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2009 Toyota Corolla Problems and Repairs



  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Well you should get these items taken care of but you do have plenty of time until your warranty expires (36 months/36000 miles). Many of the rattles you refer to were minor and taken care of by the dealer when returned for warranty. The idle on the other hand I am hearing more and more about. II have no answer for this but I really suggest you take it back to the dealer and be sure it is taken care of. Your car should not feel like it's gonna stall when you brake.
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    I first wrote that I had this problem on my 09 LE several pages back. It will be a year old in Jun. and the problem didn't start until about Oct. and then only maybe twice a month during quick or sudden stops or after warmed up while in reverse. Never when cold or during the first 20-30 min. of operation. It never has stalled out but like you stated the rpm's drop down and it acts like it going to stall and it only lasts a few seconds.

    When I took it to the dealer all they said was they "made some adjustments" . That was about 2 months ago and it has not done it since then, although sometimes the rpm's seem to drop maybe 100-200 at idle but nothing like before.

    I did start using STP gas treatment once a month and put one bottle of Gumout Fuel System Cleaner thru it and have done several quick stops and the rpm's don't drop anymore and I feel the problem is now gone.

    I hope you can get the dealer to correct yours.

    On a side note if I was buying a new car now instead of last Jun. surprisingly I would not buy the Corolla. Why you ask? Because of the incredible deals on other makes that are availble now. My first choice would be the 09 Hyundai Sonata GLS (auto) which for about $16,400 after rebates and dealer discounts is an incredible deal for a car that offers much more( cruise, stability, disc brakes front and rear, more room) than the Corolla for the same price. I drove this car and and liked it more than the Corolla but it lost the competition to my checkbook since it was about $3,500 more last they're the same price.

    Go drive one and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  • Hi,

    What I can say my 09 corolla does.....When downshifting from 2 to first (while stopping) it kinda of shimmies. And as I stop it shimmies again. You can really feel it. I have had it looked at twice. Nothing has been done. The hard part is the car does not do it all the it makes it hard to pinpoint.
  • The issue:

    Nobody seems to be talking about this yet. Since it is still early for the 09 Corolla S, I am not surprised. I wanted to start a blog so if anyone else is having similar problems and searched the internet, they would find something. When I had this problem last August and searched the net, I found nothing. I recently met someone who is having similar problems with her 09 Corolla S. So we searched the net again and still found nothing. That was earlier today, April 28, 2009.

    My story:

    I bought my Corolla the first month they came out. That was back in February of 2008. Everything seemed fine until August when I started the engine one day and heard a knocking. I immediately turned off the engine, called Coos Bay Toyota, where I bought the car and they told me not to drive it. They called a tow truck to come get it and bring it to the service station.

    By the end of the first day they told me that there was absolutely no oil in the engine. And they were trying to figure out where it went. There was no evidence of an oil leak. The car had only 4004 miles on it. I got a couple different stories about how this happened, so I don't know what to believe. They told me it was a manufacturing defect.

    They had my car for over a week, and to replace the entire engine. Luckily it was under warranty!

    Here's a list of all the parts they had to replace:
    I put question marks by the stuff I'm unsure about.



    OIL, MOTOR 5W30 QT
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    So I guess the moral of this story the rest of us new Corolla owners should keep an eye on the oil dip stick!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,696
    Sounds like you are just unlucky - probably was a manufacturing defect. I haven't read about many complete engine failures on the new Corollas (I think yours is the first I have read). It happens - I've been in manufacturing (not auto) for a long time and problems still occur, no matter how good the quality control. That's what the warranty is for.

    I am sure your luck will improve now!
  • Do you know where the oil could have gone if there was no leak. There was also no evidence of it coming out the exhaust pipe.

    At first they told my husband that it was the computer telling the car to let oil out the exhaust. And it had to be reprogrammed. But when I got there he said nothing about the computer screw up, and the story changed. Supposedly, the piston rings were misaligned, and that caused the oil to get sucked out through the exhaust. There was absolutely no oil in it at all. What kind of manufacturing defect could cause this and wouldn't I have smelled oil burning or something?

