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Infiniti EX35 Real World MPG

steverstever Posts: 52,683
Please tell us how you are doing on gas mileage with your EX35. Details about your commute, driving style are always helpful. Thanks!


  • Filled up the other day and calculated 17.86 mpg. This was the first gas I put in the vehicle, so if the dealer didn't fill it completely this would be artificially low. Also, the car sat there idling at the dealer's for 20-25 minutes while the salesman walked me through all the features. The only highway driving on this first tank was about 40 miles on the drive home from the dealer.

    At about a quarter into the current tankful, the average mileage bar on the info page is already over 20. (It was reset when I filled up.) Again almost exclusively city driving, maybe 30 miles tops on an interstate.

    What a fantastic car to drive! Lots of positive comments from folks who didn't even know the EX existed.
  • My experience is a bit different than yours builderbob. I've filled up twice since purchase (Premium of course, ouch!) and my overall combined city and hwy mileage is 16.5. I'm pretty disappointed in the car's mileage so far, especially since gasoline is so expensive in my area. I do expect that my freeway-only mileage will improve greatly, but that isn't the way I drive in the real world. I live at the top of a steep 1 mile hill and I know this is part of the problem as it has always caused my cars to suffer in mileage. Anyway, despite it being a gas hog I love my new EX and everyone who sees it likes it too. "Hey, cool car, what is it?".
  • pharmboy3pharmboy3 Posts: 17
    How much do the G35x MPG get in the real world? I think several mags stated their gas mileage in the teens, and the EX is ~250 lbs heavier. If it gets 16/23, then I'll be happy with 20 MPG on 40% highway driving. If I wanted better gas mileage I'd get a Prius, not a hot little ride like the EX35...wait it's my wife car. D4MN!

    Question, does anyone use Regular grade? Seems that consumer reports or someone found from the Infiniti engineer that said there will be a 5% drop in peak HP/torque, but will not cause adverse effects to the engine. One good thing about the normally aspirated VQ engine being dialed back in HP/torque figures due to heat management, 2 db lower noise, and exhaust plumbing issues is that it is not as high strung, allowing lower grade being used.

    Guess I'll find out. Think I'll start with midgrade.
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    ...was 16.4 MPG around town and playing around.

    Looks to be between 19 and 20 about half-way through my second tank, with a bit more highway driving. Put the MPG guage up on the center readout (between the tach and speedometer) and sort of watch that as I tool around.
  • 21.05 mpg on the second tankful with about 1/3 of the miles on the highway.
  • pharmboy3pharmboy3 Posts: 17
    OK. after a couple gas tanks, I'm getting about 18 MPG with ~35% highway.
  • exmaybeexmaybe Posts: 6
    Please post your most recent gas mieage stats. The EX has to get better than 21mpg, right?
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    My last freeway trip at a 75 MPH average I got 22.
  • Getting about 20-21 MPG in mostly town driving
  • I now have 1500 miles on my 2010 EX AWD. Last couple tankfuls have resulted in 23-24 mpg. Yes, I use ONLY regular gas. As info, I ran regular in my 04 Murano (that I traded in after 80,000. I use regular in my 08 M35x as well. No problems. OK, I commute 58 miles r/t daily and about 75% of that is on the highway. IMHO if you use hi-test or premium, you're just wasting your money. Same type of driving, the 08 M35x will get 20-21 mpg, so the EX is a little better.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    2WD with 100% city stop and go = 15 MPG
  • I have had my EX35 for about 3 months. Overall combined mileage is 17.1. I live in the DC area and drive about 50% highway. My old Accura TL always got at the high end of its rated mileage. This car isnt even close to it's suggested mileage. Other than the mileage, the vehicle is a great ride.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    Does anyone have a 2011 EX? I'm looking for real world mpg now that the 7spd auto was added and the EPA rating went up a little.
  • After 4 months of ownership, I'm getting 22.5. It's about what I thought it would be.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    Tks. What woud you estimate your mix of driving to be?
  • tpw58tpw58 Posts: 5
    I have experienced an average og 15.5 mpg as tracked in the on board software in the nav package! That calculation is slightly higher than the one on the dash which registered 14.2 mpg. My driving is city driving, stop n go with soft accrlleration patterns. I'm a little disappointed, I had expected 17-19mpg. The car is a 2011 EX Journey
  • 2008 AWD Journey - loaded. My current odometer reads 21k. I use the car as a second vehicle with a 75 hwy/25 city mix. My car has NEVER beaten 16 mpg since I have owned it. I have checked and double checked the nav system calculator as well as the dash calculator. 16 mpg is the number. In this day and age that number is shameful.

    Alarmed by this result, I have taken the car in for inspection twice and have been given the ridiculous explanation that it is normal because "it is after all a high performance car". Give me a break!
    My next door neighbor drives a 2010 400+ hp Corvette - THAT is a high performance car. He gets 23 mpg. High performance my a..s. I have a 43 year old Jaguar XKE in the garage using premium and it averages 18 mpg. This is my last Infiniti.
  • I have a 2010 AWD Journey/Premium...blah blah....60,000 on this company car. On the hwy. 72 mph....25+ mpg when I fill up at gas station and get on the freeway. Combined 50-50 is 22 every tank.

    If I hammer it and do city only I'm under 20 mpg.

    Hell...I'm running "silver" or gas right below "premium" and haven't seen a bit of change in the performance or mpg.

    Love this car....never even went in for a sqeak or malfunction for anything...unreal!
  • gormerodgormerod Posts: 18
    edited May 2012
    Picked up a 2012 EX35 three weeks ago with the Touring package (19 inch wheels). On day one the MPG status on the center display was 16.7. Now with 1000 miles the MPG status is 20 with about 80 - 90 percent highway driving. The MPG that displays on the instrument cluster reads higher, but has been coming down as the MPG status on the center diplay is moving up. The sales person told me that the center display is more accurate.

    So far the car has been great - just waiting for the MPG to go up more. The initial 16.7 was scary after the 28 MPG my last car gave me - a 2005 Saab 9-3 (I hope that Saab can turn things around with a new owner, but that's a different story). I know this car will never reach the upper 20s in MPG, but 23 - 24 would be OK. :)
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