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Jeep Commander Warranty Questions

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
Talk about warranty issues here!

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  • Hope this is appropriate here. I do not see where I can add a new discussion and most Commander discussions are dead!

    I am thinking of switching form Toyota to Jeep. I have done my homework on the cost of the car but am getting stuck on the extended warranty. All my Toyotas Rav/Highlanders have come w/a 3 /36 warranty and I always buy a bumper to bumper zero deuctible Toyota factory warranty for 7/100K. It consistently runs about $800 if you shop around...not that they do not initially try to push it on you for $1600!

    I was offered a similar warranty on an 07 Commander 4X4 with 15K miles for 4K. Boy did I laugh. Nevertheless I have found internet pricing from some dealers offering the same warranty for $2400.

    Can this possibly correct? Is this still inflated? What are folks paying? Why so much?

    Please advise. I won't purchase the Commander until I know what fair price is for such a warranty. I must consider this in my over all price before I purchase. Thanks!
  • wj06wj06 Posts: 3
  • as are most other COMMANDER discussions here. I hope this is not a sign of how the truck is!
  • As with any vehicle, The Commander has a right to be here just as any of the Toyota's etc.. The issue is many of use tend to want big vehicles but not have to pay for the fuel consumption. I for one sold my 99 Wrangler and bought a 07 Commander.

    Thinking ok this can't be right.. but we are getting the same amount of fuel cost that the Wrangler did.. Yet we are in comfort, safer driving machine. The point here is.. Keep ones foot out of the Four barrel (sort of speak) Lifting the commander in an attempt to be like the Wrangler is very unwise and will increase your fuel consumption.

    I'm not saying you can't have your cake and eat it too.. Just that have your fork at the ready just in case.

    btw.. The forums are a dieing breed of chat.. seem sites like Twitter, Facebook etc have entered into this new area, thus taking away from what these older forums can offer.. Often it's the fact that many here are not experts yet claim to be.. or we have to deal with someone who is a bit unruly and selfish.

    Twitter and facebook offer a protective wall so that we can speak or chat with whom ever we see fit, yet everyone can see it and we can and will only allow thous we wish to respond back, thus creating the safety feature.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Edmunds is on Facebook but it's a bit hard to cover a bunch of car problems on the walls there. A bunch of us tweet too. And then there's Edmunds Answers if you don't like the forum format.

    Then we have the whole CarSpace going with blogs and photos and videos.

    Back in the old days you could gopher us... :D
  • True.. But I'm beginning to find that Tweets and face are not what they are meant to be.. I have a problem with seeing Tweets of post on Face that have no interest to me.. I simply tell them to "Tell Me Something I Don't Know".

    Although I would like to add you to tweet (which with the new option) I can and not have to deal with some of the things your obligated to say. I'd like to say that the "list" options was my doing but I'll never get credit for it.. The list option is like saying "I support you and your cause, Just I don't follow you" if that makes since.

    The other issue with tweets, there is an increasing number of users who simply wish to spam or post messages to you in an attempt to gain favor or sell something. I'm not saying your this way (edmunds) but many are.

    These types of forums are dieing off.. yet I can't allow this to happen. This is the only way I have deemed fit to for this aging man. seeking to offer his wisdom. or cometary to anyone willing to listen.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    the jeep dealer that i purchased from did not file my paperwork correctly so i was left without a warranty. what's more, the commander - regarding my participation in these conversations - has had the start/stall problem, tires problem, cracked windshield problem, transmission leaking problem, required new brake pads and motors & all before i got to 30k. over the first year of owning it, i have put $5k into it, and within the next 2k miles I am going to need to put another $1,200 into it. the repair places and other jeep dealers are sympathetic but are not allowed to service commander without charging me full price because corporate will not honor the warranty that should be on the car. More: i have been told that chrysler jeep not convering cost of these repairs is not the industry stanard on repairs that mechanics consider are the result of faulty parts. And, more: Chrysler Customer Service will not put their refusal to cover my requests into writing; they out and out say that they do not put their decisions into writing.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Chrysler Customer Service will not put their refusal to cover my requests into writing; they out and out say that they do not put their decisions into writing.

    There's a trick around this - when they tell you something verbally, you put it in writing. Then you mail your written account to the manufacturer and tell them that this is your understanding of what the situation is and ask them to contact you if your understanding is wrong. Send it certified if you really want to irritate get their attention. ;)
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    thanks very much for this information, i will send them letter certified later this week. the notes section of the Jeep's manual is where i have been keeping a dated, very detailed recording of complaints, conversations, etc.
  • Itabot, I so feel you regarding warranty and cost of repairs on the Jeep Commander. I own a 2007 model and I am unable to find information anywhere on the internet regarding it. My jeep has 60,000 miles and has been maintained properly and has not been in an accident. Recently, as of this past Thursday, I was told that I needed a new rearend. Of course I thought I had a lifetime powertrain warranty, or at least 100,000 miles. Come to find out I only had a 3/36,000, which is just like the basic warranty. I am livid. I have spent 1500.00 in maintenance and repairs since May 2010. A set of tires in May, a set of tires in July and a front brake job, and rear break job the end of September 2010. I bought the jeep brand new April 2010, and they are telling me I need a new rearend! I am in the process of communicating with Chrysler regarding this matter because this is just not right.

    I feel your pain.

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