Chevy Aveo Passenger air bag

I am having troubles with my passenger air bag in my 2008 Aveo LS. When no one is in the passenger seat, the display tells you that the air bag is off. Occasionally when my sister or boyfriend sit in the passenger seat it still says the passenger air bag is off. The first weekend I had my car, I took it on a trip from Tampa to Gainesville. On the way their the air bag worked fine but on the way back it was off. My boyfriend weighs about 155 and my sister, 115. This should be enough to tell the sensor that an adult is in the seat. My dealer is passing it off as me being a stupid girl who doesn't know anything. Has anyone else had this problem or maybe know what to do?


  • busirisbusiris Member Posts: 3,490
    Save all the paperwork from the dealer regarding this issue, in the very slim case that you have an accident and the passenger side airbag doesn't deploy...

    Then see how the dealer responds...You might want to point that scenario out to him...
  • xscapevelocityxscapevelocity Member Posts: 2
    I am saving all the paperwork and I have stressed that this is a serious safety issue. Tomorrow I'm taking it in again and it will be the 3rd time. The lemon law comes into effect because it is a safety issue. If they can't fix it tomorrow I'm sending a letter to the manufacturer to see what to do next. The worst thing is that all the techs think I'm just a stupid little girl so they're not really taking it seriously.
  • 7e5f6e7e5f6e Member Posts: 2
    Same exact problem on 2007 Aveo-5. Dealer said I was my 145 lb wife was sitting in the seat "wrong". Took it in again, they had the car for 14 days and changed the seat pad. I picked up the car questioning why it took 14 days to get a seat pad for a common American vehicle and was given no answer. 5 miles downt the road from the dealer on the day I picked it up, the other airbag (the red one) came on steady. Manual indicates this is a "airbag system failure". Tech comments read. .80 hours replace seat/seat pad. - What were they doing with my car for 14 days and why don't the airbags work? Incidentally the car only has 4,000 mile on it and has also been in for O2 sensor at 2700 miles and dead (bad) battery at 3600 miles. Now they want to "upgrade me to a Cobalt"....what a joke.
  • juje2003juje2003 Member Posts: 2
    My 2007 Aveo did the same thing a few months back. But now its not doing it anymore.. weird.
  • tpafredtpafred Member Posts: 1
    Same thing with my 07. Dealer said to rock the back of the seat all the way forward and back a couple of times. This seems to have cleared the pass airbag light.
  • lemonade6lemonade6 Member Posts: 1
    My husband an I bought 2 Chevy Aveos on the same day. His came from the local dealership and mine was shipped from about 100 miles away. My airbag light came on within the first 1500 miles. His came on around 2000 miles. The delaership mechanics were at a loss for what was causing it. They even had a GM enigineer come and see what was wrong with it. Mine was in 4 times total to get fixed before we lemon lawed it. They gave us a final excuse that I was too skinny and it made the airbag not work. I am 130 pounds....that is not skinny. My husband's just was fixed for the 4th time and he is in the process of working out the lemon law.
    I really don't believe any of us should buy cars that they can't figure out why the airbag is not working. I buy cars with safety in mind. I expect the safety features will work when I need them to!!!
    I hope they get this problem fixed because it is a cute little car with great gas mileage.
    I am sure they are afraid of recalling all these cars, unless they have to, given the state GM is in right now.
  • pomcbcpomcbc Member Posts: 1
    I bought an '04 model with 240,000 miles on it. Commute 100-120 miles a day. Currently has 342,000. Had to rebuild head, snapped timing belt, my fault. Fixed myself for less than $300. Consistently gets 40 mpg. Suffered two bouts with deer, still runs great and tracks straight. Hope to have as good luck with the '08 I just bought with 70,000 miles. A bit of advice to those that complain about poor fuel economy and the timing belt issue. Don't expect to run down the road at 80 mph and get great fuel economy or to not have problems with your car. Not gonna happen. Change your driving habits, unless you like paying $3/gal for gas. I only hear people complaining about it, but they refuse to slow down. Stupid! As for the timing belt, follow your maintenance schedule, research issues with your car from other owners, or pay the price for your mistakes. It takes about 2 hrs to replace the timing belt. Learn how to do it yourself. WARNING: you may have to get your hands dirty. :cry::cry::cry:
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