Lincoln LS 2002 and 2003

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I want to buy that nice ride V8 3.9L but i saw that have different HP between 2002 and 2003. Lincoln LS 2002 have : 252 HP @ 6,100 rpm and the 2003 have : 280 hp @ 6000 rpm. It the same motor V8 3.9L that different of HP could be the computer generated that was not set has the 2003 ? Im very curious to know about that if its only a chip setting they are same soo i can buy new chip and they both would have same power at the of line. Thank you


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    The 2002 and 2003 are very different engines. The biggest changes were to add Variable Cam Timing and Electronic Throttle Control. The 2002s actually make closer to 260-265 hp due to an airbox change (the hp for the 2002s was never updated officially). You can add a cat back exhaust and cold air intake to the 2002 and get close to the 280 hp of the 2003 but the 2003 also had 500 other changes (mostly small). I'd say it depends on the price - the 2003 would be a bit better but I wouldn't spend a lot extra for it if you like the 2002.
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    Hi, i have problem with a Passat 98 automatic V4 , front lamp , rear lamp , the whipper , AC , and dash light doest work ... and i check the fuse panel and no fuse are burned.Sometime the car electric system work but not all time so i imagine that is not a fuse problem either but that maybe cause of the humidity i don't know that my question and i have an other one : sometime when my dash light work my hand brake signal is open could it be the reason why my Electric system not work !

    Thank you for replying.
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