Ford Focus Interior and Passenger Comfort Questions

tam4givintam4givin Member Posts: 3
I use to get frustrated because the heated seats would not come on or come on a few minuets, go off and not come back on. Ford says they are fine when they test them. Now they are burning butts! I mean bad blistering burns!
Anyone else have this hot cross buns problem?


  • markus5markus5 Member Posts: 102
    I have an 04 model w/heated seats. I remember a recall on this about 2 years ago which of course was taken care of under the program. They did not tell me what service was actually done to the seat. If I recall correctly the car was only in the shop for about one hour, which indicates to me that it may have been just "precautionary recall". A loose wire or faulty heater element could be a disaster.
    I have about a ten minute drive to the point where I join my buddies for running on these cold winter week-end mornings. I have come to appreciate the "warm-up" on my butt and achy back before doing a little stretch preceding the running.
  • josebujosebu Member Posts: 1
    i have a focus svt 2002 but it does not have a subwoffer so i want to know if all models have.
  • whitey9whitey9 Member Posts: 138
    We have an '04 ZTS ( 4-door ). It has the Premium Sound System. In addition to the 6 disc in-dash CD changer/radio, it also has a rather large trunk-mounted subwoofer.
  • sharposharpo Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone had problems with water stains on the seats of a 2010 Ford Focus. The water stains are due to condensation from a water bottle. I took it to the dealer and they said it was not their problem. The car only has 7500 miles on it and the seats are a mess due to the water stains. This is the first time I have ever had a vehicle leave stains on the seats due to water. This is also the first time I have purchased a Ford. It think it will be my last.
  • fordcustsrvcfordcustsrvc Member Posts: 27
    Hi sharpo,

    My name is Cory from Ford Customer Service. I can understand you being upset with having your brand new vehicle with stains. We would be happy to take a look at the situation, please feel free to call the Customer Relationship Center at 800-392-3673 at your convenience. We are unfortunately unable to address your concern on a public forum.

    Kind regards,
    Ford Customer Service Division
  • sharposharpo Member Posts: 2
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    I talked to Ford Customer Care Rep. They contacted the dealership while I was on the phone. I was told not to clean my car with water because water would make the stains worse. That tells me Ford knows they have a problem. They said they could not do anything about it. This car was bought brand new and is only about 7 months old. If I went to trade it in on a new Ford I bet they would decrease the value of the car because of the stained seats. Somehow that just is not right. Nothing I can do about it but warn others. BEWARE OF FORDS WITH CLOTH SEATS. High probability the seats will stain from water.
  • puffin1puffin1 Member Posts: 276
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    I am a neat nick so that takes Focus off my list. It's either Mazda or the new Golf R. :lemon:
  • spc97tspc97t Member Posts: 1
    Hi Sharpo,

    I have the same trouble. I spilled just a tad of water on my seat of my 2009 Ford Focus, and it left a water stain.

    The last time, I took my car to a professional detailer. A $100 detailed my car, and this included removing the water stains.

    I just spilled water for a second time, so I'll be out another $100 for detailing.

    The moral of my story is not to drink anything in my car.

    Oddly, though, when I get into my car wet from rain, I have no problem.
  • kklbskklbs Member Posts: 3
    I have new 2012 FordFocus. StoneGray seats. Also have issues with water stains. From the start. Dealer did detail that didn't really help(after my insistence) , and said i would have to contact Ford, they were done with me. Contacted Customer Relations a few times.. Had to go back to Dealer to have photos taken of the seats. Ford then said 'concerns not warrantable, seems large amounts of water and dye is the issue, as good will gesture we will detail and scotch guard.
    The stains were only from water. Getting in the car after getting soaked in the rain or from plain old water. Dealer did the detail/scotch guard. Stains did not come out and still occurring. Ford is not returning calls. Any suggestions? I am ready to contact the BBB or Consumer Protection.
    We spent too much money on this car to have this happen from the start. Have lost all confidence in Ford. Should have gone to another dealer.
  • greenymeanygreenymeany Member Posts: 1
    Im shopping for a compact due to gas prices, and I put a lot of miles driving cross state lines. I like the look of the focus, and plan on test driving this week.

