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Hyundai Azera Brakes

gub34gub34 Member Posts: 5
Hi, I'm new to this forum. My family recently purchased an '06 Azera SE and we love the car.

Have any of you experienced a locking of the brakes?
A little while back, the brakes on the car wouldn't let go upon start. The car wouldn't roll; you could give the car gas and force it to move, but there was a lot of resistance from the brakes. Turns out we had a flat tire, and once we changed the flat, the brakes released. I assumed it was a peculiar way of the car telling us we had a flat.

Have any of you had such an occurrence?

Glad to have found this forum!


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    oskidunker1oskidunker1 Member Posts: 213
    Thought I'd reply before this is consolidated into the 86 Azera file forever to be lost. Anyway, how exciting. A new topic!

    Perhaps you left the parking break on. I have done this from time to time since I am not used to the peddle. My audi had a handle.But if what you say is true, thats a good feature!
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    gub34gub34 Member Posts: 5
    No, the parking brake was the first thing I checked. It wasn't the cause of the locked brakes, but that is indeed what it felt like.

    I'm wondering if I have a ESC problem? Today, I noticed that the throttle is not as responsive or smooth like usual. Again, almost seems like I'm driving with the parking brake on. I checked the tire pressures and they are fine, so now I'm wondering what the problem could be.. Seems like either a transmission problem or a problem with the brakes.

    Any insight?
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    dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    Re. # 3: Any insight?

    Sure, selling dealer service department / product warranty.
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    gub34gub34 Member Posts: 5

    The car is running normal again. The problem with the sluggish throttle went away on it's own! I've read in the some of the other threads that the automatic transmission adapts to your driving habits? Perhaps my parents' conservative driving habits caused the tranmission to behave that way.

    Just glad that the car is running fine again!
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    mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    I had an ABS system failure on cold (less than 15 degrees F) on my 06 Azera. When I'd travel down the street, the "phasing" of the ABS on the left front wheel would lock it up on ice! It would then fail (as indicated by dash warning lamp) and the brakes would operate as without ABS. Took it to the dealer, they had it for more than a week so they could try to re-create the issue after the replacement of ABS sensor, left wheel sensor, and the entire ABS computer. It was indeed repaired on the first try. Interestingly, the advisor told me that he could find no other similar failure in ANY Hyundai database. That was really the only significant problem in 2 years. I really like this car.
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    jkolehjkoleh Member Posts: 38
    Twice last week, noise from front left brake sounded like ABS activation, coming to stop on dry pavement from low speed ( 10-15 mph)--brake pedal did not pulse as it usually would do when abs activates. Second time, abs and esc warning lights came on, but went off by themselves after ten minutes of driving or so. No perceptible change in braking performance of car ( 2007 Azera Ltd). Dealer had car overnight and 70 miles of test driving could not replicate problem or figure out what it was. Ideas??? Thanks.
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    jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
    has anyone tried all ceramic pads on the Azzy yet??? if so, what was the outcome??
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    jerrybikerjerrybiker Member Posts: 53
    Does the 08 Azera have any warning when the break pads need replacement?

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    penzfan1penzfan1 Member Posts: 28
    Yes, in the form of metal sensors on the front and rear pads that contact the rotors when the pads are worn to the minimum acceptable thickness. You will begin hearing a metal on metal squeeling when they reach that level.
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