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Need Help putting in new speakers, head unit, subs, and/or amps. Ask me I know how.


  • redaleroredalero Member Posts: 4
    i have an 00 alero gl coupe and i am trying to put in my 6x9s. Can you give me complete step by step instructions on how to get to my speakers out.

    thanks in advance
  • shynazshynaz Member Posts: 1
    Need Help!!

    Can any one please tell me how to connect my cellphone Samsung Sync SGH A707 to the car stereo. i have music on my microSD card. :confuse:

    Any help is appreciated.
  • tntrocker513tntrocker513 Member Posts: 5
    these are easy

    1) pull out the speaker covers by using a falt head screwdriver.
    2) push off the covers.
    3) in the trunk push out the clips in back of the speaker holder.
    4)remove the holder and replace it on the new speckers.
    5)snap the speaker holder back in and replace the covers
    6) next your going to have to wire it up and your done.
  • tntrocker513tntrocker513 Member Posts: 5
    it depends on the phone really if you have a aux jack you can just get a cord and plug it in or just get an adapter. you can get one at any eletronic store.
  • redaleroredalero Member Posts: 4
    thnx i figured it out now im trying to fit in my 61/2 mtx in the doors. I got a custom bracket and spacers any suggestions?
  • tntrocker513tntrocker513 Member Posts: 5
    not really sry i put 4X6's in the front some good ones though, infinity's, your best bet is to look around. I remeber seeing someone put 6 1/2s in the front with some pictures and steps on how to, but I dont rember the site. Just look for it on google.
  • jennaraejennarae Member Posts: 4
    do you know how to install an aftermarket stereo in a 2003 Oldsmobile alero and if there is something special we have to do so something doesnt stop working?
  • redaleroredalero Member Posts: 4
    here's what i did:
    1. remove clip from your shifter knob. it is on the side closest to your a/c controls
    2. remove the handle from shifter and remove the piece that says P R D 3 2 1. be careful when removing there is a connected wire to it.
    3. remove the black frame from aroun stereo/climate controls. there will be a crap load of wires connected to it but i managed to get it out with out removing any wires. and that is about it hope this helps
  • jennaraejennarae Member Posts: 4
    ok did it make anything not work after you were done? I was told that after I put the aftermarket one in that the factory stereo wouldnt ever work again
  • redaleroredalero Member Posts: 4
    It is the anti theft device in the stereo called theft lock some aleros have it some dont i believe it should say on your stereo. You CAN get it to work if you put it back. Its not that the stereo will not work it will ask for a password which if you dont have you can get from general motors. I never tried it but i saw this in another forum.
  • jennaraejennarae Member Posts: 4
    great i appreciate the info if you have anything else I might need to know please let me know and thanks again :)
  • jennaraejennarae Member Posts: 4
    Ok now how do I take out the factory radio? What kind of an installation kit do I need to get for it? Or where I could buy it from? Do you have any pictures of while you were installing it or a diagram or anything.
  • alerlowalerlow Member Posts: 2
    hay everybody i have a 2003 alero with 5 `10 inch jl audio subs in the trunk with a jl audio 1000 watt amp ànd in the dash i have a pioneer 7 inch tv deck so if anybody has any questions for me feel free
  • wdicks86wdicks86 Member Posts: 1
    I'm trying to install new after market speakers in the rear of my 2003 Oldsmobile Alero. The issue is that the new speakers only have two connections (+,-) but the factory wiring harness has four wires. I cannot find an adapter that will fit this configuration, so I plan on just connecting one positive and one negative and taping the others off. Will this work, and if so, which wires are positive and negative? Also, which ones should I connect?
  • ih8wireingih8wireing Member Posts: 1
    hey im trying to find out what install kit i need for my deck in my 2003 alero will the metra install kitt for 1995-08 work its only for select gm modles icles+-+Black/7256658.p?id=1115367011249&skuId=7256658
  • markalvarezmarkalvarez Member Posts: 1
    Hey just wondering if you have any idea what the dimensions on the stock alero head unit are.
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