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2009 Toyota Corolla Problems and Repairs



  • smallcar1smallcar1 Posts: 76
    I have a '96 Altima and I know the '07 Corolla felt severely underpowered in comparison.

    Is the '09 Corolla's pick up and passing power close to the '93 Altima?

    How is the MPG compared to he Altima?

  • nanapat2nanapat2 Posts: 8
    After having bought and am now stuck with a 2007 Corolla I could never recommend a Toyota ... :lemon:

    Buy smart buy a Ford Focus a great car and I am sorry that I got talked into a Corolla :sick:
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490

    Can you expand on the issues you have experienced with your Corolla?

    I have gone back and looked at the postings, but I only found 1 specific about the tilt steering wheel.

  • ashriverashriver Posts: 4
    I too notice this when driving on the highway. I've just accepted this as characteristic of the car.
  • mlenhartmlenhart Posts: 3
    ">I'm really questioning my impulse buy on the 09 Corolla S. I was all set to buy a Civic, but the new 09 Corolla model looked really sharp... and everyone has Civics. I really liked how the Corolla test-drove compared to the Civic and it was a lot more spacious in the interior. I also liked the availability of options.

    I purchased the Corolla in March. At 400 miles my car sporadically was having trouble turning over when I tried to start it. The dealer couldn't duplicate the problem so I drove it for a few more weeks. The problem persisted (2000miles) so I went back to the dealer. Turns out I need all of my fuel injectors replaced! It's in the shop right now (after waiting 2 weeks because the parts were on backorder).

    I also noticed trouble with the steering on the highway. I am constantly battling with the car to keep it between the lines. It's very tiresome.

    I also noticed that my sunroof is creaking when I turn the corner or hit a small bump in the road (3000 miles). Right now I'm just concerned with the fuel injectors, but I'm sure my car will be back in the shop soon to deal with the sunroof. I have an 09 Corolla loaner at the moment and entire front roof panel (in front of the sunroof) has a persistent squeak! I pushed up on the panel and it was really loose. Hopefully that doesn't happen in my car!!

    I'm thinking I should have went with the trustworthy Civic.
  • nanapat2nanapat2 Posts: 8
    LOL with Toyota USA, your dealer and the car.. I picked up my new '07 Toyota Corolla on 5/30/07 (see my previous post's).. Corolla's are made at the NUMMI factory in Calif. which is now in the middle of a whistleblower lawsuit for permitting "known defect's" on the car's produced there to still leave the factory.. I am about to report my car again for rust forming around the trunk which could be the same rust problem that has now caused the recall of the Toyota Tacoma's also produced at this same factory..

    Yes you should have bought the Civic and I should have stayed with Ford Motor Product's.. :mad:
  • mlenhartmlenhart Posts: 3
    Where do you report your problems...Toyota USA?
  • Never had any noises coming from my sun roof....the one thing i don't like about the sun roof is that it doesn't tilt much at all. i think it tilt like maybe 2 " max. I thought the 08 model tilted like 6 ". other than that not problems (knock on wood) with the car and i have 5600 miles on it.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I asked before, but maybe you missed my question...

    Can you briefly detail the problems you have had with your Corolla?

    My daughter is considering an 09 model, and I would like to know what issues you have had...

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    #1. He is complaining about an '07 (a 9th generation, not a 10th generation model). The '09 is the first year of this new design, so his comments are not relevant to this new generation.

    #2. The 03-08 model years are extremely reliable, (check consumer reports, etc.) They are tops. All makes can have a lemon, but rest assured that his '07 with problems is very very rare. Check other websites, you'll find this to be the case.

    #3. I have not seen any major problems with the new '09s. The complaints are steering feel (for some), and some rattles (Honda Civic, Accord, Toyota Camry have similar complaints.) Nothing that will prevent you from safely getting from point A to point B.

    You may want to check ToyotaNation forums also.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi. I'm sorry about the trouble you've had with your 07 Corolla, but this is not the right place to go into them. Here's where you can continue: Corolla Maintenance and Repair.

