97 Ford Probe Squeaking Clutch Pedal

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Just inherited a 97 Probe from my daughter. The
clutch pedal squeaks every time it is depressed. I
have squirted, oiled and greased everything I can
see on and around the pedal return spring and in
its general area. It still squeaks. Anyone had
this same problem and able to fix it?


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    Welcome to our Maintenance and Repair Conference.

    I was wondering if you saw our active topic on Clutch Questions? That would be the perfect place for you to post this question.

    You know, Town Hall is very different from a lot of question-and-answer message boards - it is quite similar to a social gathering. And just as in a social situation, the best thing to do is look around for a conversation already underway that addresses your concerns. You almost always will get better responses this way than if you start up a whole new conversation (topic) directed at no one in particular.

    The Topic Search feature on the left side of the page is extremely useful in finding active topics on any particular subject.

    So I suggest you use that highlighted link above to go directly to our "Clutch" topic. Take a look at the existing posts, and if you don't find the information you need, go ahead and repost your question there.

    Good luck, and again welcome.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    I just read the posts in the clutch questions. I don't agree that it is a good place for this question; they are all talking about the internal operation of the clutch itself. But I posted the question there as well. Thanks.
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    I would say that the clutch pedal is part of the clutch. They just haven't gotten around to talking about it yet in Topic #170..{%^)

    FWIW, I think the squeak may be coming from the sleeve bushing at the pivot point of the clutch pedal. It's probably not too hard to replace, and it's probably plastic so additional lubrication may not do much for it anyway.

    But seriously.... I think this problem IS a good one for the clutch topic.

    Your host, Bruce
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    Thanks. I will take a look at that sleeve.
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