other Toyotas will probably work.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USMember Posts: 898
    There's more to wheels than what's been stated. The wheel has to clear the brake parts - and none of the conventional dimensions tells you anything about that.

    So be careful. If you want to get the same exact wheel that came on the car, you're best bet is a dealer. If you are willing to have something "about the same", then try Tire Rack, Discount Tire, or a local tire dealer.
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