    Hope this helps.
  • nanapat2nanapat2 Posts: 8
    surely you are joking !! been there,done that and more !! so until you have walked in my shoes with this vehicle please don't make me any sicker over this car than I already am..
  • bob191bob191 Posts: 14
    I bought 2009 Corolla S on April 7. I was also considering Civic but after five test drives of Civic and same of Corolla, I choose to buy Rolla S. Civic is a nice car, but visually looks very small. Like a toy. Besides, I liked driving the Corolla better then Civic.

    So far, at 900 miles everything is beautiful. The driving is very smooth, the engine is very quiet, just love this electric power steering and the brakes are even better than on my 1996 Accord. Also, I like the filling that looks like I am driving something much, much bigger than Rolla.

    One thing I didn't like were the Bridgestone Turanza EL 400 tires, but I swapped them out the next day after the delivery and with Michelin Primacy MXV4 everything is just perfect. At 40 miles I don't hear the road at all. So far so good...

    I am surprised to hear about so many problems. Maybe it is a lemon, but I hope not. Keep us informed how the repear is going.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Good to hear yours is great.

    So far, very few reports of any real problems, other than the one above. All brand new models, even Toyotas, can have some problems, especially considering they just started producing these. I try to avoid first year models from anyone, or at least the first 6 months.
  • mlenhartmlenhart Posts: 3
    It is easy to let the negatives outweigh the positives...especially when you have $19,000 invested into a new car (my first brand new car). I'm glad you are enjoying yours so far! My husband purchased an 07 altima and he loves it...and so do I!!

    Here are the things I love about the Corolla (S model): I have Barcelona Red with the black interior which looks sharp. I wish I upgraded to the JBL sound system because my rental car has it and it kicks a@s! I also love the heater and the traction control...much needed for Ohio winters. The BIGGEST pro is gas mileage!! This car easily gets 35+ (I do a lot of highway driving).

    My car is still in the no more news to report. I took the rental out on the highway yesterday and still have issues with the power steering. I feel like I shouldn't have to be giving my car that much attentiveness while driving on the's a constant correction/overcorrection issue.
  • newcar2009newcar2009 Posts: 4
    Hi Everyone,

    I don't have any rattles but have major issues with the windshield wipers. First and foremost the right wiper move right in the drivers viewing and makes a mark when it is raining which makes driving very difficult to see out of the windshield. The left windshield shimmers at the bottom. I went to the dealer and they submitted a report to toyota about this but said nothing won't be done unless there are more compliants. Are there others having this issue. How are you dealing with driving at night in the rain?
  • scaborcascaborca Posts: 1
    Man, so glad to read other threads about the 2009 corolla. I bought mine about two months ago. Rattles on the left side and when the air conditioner is high, each of the doors is warping, getting these small dents, no power whatsoever, feels so weak. One day the radio presets just stopped working for about 10 min and I couldn't even turn it off. going to take to shop next week for appt. I'm quite p o'd over here, i hope they are receptive and can help. feeling hustled right about now!
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    WOW that seems weird do you have some pictures of the warping and small dents that you could share.

    Thanks MNF
  • william28william28 Posts: 1
    I just bought a windshield wiper called Scrublade. Everyone in the world should own a Scrublade! Better then any other wiper I have ever used:) It takes bugs and road slime off without smearing... Just thought I would let everyone know...
  • cottoncbcottoncb Posts: 2
    Normally I just lurk on forums, but after just driving the 09 Corolla, I had to add my 2 cents.

    I thought there was something wrong with the particular car I was testing, but I see others who have experienced the same issue. It felt like the car wanted to drift either right or left, and when I would try to steer slightly to correct, the wheel felt like it "hung" slightly and then would go just enough too far in the opposite direction to start the process over again. I'm talking about a very slight amount, but enough that it would drive me crazy after about 10 minutes. This was a problem both at 70 mph on the freeway and at 35 mph on a side street.

    I'm sure that I have to correct all the other cars, it's just that the process is so smooth on the others that I'm not aware of it.

