1999 Window Motor or Regulator

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My drivers side window goes up a couple inches then stops. The process repeats after waitng a number of minutes to again push the button. It has progessivly gotten worse until I now no longer use the window. 70000 miles.

Is it the regulator or the motor?
Do I replace one or both?
OEM or aftermarket?
Was a manual window crank available & is it a simple swap?




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    I had my front pads replaced last fall.
    They squeaked before & squeak now.
    I do not know if the rotors were turned.
    The mechanic suggested hitting the brakes hard from say 75mph to 20mph a fes times on a deserted road. That did not work.

    68000 miles

    Any sugestions?
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    My brakes squeaked for quite a while & were worn. I had the pads replaced last fall. I can see that they are new.

    They still squeak.

    The mechanic suggested hitting the brakes while from a fast speed down to a very low speed a few times on a deserted road. That did not seem to help.

    I do not know if the rotors were turned.

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    this is our work van it has a 4.3 L v6 in it with 180k on it the other day 60 miles from home on a job site the engine started stallin out a lot it started back up but was very hard to keep it runing . chugged all the way home 50 mph was fast as it wouled go now this is the problam we checked fuel pump not that we checked spark plugs not that we are getting spark weve checked the timing not that we are in time we checked cap rotor and everything under the cap we looked at fuses them are good even all the vaccum lines to . tommorrow we are going to try a map sencore see if that will help . what do you think it may be.? :confuse:
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    my window fell last night in the middle of a severe storm, today I found out the motor regualtor is gone, the coils were twisted and it 's a mess, I have been quoted a price of $300 to $600 for repair, is this normal. the car has 70k miles every nissan I have owned has this issues, NO MORE NISSANS
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