    This lady I met today has only 3800 on hers. We checked the oil and sure enough, it was really low. I'm worried that if she just tops it off, it will delay the inevitable, and/or maybe the same thing will happen after the warranty expires.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,696
    If there are no leaks, the only place it went was out the exhaust. Bad or misaligned piston rings would be the cause. Why you didn't notice? I don't know, but something (or someone) really made an error assembling the engine at the plant.

    The lady you met - she should take the car in to have the ECM reprogrammed. There are early '09s that use oil due to a computer program that is not quite right. A simple connection to the shop's computer to download the revised software will correct the problem. I doubt it is the same issue as yours, because we'd be
    hearing about a lot more engine problems than just yours. That's why your dealer's "story changed." They were assuming that it needed the computer reprogramming, because an issue like yours is very rare.

    The warranty for this kind of thing is 5 years, 60k miles, so that allows enough time to find these kinds of problems.

    I'm certain that you will have better luck with your car in the future. :)
  • ehlersrsehlersrs Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2009 Corolla last June and it now has 40k highway miles on it. I was reading previous post regarding starting issues after the car has sat over several days. Last weekend it was raining a lot and the car sat for a day and a half. When I tried to start the car in the morning the engine would turn over, but the engine would not start. After initiating the starter about 6 times, the engine fired up and a white puff of smoke came out of the tailpipe. 4 days later I had the car at the dealer for an oil change and they checked the battery. The battery was low, but not significantly enough to keep the car from starting. I have heard that some Toyota's have problems starting when there is a lot of moisture in the air, such as heavy rainstorms. As one person suggested in this forum, the starting issues of the Corolla are merely an isolated incident, but I have read here and on Toyota Nation this has been a problem for a few people. I did get a second opinion and changed out the battery, but don't believe this was the issue. I'm interested to hear if there are any updates on those that had this problem before.
  • I just bought my FIRST Brand new car Tuesday.. that will make it 2 days old for me :).. but.. i had a friend ride in the back seat on the driver side and say that the seat moves.. so, the seat lifts up on the edge and is connected on the passenger seat.. it doesnt seem right.. so i'll take it monday to have it looked at but.. i was wondering if anyone elses had this problem or if it really is suppose to do that for no apparent reason. Or maybe Check the Back Seat work day was cancelled?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,696
    Never heard of one with that issue. Taking it in to be corrected is the thing to do.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    The rear bottom seat actually connects/disconnects from the chassis in the crease or fold in order for you to remove it. There are two hooks where the seat attaches. Apparently the one hook on the left side seems like it is not fastened. If you don't want to attach it the dealer could do it in five minutes. There are no tools involved.
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    Wow....that's a pretty scary story.....I wonder if new Honda Civics have these kinds of problems...I'll review the Civic section and see what people are saying.

    Anyway, what struck me as interesting is that the engine made it 4,000 mi. with a severe defect.
    Also what 2 people said the computer can tell all the oil to leave thru the exhaust....say what?.....boy, the computer is the boss of this car, forget the driver. I might be over the hill (pushing 60) but in the good old days when oil left it was
    1. external leaks
    2. worn rings/cracked piston/cracked/worn cyl.
    3. valve seals

    That's why today's are cars are all about electronics and a much smaller mechanical aspect.
    The last time I did an engine overhaul was about 1975 and I don't think I would even attempt it today....I stick to oil changes/wheel/tire/brakes work on my 09 Corolla and don't go near anything controlled by the computer....well, I did install aftermarket wheels and decided to not reinstall the tire pressure sensors (yep, my light stays on.....they'll go back at the first tire replacement). A friend told me to put them in a container pressurized to 30# and put it in the trunk. ...I didn't like that idea. These things are about $94 each(somebody is making big bucks).

