1990 Taurus

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Is the title in a nutshell worth it?


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    Welcome to Town Hall.

    This conference deals primarily with maintenance and repair issues for our members' existing vehicles, and not so much with purchasing advice.

    However, you might be interested in reviewing the posts in our Taurus' repair and maintenance topic (#153). You can use that highlighted link to go there, and then use the "scroll" and "jump" choices under the topic title to navigate through the previous posts.

    If you are a female, you might like to visit the "Our Turn" conference which focuses on women's automotive issues of all kinds. There is an automotive tech co-hosting that conference and she may very well have an opinion to offer you on this vehicle.

    You also might like to look for appropriate topics in our Sedans and/or Smart Shopper Conferences.

    Other conferences can easily be accessed using the Conference scroll list on the left side of the page. And just above that is a Topic Search window you can use to find other appropriate topics by keying in Taurus.

    A tip - you will usually get better responses if you join conversations (topics) that are already in progress, rather than just starting a new one directed at no one in particular.

    Good luck, and again welcome!

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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