Chevrolet Cobalt Fuel System

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I went to fill my tank with gas and the pump did what it's supposed to shut off when tank is full,well my friend said that the needle went to F,but when i got into the car to start it up it read 3/4 tank?! Any suggestions? I took it by the dealership and they told me that it would take all day for them to find the problem and that i should schedule an appt.OK,but it felt like they didn't believe me. This was an issue with my '05 Trailblazer.! Has anyone ever had a problem with their tank/guage?


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    my cobalt does the same thing if i fill it with the engine running or the key on. and does it everytime unless i turn the car off. after a couple of start cycles it works fine. :confuse:
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    For anyone with fuel gauge problems there is a TSB out on it. I had it repaired in my car an 06 Cobalt. The fuel sensor is defective and has to be changed. I would fill my car to the cap and 15 miles later it would read a half a tank. I had no confidence in it till I had it repaired. I was told by a tech that the 05 and 06's had many issues that the 07 and 08's had most problems remedied. I had the radio changed because they found a short in it and the Keys stuck in the ignition as well.
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    I smell fuel when I start the car & at slow speeds(parking lots, stop & go traffic).
    Mpg's aren't suffering, but it can't be good. Hope it's a simple fix ( fuel filter or injection cleaner). It has 57,000 miles never given any problems.
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    It could be the emissions charcoal canister that somehow got more than just fumes.
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    Hi there just wondered if you got your gauge issue figured out? i am in canada but my 06 cobalt has had nothing but gas gauge issues since sept 07 and i bought it in april 07. mine usually acts up under half a tank and it will drop 1/8 of a tank after driving not even a KM then if i park and turn off car and turn on car again it will beup again where it should be. I bought it from the worst dealer around and now regret it as i was told they are lknown for not doing the repairs and they claim they put 2 new sensors in as well changed the computer in the car. just wondered if you got anywhere with it so I can bring this up to a mechanic. If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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    i have a 06 and did notice on two occasions when i fueled the car with the motor running the gage did pretty much what you discibed. i have made it a point to shut the engine off before fueling and it has never done it again. and i would guess it has been about a year without any problems. i didn't take to the dealer or anything.
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    I see you're from Canada so you have driven your Cobalt in snow, ice and sleet. How does it handle in winter driving? Do you install winter tires or drive on 4 seasons during winter?

    In what part of Canada are you?
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    well i always shut off the engine when im gasing up but it doesnt do it then it does it every time under half a tank of gas...

    I am in Ontario, not far from Buffalo/Niagara Falls NY. I use all season tires but honestly I don't feel real safe in it in the winter. Last year I went off the highway as I was trying to get on it at 11pm! It scared the sh*t out of me! Thankfully I went to the side of the highway and not into the transport truck that was on my left hand side and luckily didnt go through the fence when I lost control!

    Not very happy with this car at all!
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    I'm from western Quebec. If I trade my 05 Equinox for a 09 Cobalt it will have winter tires on it. Starting this year in the province of Quebec winter tires will be mandatory ( Dec 15 to April 15) or else 300$ fine.

    I guess with winter tires it'll be alright?

    You mentioned that you are not very happy with your car? Is it because of your scary winter experience or the performance, comfort, construction ect... of the car?
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    I'm not happy with mine as I have had nothing but problems since the day I got it... check engine light came on forever til they finally got a recall, blown speaker, oil leak, winding noise that I still have in the front end (they replaced a rim which thankfully I had warranty on but yet it did nothing for the noise), gas gauge that doesnt work right still to this day, steering shaft had to be replaced, brakes were doin some funky stuff, AC broke, front dash rattled, my temp gauge for outside wasnt reading correctly, cruise control button wasnt working right... that about sums up why I HATE my cobalt!
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