    I hope we have a couple of Toyota techs. reading our posts since they have the knowledge and skills needed to bring clarity to our discussions....if so thanks.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,696
    Wow....that's a pretty scary story.....I wonder if new Honda Civics have these kinds of problems...I'll review the Civic section and see what people are saying

    I'm sure you will find that every car maker will have a rare problem like this. As long as people make mistakes, there will be a few problems like this. As I said, having been in manufacturing (not auto) for a long time, things happen, even to the best car makers. It is amazing that we don't have more problems, considering the complexity of automobiles.

    The good news is the defect was identified and corrected, so everything should be fine now.
  • clbrewer06clbrewer06 Posts: 2
    thanks! i actually went to sit down on the opposite side just to see how comfy the back was.. and it felt kinda hard.. i pulled the seat back up and their was a clear/white clip on the oppisite side that it belonged and i figured thats what had came out or got loose. so.. thanks.. yeah simple fix.. i felt like an idiot after cause it was so simple but i didnt see it to begin with.
  • stevefsstevefs Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem on the 2009 Corolla with the "wandering" steering. I've taken it back to the dealer 2 times, they agree with the symtoms but don't know what to do. They tried another steering box but that didn't work. They said the solution will have to come from Toyota. I contacted Toyota, filed a complaint, got the call from Toyota telling me they talked to the dealer and they couldn't find anything wrong. What a circle-jerk. They said it drives like it is supposed to. I think it's a major safety issue and have filed a complaint with the National Transportation Safety Commission. This and other forums have owners experiencing the same issue. It has to be something with the new EPS, and it certainly is not on all the Corollas or we would be having alot of freeway accidents and something would get done. I've heard the issue described as "trying to balance a pipe on a beach ball" and "like pushing a shopping cart at Walmart", both are accurate descriptions. It really wears you out to drive any distance at all. You constantly have to correct the steering to keep between the lines. If you look down to the radio and look back, you might be halfway into another lane! Anyway, I feel like giving up getting something done about it. Wish I had test driven the 2009 before I bought. Anybody interested in buying a nice 2009 Corolla with under 3000 miles?
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Of course there has been much said about the new EPS steering on this forum. I do have to agree with what you said about not being an issue with all new Corollas. I have read so much and even defended the new 2009 Corolla EPS as my wife and myself have never experienced a problem what so ever on our new 2009 XLE. In fact, we both love the ease and control of the new EPS. I do however have to sympathize with new Corolla owners like yourself that have been affected by this phenominum. I would hope Toyota would acknowledge the issue if there is one and take care of it for those affected.
  • erikhaanerikhaan Posts: 29
    I'm experiencing the same issue with my 2009 Corolla. I've had people look at me as they pass me on the highway, as if to say "Why are you wandering all over the highway?" I can't keep it straight!
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    Yeah, that's a bad problem that Toyota needs to fix. Are they giving you a loaner for overnite repairs?

    Since this looks like a long term problem be sure to document everything that is done: time, dates, repairs, names, the whole thing. Your documentation paper trail will go a long way in supporting your case.

    I know many will roll their eyes when I say talk to a Lemon-law attorney. Each state has their own guidelines as to how many times you have to have tried to repair it for the same problem or loss of use.
    I have a friend that used one for a new car that was unsuccessfully repaired for the same problem many times . He ended up with a new car.

    Good luck.
  • stevefsstevefs Posts: 2
    Thanks guys for the comments and empathy. The dealer I bought it from basically told me there was nothing they could do about it, the fix has to come from Toyota. I love the car other than this issue with the steering. If Toyota's response doesn't change from what has occured so far, I'm afraid I won't ever be buying another Toyota. I'm already telling everyone that will listen, not to buy Toyota. Everytime I drive down the road, I'm afraid I'll be pulled over for DUI, and I wouldn't blame the police the way the car weaves and bobs across the road.
  • Can any one explain to me that why every time i fill up my gas tank it always fills up to 383 miles on my 09 Toyota Corolla LE.. If im averaging 35 miles in my car and my gas tank is 13.2 gallons it then should be reading 462 miles. Is this correct? I fell that the miles to empty is giving me the wrong readings. :mad:
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    I'm also suspicious of the Toyota fuel management computer. I've had my 09 LE since
    last Jun and no matter how many times I reset the system or drive I continue to avg. about 42 MPG.

