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"Certified" luxury car

tedbelltedbell Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
I am looking at "certified" late model used Mercedes, Lexus, or Infinity. If it's certified by the manufacturer, is it still a good idea to have it checked out by an independent mechanic to feel safe buying it?



  • I beg to differ. I bought a CPO 2003 Lexus SC430. Salesman told me a CPO car must never have been in an accident. Next day I took it to the body shop I use for a touch up on the paint and was asked if I was aware the car had been in an accident (front and rear impacts areas). I called Lexus and asked if a Lexus can sell a car that has been in an accident as a CPO car. The long answer shortened is "yes" as long as it is deemed safe. During this adventure I learned that the dealership keeps the 150 + item checklist the mechanic uses to go over the car. By law here in California you can get the checklist and review it. When I requested the checklist a few days after I bought the car, the dealership gave it to me and sure enough the body damage was noted. With that info the Lexus delaership unwound the contract. I bought a new 2007 BMW 335i hardtop convertible instead.
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