    I am 6'4" and was wondering if there are any tall 2012 focus drivers like myself. I hear the seats do go down quite a bit (im long torso).

    This car will be used mostly by myself for work, so rear room is a non issue. Wife and kids have SUV.
  • sobsbocsobsboc Member Posts: 4
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    I am 6'2" tall, checked out a 2012 Focus at the Auto Show last week. The driver's seat does go waaaay down and waaaaaaay back and the wheel telescopes further than usual I would say. I was able to get very comfortable. I could also sit in the non-adjustable shotgun with the seat reclined slightly. Love the styling and feel of the car. Problem is it might seem a bit of a gas guzzler to me after driving an old Prius for 4 years. Note; the Fiesta seemed to have even more headroom but I felt as though I were sitting in the back seat.
  • wanderswanders Member Posts: 2
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    I'm 6'6" and have a 2012 Focus SEL hatchback with moon roof (which loses about 1.5" of headroom from non-MR version) and 6-way power seat. I have no problem getting a comfortable, and relatively upright, driving position.

    I love my 2012 Focus. It handles like it is on rails and gets great gas mileage. It will accelerate smartly if pushed, but I rarely do this as I drive for mileage. It is great to see Ford making a world-class product in the USA again.

    PS - I get ~32 MPG in town, ~44 MPG on highway, average is ~35 MPG.
  • joegiantjoegiant Member Posts: 90
    6'2"/225lb...and the car fits me fine. In fact it IS rather like sitting in a jet's cockpit once you get the seat and telescoped wheel adjusted right. We bought the "sport pkg" and like the look and feel. Sync's pretty cool too.
  • dwink9909dwink9909 Member Posts: 2
    I'm 6' 5" 240 lbs and I fit just fine in my SE hatchback 5MT. I do not have a moonroof/sunroof and have about 1.5" headroom with the driver's seat relatively upright and pumped up just a bit off the bottom.
  • tomcatt630tomcatt630 Member Posts: 124
    I traded in a 2009 for a '12, and it is lower, but I am 6'2'' and fit OK. There was more headroom in the old car, but I dont bump my head a lot, like I did in my previous 05 Sentra!
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Member Posts: 315
    "after driving an old Prius for 4 years"
    I am getting 33mpg average with my 2012 Focus SEL with 1000 miles on it. I drive 15,000 miles a year so that means I will pay $50.00 more a month for gas. For $50.00 I get no battery and no boring drive :blush: There is a reason that only 35% of Hybrid drivers buy another Hybrid.
  • capeguy2capeguy2 Member Posts: 1
    Same problem with the water stains here, on a brand new 2012 Focus. Sitting on the seats with an even slightly damp bathing suit - and I live on Cape Cod - leaves a mark. I've heard a product called "Crazy Clean" might help - any others have experience with this? I dropped a small crumb off a donut onto the seat, and it turned into a major grease spot on the driver's seat. A nightmare.
  • tam4givintam4givin Member Posts: 3
    YES! Water stains, EVERYTHING stains! I paid for SimonX! Ford tried to clean it with STRONG smelling chemical. I went around and round with Ford. I finely called SimonX. They came to my house and gave me a check. Next time SimonX said I have to go through dealer. They said they would do the strong chemical again. I never got anything done! Does not help that the rubber seal on one back door was not right from day 1, and now leaks frequently in rain! Ford kept telling me there was nothing wrong with that door that had to be slammed shut every time! I figured out what the problem was when the whole seal strip fell down, hanging in back seat now! But now 36 months is up!
  • kklbskklbs Member Posts: 3
    We have 2012Focus and for almost a yr have had water stains on the seats. It is a KNOWN ISSUE with the trim level, engineering said.
    Ford did replace seats once, with same material. Happened again. We had to go to BBB for 2nd time and they just want to replace again with same material. They won't replace with a different material. They are claiming we left the windows open and 'excessive' amounts of water came in, they are also claiming the stains are from exiting the vehicle in the rain (how are you to exit) they are claiming we have spilled liquids, they are claiming we are comparing the vehicle to previously 'luxury' one we had. We had a 1996 Audi with 260,000 miles on it. It was breaking down and being towed , seats were leather but much wear and tear, the dealer didn't even want it at trade it that is 'luxury'? All false claims, but Ford doesn't care at all.
