Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Automatic HVAC

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The Milan is the first car I owned with auto HVAC. I always pictured that as set the controls once and forget about it. But, I find myself re-adjusting the controls much more than with the manual controls on earlier cars that I owned. Is my experience typical of auto HVAC or the the Milan/Fusion not work as well as other cars?


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    What controls are you adjusting? The only one you should be adjusting is the temperature control and that's more of a personal preference. If you're adjusting anything else then you're talking it out of automatic mode. Make sure the automatic button is lit and keep the temp wherever you like it.
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    At different times, I am adjusting the temperature, the fan and turning the A/C on and off. I tied leaving it in fully auto but it tends to leave the A/C on even when it is cold, the fan stays high too long, and the temperature may feel right on one setting one day, then too cold or hot the next.
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    Anytime you touch the fan control you're now in manual mode and it won't change until you change it or you hit the auto button again. The A/C is supposed to be on unless it's below freezing outside - it dehumidifies the air and keeps the windows from fogging up. Just forget about it - it's normal.

    The fan will stay on high for a couple of minutes regardless of the temperature and it is a little annoying but just adjust the temp and leave it alone and it should settle down. I also heard there was a TSB for a computer reflash that would help that problem.
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    A TSB? Thanks. If there is one, it would be in response to complaints, meaning it might just be the complaint that I'm experiencing! I'll check into it.

    As you point out, another factor might be my impatience :-)

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    I have an '08 SEL with the automatic HVAC, and I am noticing that the car never gets very hot inside. Mostly warm air blowing in, and when it is below freezing outside, it can take a good 20 minutes for it just to get warm in the cabin. My older Fords (ZX2, Escort) and my 4 cyl Camry warm up in just a few minutes. In the Camry, you're sweating after only 5 minutes or so.

    Is this a design flaw.....should I have the dealer check it out? Or is it just how this model is...???
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    The A/C is supposed to be on unless it's below freezing outside - it dehumidifies the air and keeps the windows from fogging up. Just forget about it - it's normal.

    It also lowers MPG a fair amount (1-2 MPG depending on vehicle). I leave my A/C off until I need it (sometimes in the rain, or if it's toasty outside. Otherwise, I leave it disengaged and save the fuel. By the way, I'm from the deep south and do understand humidity, but 100% A/C use is completely unnecessary. Put the system in auto in the warm months or on "foggy-window days," but you can leave it off otherwise.
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    Doesn't sound normal - are you turning the temp all the way up to 85 or 90 degrees? Is it in auto mode (is the auto button lit)? If it's on 90 and still not hot something's wrong. Could be a blend door or a bad heater core but I haven't heard any complaints from any Fusion/Milan/MKZ owners like that.
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    akirby probably already addressed this, but i agree you have to crank the temp up to get real heat. my explorer with digital temp readout is like this. in my focus i turn the temp dial(blue to red scale) all the way up as a matter of course, then turn down as it heats up.
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    You can set it to 70 and get the car to warm up quick if you are in Auto mode. Just press the auto button.

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    The dealer took a look at it....and apparently this has been a common problem for those with the automatic temperature controls (and noted many Lincoln owners were hoping this feature would be improved or eliminated).

    Looks like if you have the automatic HVAC, regardless of running it on "auto" mode at 90 degree or having manually set with full fan on (again at 90 degrees), it will never be as hot as those with the manual, dial-mode HVAC :(
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