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My brand new XLE broke down at 53 miles (12-hr new)

nottalotofun1nottalotofun1 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Toyota
This has to be in the record book. I purchased a brand new XLE on 2/24/2008 only 3 miles on the ODO. This morning after I dropped off my kids at daycare, all of the sudden I can't even start the engine any more (battery is fine). The ODO reading is 53 miles. Had it towed to a local Toyota dealer for warranty repair. Still waiting for the answers from the dealer.

Does anyone have similar experiences with 2008 or 2007 Sienna?


  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Perhaps the fuse for the starter blew?

    Do accessories work? Does the radio work, for instance?

    I would call the free roadside assistance service, and your dealer.
  • nottalotofun1nottalotofun1 Member Posts: 3
    Was told they r going to replace the computer transponder. Not sure if that's the real culpit for my ordeal. Everything else is working just can't start the damn vehicle. Not going to buy another "domestic" car in my lifetime. The quality will suffer once they start to make these in the US. My other car is a Highlander (made in Japan) and never gives me any trouble.
  • cschwenncschwenn Member Posts: 1
    Nope, but perhaps the answer to your problem lies on page 11 of your owner's manual. Sounds like a transponder issue.
  • hause7hause7 Member Posts: 153
    Actually a month after we bought our 04 it didn't start and the steering wheel was locked. Well i tugged on the steering wheel while starting and it worked, it must have been something with the security system, that could be the problem. After that it never did it again. :D
  • mleonardomleonardo Member Posts: 45
    You bought a japanese car and are blaming the American workers who put it together because it had a faulty part? Im sure the part was made elsewhere. Why not blame the Chinese, indonesian, malaysian, indian etc.. who made the part? I have had japanese and domestic vehicles and have had different experiences with all of them. I had a Ford that gave me no problems the entire time I owned it (5 years). I have had a Toyota 4runner that needed a new motor, and had faulty brakes (made in Japan). I currently have an 03 corolla that gets awesome gas mileage but the interior is falling apart. All car companies, including the Japanese ones have their share of problems no matter where they are built.
  • sfurgy88sfurgy88 Member Posts: 3
    We recently had the same problem, but it has happened to us two times now. The dealer told us that it was a defective fuel pump. However, now our van is in the shop again and it's been almost a week now without any solution to the problem. Was the fuel pump defective in your Sienna
  • nottalotofun1nottalotofun1 Member Posts: 3
    Sorry to hear that. In our case, there was something wrong with the engine immobilizer system being a little too sensetive. My other car is a Highlander and it's likely the transponder inside the key of my Highlander actived the security system of the Sienna (check page 11 of your owner's manual). Then the car was "locked". Never put your other Toyota car key anywhere near the key of your Sienna. Dealer replaced a transponder chip of the Sienna and now it works fine. I am not sure if yours is the same situation issue but hope this helps.
  • m_1993m_1993 Member Posts: 7
    I just looked through the sienna forum as i am thinking of purchasing one in the near future and saw tht ur sienna broke down at 53 miles?!
    all i kno is tht if u have an immobolizer, it may have been blocked out by ur other keys. My uncle who owns a 04 corolla (built in Ontario) had the same problem. The person at the dealer, told him that if he remove his other keys etc.(this is what my uncle did and has never happened since) from the car key and immobolizer this problem will not happen.
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