    I think the Toyota engineers majored in "fuzzy math" in college. :)
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Well your not filling up your tank when your on "absolute empty" are you?
  • That mileage of 383 would be till the light goes on and when you should fill up. If you fillup right after the light first comes on you will see it will only take about 10.2 gallons not 13.2. So you still have 3 gallon x 35mpg= 105miles. So you could really go about 480 miles on a FULL tank of gas but you will never go till it runs dry!! You do the math of 10 gallons when you fill it and times it by 35 is 350. So the computer is correct in a way!!
  • erikhaanerikhaan Posts: 29
    I think this last post is correct. I actually surprised myself one day when I drove around for a while, looking for a gas station, when the # of miles left read 0.0. I must have driven 20 miles looking for a gas station.
  • Thanks for all the advise, i was just a bit confused because my previous vehicle( Jeep ) was calculating the miles to empty according to my Average per gallon..which makes since to me but not seeing it in a toyota vehicle really confused me..
  • dotcom1dotcom1 Posts: 4
    Are you filling it up until the nozzel clicks off and then pull the nozzel out? I can put as much as 2.5 gallons in to bring it to the insert hole after the nozzel clicks off. When the gas goes in there is alot of air (foam) in the gas which leaves an air pocket in the tank and gives you a false impression that the tank is full. After the nozzel clicks off I slowly continue to fill it to the top of the neck until the gas quits going town the fill tube. Also I take the mileage on the trip meter since the last fill up and divide it by the gallons put in. I travel about 35 miles one way to work in not so steady driving and average 32-33 MPG. On a one long trip (83 miles) steady driving then running around and comming back it increased to 35 MPG. Some day I hope to take one long trip none stop on a tank to see what it increases to. Also you might want to add about 1 - 2 lbs of air to tires over the recommended Mfg PSI that is on the decal inside the drivers door.
  • newby8newby8 Posts: 4
    I have a constant vibration on my 1 week old Toyota Corolla LE. The vibration happens whether driving or stopped. It is worse when driving. I took it to the dealer and they stated on the service report they handed re: their diagnosis that'..the engine-driveline vibration is well within factory tolerances..and that the car is operating to manufacturers design intent.' It also stated (I did not witness) that they also took out another brand new 2009 from their lot and experieced the same vibration. They said there was nothing else they could do. I said that I cannot possibly continue driving a car with that much vibration. (I drive mostly on highways and have put on over 600 miles in the one week I have had the car. My hands and arms get weary with such vibration not to mention feeling the vibration thru my whole body.) I was instructed to file a claim directly with Toyota but the 800 # they gave me was not valid. I sopke to the dealer today and was instructed to file the claim with their customer relations person during office hours tomorrow. I'll keep posting updates. I am sure I am not alone with this situation.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Well, actually you might be alone as this is the first time I heard this complaint on this thread. Squeaks yea, vibrations no.
  • BakkaBakka Posts: 12
    You should never have a vibration like you describe.

    I had an issue with a '99 Saturn SC2 in regard to vibration. Saturn was not able to locate the source and I actually gave the car back to them just under the 1500 mile/30 day program that was offered at the time. This was replaced by a '00 model.

    I noticed the car stayed on their lot for nearly another 60 days before being sold, and later discovered the vibration turned out to be a tire issue of all things. Once they took the factory tires off and replaced them with Michelins, end of story.

    Your issue sounds to be more serious though, yet I would still look into the tires.
  • newby8newby8 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply. I have seen some other posts where the tires and/or tight lug nuts were the cause of their vibration. Where I also have some vibration when idleing, I agree that it sounds more serious. Maybe I have a tire AND some other issue going on?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    Tight lug nuts would not explain the vibration you feel when stopped, but it could be a cause of vibration while moving. Actually any kind of wheel/tire mis-balance could cause vibration while moving, and it is usually easy to correct with a proper balancing.

