Tacoma Hybrid?

mtrialsmmtrialsm Member Posts: 159
Would you buy a Tacoma Hybrid, I think I would since I don't hual heavy loads. I haven't read any rumors about Toyota building one though,,,,



  • frame_builderframe_builder Member Posts: 6
    In the works. 5 models to chose from. At this point, all are 4 cyl.
  • superglidesuperglide Member Posts: 67
    So where did you get your information? I'm ready for one. I keep trying to buy the Tacoma that's the most economical... but none are good enough, in my book ! And when you check the 4 cylinder box, you can't get many of the other options you want.
  • frame_builderframe_builder Member Posts: 6
    edited August 2012
    They were hybrid frames Toyota had us build
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