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Has anyone used Toyota Customer Experience and what were your results?

I have gone to them about the RAIN SENSING WINDSHIELD WIPER problem that is in all 2005-2008 Avalon LTD. They refered me to page 138 of the manual, and said this is normal. Well page 138 is not the same condition I am complaining about but Toyota will not listen and keeps refering to page 138. I received a call from a Lisa Leisy a Toyota Customer Experience representative on 2/20/08 and I explained the difference between my problem and what is stated on page 138. She listened and said she would get back to me the following day 2/21/08. As of 2/25/08 Lisa Leisy had not called back, so I called TCE and left a message for her to call me. 2/26/08 still no return call,so I called TCE and left another message requesting a return call. As of now I have not received a return call.

So is it just me or have other Toyota customers had bad experience with TCE. It seems that they take alot of surveys are they just looking for good one to pass on to the President.


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    They don't want to hear about a bad experience, only good ones. I've called them, written them, but have received no help. I wrote two letters to the "President of Toyota Motors Manufacturing Kentucky , thinking that as plant manager of the assembly plant he would help. Waste of the stamps! I guess that is one way you keep your high quality ratings.You ignore any complaints
    Toyota makes a good car, but only God can help you if you have a problem with one.
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    Thanks ! I'm to meet with Factory Rep this Wednesday ( If he shows up as last time in November he was a no show) Depending how it goes I may be taking your advice. I just cannot believe that a whine/hum in drivetrain @ 40 MPH on a car that has less than 50K on it, is considered normal by local dealers. It goes away when you take your foot off the gas.
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    I actually tried to provide feedback to the Toyota Customer Experience when I was buying a car. Out of 7 dealers, I found 5 to be insulting and dishonest. I went to buy a vehicle from Toyota in April 2009. I spent an unreasonable amount and getting the run around by multiple dealers and the Toyota network (GST) I ended up puting off buying a car from Toyota. I have bought numerous cars over the years and dealing with the Toyota network is worse than any Ford, GM or Honda brand that I have every dealt with. The market pricing is poor (compared to more luxury vehicles), the dealers are slimy as they are still trying to use 1970's tricks. I even had one local dealer who refused to provide me with the unpublished specification of mirror to mirror width on a vehicle unless I came in again to talk to him.

    The feedback from the Toyota Customer Experience would be that they would be glad to arrange for me to voice my complaint to a dealer customer service rep on site. I asked how this would help a cultural issue in the Toyota network, which customer service rep. since there were 5 out 7 dealers pulling crap, and for what purpose. As a I assume there are people on Toyota's payroll that are responsible for their network. The answer (between the lines) was thanks for the input but we really don't care.

    Don't expect any assistance from the Toyota Customer Experience.
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    Toyota Customer Experience does not exist anymore. So only I understood the stopping messages on this forum. This is true. Smart people realized what is Toyota Today and what brought to us Toyota way.

    Finally I could start to sue Toyota for lack of management in Customer Experience Service. What is said in these messages above is absolute true, suffered by life and confirmed: bad market price for primitive car (sorry, nothing personal, and I just repeat that other people said, but I believed Toyota is for those who wants to save a little bucks ..); total customer/lessee/plaintiff ignorance and fraud by fraud, like step by step.

    They started their defense with free declaration, that Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc., that is just subsidiary of Toyota Motor on the U.S. land and which main duty is controlling Toyotas dealership, again in U.S., allegedly MANUFACTURER. I spent enough time, researched Internet, visited library for those SIC and NAICS, by the way, and I claim, that only Complete Idiot can believe that TMS manufactures automobiles; (assembling under Japan management is not manufacturing). This trick they use to demur numerous lawsuits against TMS (corporation) on the base that your claim, sir/miss is addressed wrongly - go to your dealer .. (you know, at no comments).

    From other site I discovered that local dealership change price in lease/sale agreement after taking "an activation lease/sale fee" - I was deceived for $1,000.00 ( I am not rich) - customer/lessee/buyer fell onto justifiable reliance, signed and .. good buy! Finally after numerous letter they responded that they really have OPTION: CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CENTER (SERVICE), but it is all. That does not work.

    Yes, this is my war for our future without mean dealers (foreign corporations are separate topic); "kill a dealer case law"; smile!

    See more at - its about Toyota; I am really outraged with their nasty conduct, but still nothing personal; I see problem in corporate fraud - Toyotas Way.
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    You are not alone; there is an army of deceived by Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc., an assigned and so recognized U.S. dealerships' curator. This was a big secret for years.

    Now people know that TOYOTA CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE does not exist. Yes, you are right, they collect only positive, naive and excited emotionally info; instead response for your need they can invite you by letter to visit local dealership to get some China thing, like they invited me to get a mug .. just for $1, 000.00 stolen by easy changing price in lease agreement.

    And that TMS TCE representative, Elaine Matsuda, has automatically grown to the vice president of TMS, just because of your and our, customers', belief in allegedly existed TOYOTA CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Relax, and support any national manufacturer - it is your call for America!
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