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Chrysler Pacifica Door panel removal

cg1963cg1963 Posts: 8
edited July 2014 in Chrysler
Can anyone direct me to information on how to remove the interior front passenger door panel so I can replace the mirror assembly? I'm mainly having trouble popping off the white panel trim retainers which don't seem to budge. I even went out and bought a generic trim removal tool but it isn't long enough to reach the retainers. I've removed the screws from the interior door handles but that doesn't help either.


  • hello there. I just did this this past weekend. I had trouble with the white push fasteners as well. You will need to pull real hard on the panel to disengage the fasteners. I actually used a long screwdriver to pry the panel away from the door. Once the panel is off, the mirror is real easy to get to, with three bolts. The panel attaches back to the door fine using the existing white push fasteners, just push back into place. Check out this link: m
  • Thanks, I'll try it again. Should I try to pry it between the metal door and the white plastic fastener or put the screwdriver between the top and bottom of the white fastener (I have no idea what the fastener looks like, besides the fact that it's white, to remove it properly)? I just weary of breaking the door panel 'cause it seems like you have to put a lot of force into popping the fastener out.
  • Hello. Pry the panel away from the door as close to the fastener as you can. The faster will "pop" out. The best way for me to describe it, there are two parts to the fastener (female and male), each part of the white plastic fastener will stay attached to the each side, the door, and the panel. So when you pry, you are actually disengaging the fastener, male from the female parts. Female stays attached to the door, while the male part stays attached to the panel. Take a look at this picture:

    I dont think this is the actual fastener, but its close, and best describes the configuration. Good luck..
  • cg1963cg1963 Posts: 8
    That worked, and the picture of the fastener is right on. I'm familiar with those fasteners but I've never had that much trouble 'popping' them. Once I got them 'popped' it was very easy to replace the mirror. Once again, Thanks!
  • cpchevycpchevy Posts: 1
    I need to remove the drivers door panel on a 2007 chevy Silverado crew cab to
    get to the auto door lock button. I am adding a electric tailgate lock and I need
    to tie in to this switch. Can someone help?

  • I need to remove the door panel on the passenger side of my 2004 Chrysler Pacifia. I believe the window fell off the track. I need help to do that. I have removed all the screw that I have seen. I am not sure if I need to try to lift the panel or force the clips out.
  • jasonh08jasonh08 Posts: 1
    LOL, I'm trying to do the same thing. I've about had it with this vehicle.
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