Ford MotorCraft Battery

medmdmdmedmdmd Member Posts: 41
Had a new Motorcraft Battery put in my 1994 Ford
Superduty F-series at a Ford dealership 9 months
ago. In the past month, it has not held a charge
when parked for over two days and requires a jump
start each time.

Took it to a closer Ford dealer who informed me
(after a 4 hour labor bill) that the battery was
low on water. He checked some things and then
refilled it charging me almost $300 for the

Any assistance with the following would be
appreciated, especially from those familiar with
Ford truck service:

1)Do Motorcraft Batteries require regular
maintenance (every six months) to check and refill
the water level?

2)Would low water levels (and their diagnosis and
correction) be covered under any warranty by

3)Is there a standard approach in Ford repair to
my problem which should discover the low water
battery cause in much less than 4 hours?

4)Isn't $300 a heck of a lot of money for a couple
ounces of distilled water?


  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Is this battery supposed to be "maintenance free"?
  • medmdmdmedmdmd Member Posts: 41
    I believe it is LOW maintenance, although even this should not require water after only 6 months and less than 5 000 miles.
  • kinleykinley Member Posts: 854
    The MotorCraft battery in our car is 6.5 years old and still going. I check the fluid level three times a year and usually add a little H2O.

    The MotorCraft battery in our other car is 5.5 years old. Same story.

    The Interstate battery in our 3rd car is 2.5 years out of date and still works with normal maintenence. Yep, there is maintenence with a battery.
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