    I was disappointed because I like the overall design and comfort, but this issue is enough to steer me toward another make or model.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    They are testing it now at Consumers Reports and will be in the July issue ( June online) here is what was said so far. They do briefly comment on the steering for myself after 3 weeks of owning a 2009 I see no issues just a small adjustment like any new car.

    First Drive
    Redesigned popular sedan feels like a down sized Camry OVERVIEW
    For 2009, the redesigned Toyota Corolla enters its 10th generation and 40th year on the market. Since 1968, more than 30 million Corollas have been sold worldwide, making it one of the best-selling model lines ever. The new Corolla sedan comes in five trim lines: base, LE, S, XLE, and XRS. All except the top-trim XRS are powered by a 132-hp, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. The XRS has a 158-hp 2.4-liter Four. We recently purchased an LE automatic with the optional stability control for $18,404. Standard safety gear includes antilock brakes, side-curtain air bags, and active front head restraints.
    The Corolla continues to provide competent, unpretentious basic transportation. The new car feels much like a downsized Camry, with a more comfortable ride than most small sedans. The spacious interior is relatively quiet and nicely laid out. The Corolla LE handles competently but it's not inspiring. The new steering is electrically assisted but feels a little weightier than that in many other Toyotas - a good thing. The revised 132-hp engine revs willingly and sounds less boomy than the base engine in the previous generation. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly and responsively, despite having only four speeds. We've been averaging an impressive 32 mpg so far, according to the car's trip computer. The interior shows some significant design improvements, but the trim has more cheap, hard plastics than before. The steering column is now adjustable for angle and reach, improving the flawed driving position of the previous car. Controls are simple and straightforward. The rotary climate controls are easy to grasp. The rear floor is completely flat, aiding rear seat room. With its on-board computer and widely available stability control, there's little reason to buy a higher trim line than the LE.
    The Corolla is not as much fun to drive as a Honda Civic or Mazda3, but its fundamentals are strong. The roomy interior, commendable ride, good noise isolation, and promising fuel economy bode well. We will soon see how it stacks up among other small cars we're testing for the July issue, online in June, including the Chevrolet Cobalt, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, and Subaru Impreza.

    Hope this helps... MNF
  • dagoniccdagonicc Posts: 1
    Minor correction. Nummi is in Fremont, not Fresno.

    My 2009 Corolla S came from there. I have 2500 miles on it and except for feeling like I'm being blown all over the freeway (common steering complaint), I love the car.

    The JBL Satellite Radio kicks butt.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I recently drove a 2009 Corolla for a day while my car was in the shop. It was nearly brand-new (2500 miles), but a stripper with automatic transmission. It had at least two rattles -- one in the passenger door panel and another one in the headliner above the passenger sun visor. The one above the sun visor was quite loud and really annoying.

    Except for the rattles, the Corolla was very quiet. Much quieter than the 2008 Civic I drove a while back. The engine seemed a bit coarse, but it was powerful enough for commuting.

    It seemed to me it would be a reasonable transportation appliance, once they solve the rattles. Not something that would entice me to fling it into corners, but a good bit of room, reasonable price, comfortable ride, and fuel efficient.
  • stell568stell568 Posts: 2
    I'm about 900 miles into my new Corolla S (automatic) and I have 2 concerns - one is that when I turn the steering wheel (pulling into a parking space, for instance) there is a rolling noise. Is this normal, or something to do with the power steering? I have never heard this kind of sound from a steering wheel. My second and more significant concern is that while driving and accelerating lightly, there is a very apparent noise...i don't want to go so far as to say its a rattle, but it almost is.
    For the past 4 years I've driven an '04 Corolla S, and the noise was not there. I thought this car was supposed to be quieter than the last generation - is anyone else experiencing this?
  • bvisvanabvisvana Posts: 1
    I bought a new 2009 corolla LE in april without any thoughts and research ...i must admit i went by brand name and reliability , resale of corolla....Look wise it has improved....few rattles near the dashboard but thats fine it could be corrected...
    Braking seems to be spongy and not very effective initially but once u press hard it works its too avoid too much of brake application when u try to slow down or stop in the main headache is the freeway driving...above 65 mph it takes considerable effort to keep the car in the line and at times it makes overcorrection making ur drive very annoying...City drive - Perfect..nice corners its bit not sharp but still its manageable..

