Nissan Altima Coupe Price Paid & Buying Experience

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What was your final price(s) on your Altima Coupe purchases? Try not to miss an Item may help others...

I'll start...

model : (2.5 or 3.5)
Package(s) : (base, convenience, premium, technology)
Negotiated Price:
Lease or Buy:
Term (mo.):
Down Payment:
Finance Rate:%
Monthly Payment:

I'll Start...

model : 2.5 S
Package(s) : premium pkg.
MSRP: 27,280
Negotiated Price: 26,000
Warranties: Standard Nissan Warranty
Lease or Buy: Buy
Term (mo.): 60
Down Payment: 3000
Finance Rate: 6.9%
Monthly Payment: $365


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    I'm shopping around for this car also, 2.5S with Premium Package, White or Red. Does anyone live in Houston bought this car with a lower price? Can you tell me if you don't mind? Thanks
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    Hi! I've been reading so much about not putting much $ down when leasing a new car- and it makes sense, but I have a car that I will be trading in- how do I go about this when all of the dealers I've talked to expect me to use my trade-in as a down payment? I appreciate any help on this!
    Also, the dealer I went to offered to put a sunroof into the basic model rather than have me upgrade to the next model. Has anyone had this offered?

    Thank you!
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    MSRP: 21,700
    Negotiated Price: 19,995 (including $500 rebate) $20,810 inc. tax, title, fees
    Warranty: Standard
    Term: 60 mo.
    Down Payment: 10000
    Finance Rate: 5.5%
    Monthly Payment: 206.48

  • milo57milo57 Member Posts: 16
    I have not concluded a purchase, but a Houston dealer offered me an Altima 2.5 Coupe, with the Convenience Package but not the Premium Package, for $22,267.
    MSRP for the car is $24,520.

    This price comes from a corporate discount prenegotiated with my employer. However, if they can sell the car at this price at a profit they will presumably be willing to go this low for someone else.
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    not a bad price grate deal. what state did you bye the car in and from what dealer pleas let us no thankyou for reading. keep on posting those Nissan altima coop deals peapol. grate car thanks.
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