    Dealer had it in for 'repair' and put on over 2,700 miles on it!
    Ford says it has nothing to do with the dealers!
    Wrong choice of purchase it seems. Customer service/satisfaction, means ZILCH with FORD. Getting wet from the rain isn't something they do quality control for either it seems. We just want seats that don't stain , but Ford doesn't care.
  • dobbermansruledobbermansrule Member Posts: 3
    I purchased a new 2012 Ford Focus with light grey cloth has been back to the dealership 5 times & counting and they have their service clean them & will continue until it's out of warrenty. Eventually they will get tired of paying for it....would be cheaper for them to replace the seats. Currently talking to Customer Care in Detroit to see what can be done....if only more people would complain they may have to recall them. They know there is an issue and refuse to do anything so far. Rain Water, Bottled Water should not stain seats. We have had plenty of cars over the years and it has never happened. Please anyone with this issue - Contact Customer Care - Detroit and make your voice heard.
  • thebugsuslugmethebugsuslugme Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2012 Focus a month and am having the same problem with the water stained seats. I noticed it after we came home from swimming and there were stains in the seats where each person had sat and where they had leaned back. I tried to clean the areas with warm water and a white rag... made them worse, the further out I went with the water the worse it got. Then I noticed that even my water bottle sweating leaves a brown outline on my grey seats... it looks awful in an otherwise spotless vehicle. It's too much money to spend on something that ugly from day one. I am taking it in to service on Friday and they gave me the same story that they will have to take pictures and send to Ford. I told him I would be bringing a fresh bottle of water with me so that I could show him myself how it stains instantly with plain water... so they can not try and tell me it is from excessive water. My husband and I are actually thinking of recording this disaster first hand live and posting on u tube so that other consumers wont have to go through this mess and won't make the mistake of buy the Fords that seem to have this issue.... oh and I did call Ford customer service center and they acted all nonchalent about it like they didn't know anything at all!
  • tam4givintam4givin Member Posts: 3
    I am sorry you are having the same thing. I know how frustrating it is! One of my back doors had to be slammed hard to shut every time, Ford could find nothing wrong. Now after warranty is up the molding around the top of the car has falling so every good rain or car wash seat gets wet! Smells real bad! :sick:
  • balthazar9balthazar9 Member Posts: 19
    Does anybody have experience with the new '13s? Is this still an issue? I'm taking one of them out for a test drive in a few days.
  • seacludedseacluded Member Posts: 1
    Thank you all so much for this information as I was going to look at the 2012 Ford Focus this week. I won't even go near it now. Much appreciated. Seacluded :lemon:
  • richdbrichdb Member Posts: 1
    Bought a 2013 focus titanium HB for wife. Amazingly, with the seat all the way down and back, and the wheel at maximum tilt/telescope, I have good leg room and knee clearance. I'm only 6'5" but with long legs and have very little choice in cars with comfortable knee clearance. Just tried 2013 cadillac XTS and lincoln MKS and don't fit. Previous model of chrysler 300 was good but not he new improved version. Maxima used to be good due to lots of tilt/telescope until they added paddle shifters which took up knee room. Auto makers: stop adding room to the rear seat and add it to the front. The person who buys the car does NOT sit in the back seat!!!
  • jerfjerf Member Posts: 1
    Ive owned a 2012 Ford Focus for a few weeks now. The interior light does not come on when you either use the key remote or manually open the door. After driving the car or sitting in the car for a few minutes, re-opening the door will turn the interior light on. The dealership says there is a way to set the light to come on by pushing a combination of light switchs. However nothing seems to work and the owners manual says nothing about this. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is this normal? :confuse:
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