Had engine replaced in Chevy Tahoe96 now trans leaking

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I just had the motor replaced in our chevy tahoe 96. we were told that the leak cannot have anything to do with the motor change and they did not replace any seals when they worked on it. And the leak only started AFTER the motor replacement and 3,000 dollars later. I was wondering if that is true and also if it would be okay to put a sealant in the transmission fluid. I live in northern Minnesota where it has been below zero for about 10 years now.


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    Most sealants are just band-aids at best, my experience is that most just do not live up to their hype. About the engine swap, when the engine was removed, the mechanic HAD to unbolt the torque converter. When that happens there is always a chance of front seal damage, not to mention a possibly cracked or pinched transmission line. For someone to say the leak cannot have happened without looking to see where the leak is is hoping that you will accept their word and not check it out.
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    Thank you. I now have an oil leak so I'm sending it back to be looked at. Thanks for you wisdom and time, D
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