    However, you stated you feel vibration while idling (stopped). Does it feel the same or different from the vibration you feel while moving? Four-cylinder engines typically do have some vibration, noticable especially when idling, but in my experience the Corolla's engine is one of the smoother I4s. One thing you could do is ask your dealer to drive another 2009 Corolla in the same trim, wheels, transmission etc. as yours and compare the feel with yours.
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    Just completed another 1,000 mi. trip on my 09 LE and it continues
    to run without problems and mileage stays around 41 mpg avg.

    No sign of the previous idle stutter that ocurred a few months ago. I ran one bottle of
    Gumout Regane Fuel Sys. Cleaner through it and that seemed to make a difference, although the Toyota dealer said their "adjustments" did the trick.

    NAPA has their full synthetic oil on sale till 5-31 for $2.99 so I'll
    be adding that at my next change. NAPA says it's made by Valvoline
    and that's good enough for me.
  • sep1078ussep1078us Posts: 6
    HI, i also have the same problem, exactly what u told...Are u still facing the issue, i dont see it now any more, but not sure why it does some time and it comes back good...Please let me know if u still have the problem, if rectified what did u do...
  • mkeller85mkeller85 Posts: 1
    For some reason there has been water leaking out of the center console onto the passenger side floor. It is a lot of water that has even puddled up on the floor, and it hasn't rained recently. Also every time we turn left we hear a water swishing around sound on the passenger side. When turning it sounds like a cooler full of ice and water being thrown around. We have been running the AC lately so I am wondering if is from that. The AC condensation does drip out the bottom of the car when stopped. When calling Toyota service they said the windshield drainage pipe is most likely blocked with debris. I have checked that and it seems to be draining fine. I have not been able to find anyone else discussing this problem online. I am now afraid my entire interior is ruined from all the water getting into the carpet and into the foam padding behind the console. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.

  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Did you take that leaky water bottle out of the glove box? Just kidding! I wouldn't hesitate, rather then call Toyota I think I would have made an appointment for them to look at it already. If the problem damaged the interior and it was not your fault Toyota will stand good for the damaged area and replace what's necessary.
  • sweetsegasweetsega Posts: 7
    I ended up taking the car back to the dealer and explained the issue. Because the car is still under full warranty they replaced the CD player at no charge. That was about 6 months ago and I have not yet had a problem with the new player, even though it's the exact same model. I hope that can solve your issue?
  • My driver side mirror constantly vibrates as I drive, even on semi-smooth roads. The passenger and rearview mirrors never vibrate, except on rumble strips sometimes. I told this to the dealer when I had the oil changed and they told me that they have to wait for a TSB before they can do anything. It's not the mirror housing, it's the mirror itself. I can actually move the mirror with my fingers. The passenger side mirror is rock solid, so I know there's something wrong with the driver side mirror. What can I do? Why won't Toyota just replace the whole mirror for me? Oh yeah, I have the heated mirrors just in case anyone was wondering. This is driving me crazy. Worse than the EPS issue. Thanks in advance for the help.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,696
    They don't have to wait for a TSB - if you don't have any success with the dealer, call Toyota (toll free number in owner's manual) or go to a different dealer.
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    Since Toyota sales fell another 38% in May from a yr. ago they increased the
    Corolla rebate to $1,700 till 6-30.

    When I bought mine last Jun. they had to bring the car from
    another dealer since I wanted the Barcelona that
    dealer has 5.

    I went to my dealer about 2 wks. ago and the showroom
    was still a ghost town.
  • sam149sam149 Posts: 1
    I just bought a corolla '09 S. Very happy with it overall, but I have a rattle that sounds like it's in the right front door. Quite distracting. Any clues as to the source?
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    Good luck with the rattle......these tend to be notoriously frustrating
    to find in any car. Have a front passenger search while your driving.

    I'm surprised about the number of problems with the 09 Corolla
    people talk about here.....maybe it's because it's a completely
    new design.

    I looked at the forum page for the 08-09 Kia Spectra 4-door and found
    few if any complaints......and this car can be bought for about $5,000 less
    than the lower equipped Corolla. The Spectra has these standard that
    the Corolla LE standard doesn't: 4 wheel disc brakes, keyless entry, stability control,
    and cruise......... That's a pretty hefty list.

