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I've owned a couple of Lexus' in the past and I'm considering buying the GS, but in driving loaner cars from the dealer and test-driving the new one, I've noticed that you can't keep the audio display to stay with displaying the XM song/artist info. You can hit the audio button, but it keeps reverting to the map display. It's kind of annoying, if you're monitoring the songs as they're coming across XM. Is there a way to keep the display in the audio mode. That has to be a setup feature. Does anybody know?


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    mlabrinos.....yes, it is a setting. My wife has a 2007 IS with Nav, and you can set it to automatically return to the map or not, from Audio or Climate. Can't remember exactly how to do it, but check the nav owners manual, or just drill down into the Menu>Settings a bit. It's pretty easy. I think auto return to Map is the default.
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    Thanks. I appreciate it.
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    Press the INFO panel button.
    Touch 'Screen Setting'
    Touch OFF for the Automatic transition from Audio to Navigation to defeat this option.
    Touch OK to confirm your selection.
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    How do I install a 2009 Gen 4 Nav Disc. update?
    I have a 2006 GS 300
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    I installed the Prestigious Society Nav/TV bypass kit. This kit allows me to control all the touchscreen functions while driving, plus I can play DVDs while driving (although I don't actually do this).

    It is awesome, to be able to use the phone dialer, the full phone directory, program the nav, and browse through the ipod playlists and songs. Best in-car interface I have used once the touchscreen is fully functional.

    The override buttons were custom installed by my installer and look totally factory. See below. The buttons on the left are the Nav and TV override buttons.

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