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Subaru Legacy Elite

naragonlnaragonl Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Subaru
Hi does anyone have thoughts on the Legacy Elite offered by Bill Kolb dealership

I know the dealership has some negative posts but can someone give me an honest opinion on the lease deal. 177

$995 down, 177 a month 10k (.15after).
the deal appears Ok to me but I'm a newbie.

I will not be putting much mileage on the car and probabaly wont go over the 10k a year. It's a manual whcih is Ok by me.

thanks for any input


  • Yes, I noticed the hood 'scoop/dam', and I know the 'elite' doesn't have the air dam on the hood. thx for reply.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just don't go back there for service. Heard of a few folks getting stuff robbed out of their cars there. Also just know that the car in that ad is pictured as a turbo, but the car they are selling is not a turbo.

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  • chicakmschicakms Posts: 1
    I'm a bit late on this discussion.I just leased one today I pick it up Tuesday my parents also bought one they get theirs Thursday. Bill Kolb had the best price around. First we looked at Wayne Subaru. These two new cars will make the 4th and 5th cars we've bought from Bill Kolb, we had two Fords from him, and another Subaru. Our other two Subarus came from Ramsey Subaru and Liberty Subaru.

    The promotion is almost over I think end of June. It works out for me to be $187.55 per month, 24 months, $1,000 manufacturers rebate, and you can either opt for 10 or 12,000 miles depending on what you need, depending on which one your monthly payment might be a bit more I opted for the 10,000.I have to pay 1334.58 at delivery, and the bill says total cash price delivered $3,334.58.

    I originally was going there to look at the 5 door Impreza. Saw one at Wayne subaru for $20,318 and Bill Kolb had one with 4,000 miles for 16,something. That's how we ended up there. I was afraid to test drive it so I let my dad. He felt the Impreza didn't have enough pickup when we tried it on the freeway. So we asked to test drive a 2nd and he felt the same thing. That's when the salesman suggested the Legacy Elite. I'm not crazy about Legacies period but they've gotten nicer looking than my '01, and the leather and sunroof sold me.
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