    Now, don't get me wrong.....I still like my Corolla......but it's something
    to think about.

    The biggest drawback on the Spectra that I know about is it's
    terrible resale value after 5 yrs.
  • newby8newby8 Posts: 4
    Newby8 here. The main vibration issue did turn out to be tire related. When I went back this 2nd time, I told them I wanted a complete check on the tires as many of you stated could be the issue. They actually did admit that there was a slight' flat spot on my tires. They told me they would switch them with another 2009 from the lot. I was not happy about that seeing that they said they test drove another one the 1st time I was there and had felt the same kind of vibration (as though it was normal). Well, turns out, when I returned to pick up the car a couple hours later, they said that the 09 tires from another car on the lot was in worse condition than mine. They finally agreed to put brand new tires on the car. Driving vibration solved! (When the mechanic did a test drive with me, he said that dealers do not like to deal with tire though they are seperate from car they are selling you. Hmmm.) The dealer did wind up telling me that since the economy took a dive, they lost their lot person who use to move the cars around all the time..thus leaving a ton of cars on their lot with these flat spots. "Hurlbert Toyota in Epping, NH" (I never test drove the actual car I bought because I decided to change colors). I imagine a lot of cars on their lot (and other dealers) will have the same problem with their cars having flat spot on the tires causing vibrations. What a waste to have a dissatisfied customer over tires.
    - I still feel the idle vibration, which I have been told again that it is within spec, but evidently it must be at the high end of the range. The guy was even standing there while I had the car idling when all of a sudden he said he could feel the vibration while leaning on my open door. I guess I will have to live with that for now. Over and out.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    I don't know what Spectra you looked at but the Spectra doesn't even offer stability control, let alone have it standard.

    And the Spectra is a lame duck--to be replaced by the Forte in a couple of months.
  • 0435004350 Posts: 26
    The dealer got rid of one $ 8 per hour employee? How pathetic to try to use
    that as an excuse. Next they'll tell you that if you'll hang a blank CD from
    your rearview interior mirror, that police radar won't be able to clock you
    plus you'll also get an extra 12-15 miles per gallon driving in town than without
    the CD hanging on the mirror.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Sounds like your not buying the flat tire story, huh? It does happen you know!
  • mantechmantech Posts: 28
    Attention to all Corollas owner with 1.8L engine. Also visit
    find 09 corolla discussion and you will see several owners report about the engines oil consumption, mostly 2008 manufactured (post Sept) Check your engine oil level.
    I had experienced in my Matrix 1.8L about a quart or half a liter lost of engine oil in just 4000km. It requires an ECM re-flash, something to do with exhaust valve timing and lift, maybe too soon opening of a exhaust valve. The 2010 model should be okay and it is already comes with programmed and revised ECM.
  • cpu8900cpu8900 Posts: 53
    That's something I had not heard about. My LE has that engine but was
    made in 4-08 and was built in Japan as many Corollas are now. I would
    expect this re-flash is part of a service bulletin that the dealers know about and it may become a recall if serious enough. Several years ago I had a 96 Nissan pickup
    that was recalled for modifications to the gas tank that required dropping the
    tank and about 4 hrs. shop work.

    Next time I go to my dealer I'm going to ask the service manager about
    this issue anyhow. Usually the only reason I go to the dealer is to get
    a new oil filter since none of the auto parts stores carry it yet. Does anyone
    know if that has changed yet?

    My engine oil level has never changed between oil changes so all appears
  • My 09 Corolla was purchased in early April 08 with 11,351 miles. It has been consuming about 1.5 qt between 3,000 - 4,000 mile oil changes. What the heck is going on? Is it a factory defect? I also experience a couple of times that the engine took a couple more turns to start. The check engine light came on this morning.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Hate to say it, but you've probably found out why the original owner decided to dump this and not have the hassle of figuring out what is wrong, and then getting it fixed.

    I'd be working very closely with the dealership, you're going to need their support in getting this resolved one way or the other.
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