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Lexus GS 400

kksled400gskksled400gs Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Lexus
Hey Lexusnoids!

Newbie here. Just got a a 1999 GS 400 with 79,000 on her/him? : :D Did the usual new owner stuff: new tires,Mich Pilots Exaltas, fliuds,etc. Orginal owner ,an older guy, didn't seem to be real good at fliud changes as the tranny had very dark and actually had Black sludge at the bottom of the pan that kinda worried my tranny guy. No metal shavings though to speak of. But my question is where does your car 's temp needle using ride at? Mine is straight across even between high and low even though temp outside has been cool. Well cool for So Cal ,50's-60's. Don't really know what's normal and with the tranny fluid looking as if it might have gotten a bot hot now and then I'm concerned... Whadda all think??
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