    If u want this car to be running on fwy for 70% of ur journey.. i bet u wud be sure annoyed...I'm trying to get it the dealer see if it can be corrected or any small adjustment....I repent a bit that I shouln't have got this unless i'm 100% satisfied with the EPS..I didn't move until i came across this forum.

    Pros : Mileage , short distance, quick travel to A and B...Nice space as compared to older models..
    Cons : Steering feel and handling..Braking though not a serious concern unless u are reckless driver and wish to operate it at will and expect more quick response...Overall effective braking though
  • thaipthaip Posts: 32
    Hi Waltcha,

    Did you ever get your dashboard rattle fixed? Is it near the glove box or on the passenger side dash? I have about 5000 miles on my car and now I kind of noticing some rattle in the passenger side or in the glove box. I am wondering if you ever got your fixed? I am thinking of bring my in for a check!!! Must share if you got your fixed alright:):)
  • veldevelde Posts: 17

    You didn't go with the Corolla after all? Is everything good with the Civic? I'm doing the exact same walk this week. There aren't too many XLE's in Michigan to be had, and especially not in my exterior color choice - white. I don't like that the Honda doesn't have bluetooth, traction control, and stability control options. I don't like that I'll be passing down a Corolla with a 4 star safety rating in two year to my college-aged daughter. The Honda has 5 stars. You are right about 6 of one and half dozen of the other between the Civic and the Corolla. I'm even thinking of leasing with option to buy. I know it's not the best way financially to handle this, but I hate to make a mistake at my daughter's expense, if the car has issues.
  • roadie2roadie2 Posts: 6
    I not a car expert or even a car enthusiast....I just wanted a car that looks good, has plenty of room inside, gets great fuel mileage, is nice riding and quiet for a small car....and offers good resale value. The 09 Toyota Corolla does gives me that. I like how the cars rides,it's quiet, it's tight and there is no rattles at all....I have gotten over 40 mpg on the highway and 33 mpg just driving to work. The car looks good and has great paint. The whole car has a very high quality feel to it. The trouble is the steering. It's not quite right, it's annoying, the car wants to wander in it's lane and doesn't want to stay straight without lots of steering corrections. The car feels like you are always driving in windy conditions. It's very annoying and honestly it's making me regret buying this car. I'm hoping Toyota wakes up and listens to it's customers and offers to adjust or fix this flaw with the steering....if not I'm getting out this car.

    I just wish I would have test drove this Toyota longer than I did and would have read a Toyota Corolla forum before I bought this car so I would have known about this steering issue with the 09 model. My test drive was way too short and too slow and to be honest I bought a Corolla based heavily on Toyota's quality reputation.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    This was, and still sometimes is, an issue with the current gen Prius, for some of the same reasons.

    Our '06 Prius had to have the right front suspension rebuilt after an accident; when returned from the body shop, it tracked MUCH BETTER on the highway, and had lost nearly all of the nervousness that had characterized it before.

    Conclusion: a good alignment shop can probably make the new Corolla feel better on the road with a couple of simple adjustments: a bit more caster, if that's possible [many strut suspensions don't have a caster adjustment], and/or a bit of tweaking to toe-in/toe-out, which is always possible.

    I'm not suggesting Toyota doesn't need to pay attention, but if it's really driving you crazy and you like the car otherwise, get it on an alignment rack and see what a skilled tech can do to reduce the dartiness at speed. You may be pleasantly surprised at a very modest cost.
  • i hear everyone talking about the steering problems with the 09. I have had my 09 since feb 10 and i can take me hand off the wheel on the highway for like 10-15 sec and it stay pretty straight! I DON'T have to work the wheel hard at all, it pretty easy and i never ever find myself needing to correct the car. I wonder why all you guys have problems and not me. Is it b/c i got my from the #1 toyota dealer in the New england and the #2 in the US??? Did they get the better cars?? or am i just lucky??
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