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Good Evening,

I am appalled and shocked at the lack of professionalism that I encountered during a recent telephone conversation with Chrysler. As I made my selections through the 1-800-992-1997 hierarchy, I finally made it to a 'live' person. Within 30 seconds, the conversation went down hill.

My 2002 Grand Cherokee Overland only has 28,000 miles on it and due to weather rot, I had to replace all four tires. As the tires were being replaced, the rims were so corroded with build up, the center cap was broken and as a result, all the rims have no center cap. I called and inquired to see if any goodwill gesture could be provided and after several discussions, Chrysler offered to pay for 3 rims. I was to pay for the 4th rim. Like any normal person, I inquired about the price. I was quoted a price of $200 by the local dealership and I expressed that figure to the representative on the phone. He confirmed that was correct. I asked again to ensure that I heard correctly. He replied, yes, $200 is correct.

1 month later when the dealership called and told me the rims were in, I made my appointment accordingly. The dealership told me the price was $300 + tax. I said that price was incorrect. It was quoted to me at $200. The dealership said that I had to call 1-800-992-1997 and discuss it with them.

Once again I worked through the 1-800-992-1997 hierarchy and after minutes, I got a 'live' representative. The representative told me that it was documented in the system that the charge would be $300 per rim. When I asked her to review the recording of the discussion I had with the rep one month earlier, she told me that they do not do that. However, as you work your way through the 1-800-992-1997 hierarchy, it says that calls could be recorded. When I asked the representative about that, I was told they only check those recordings for accuracy. Hmm, I think this is an accuracy issue. The representative told me one then and put something else into the computer.

I asked to speak with a supervisor so I could understand how the price jumped from $200 to $300. She placed me on hold and came back and told me there was no supervisor available and she went on to explain that the computer told her the offer was $300. Like any normal person, I continued to inquire as to how the price increased. Finally, after some persuasion, I finally spoke to a supervisor. The supervisor did not offer to listen to anything, rather she rambled on that I had a choice: accept the offer as is or reject it. I told her that the offer was different than what was verbally told to me and I was not going to accept the current offer until I understand the difference. She said, "just a moment"....After 1-2 minutes, she came back and said, I have documented that you rejected the offer....Click.

When I attempt to call back, the representatives tell me that there is nothing they can do at this point and to stop calling.

I will stop calling Chrysler. However, I am not going to stop telling people how terrible this customer service experience was. I could understand if there was yelling, swearing, and profanity used. However, when I am seeking to determine why I was told one then and something else was put into the computer, then I will not tolerate being treated as I was.

For those considering purchasing a Jeep, make sure that you feel comfortable knowing that once your warranty is over, the level of quality customer service decreases considerably.


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    Chrysler offered to pay for 3 rims. I was to pay for the 4th rim.

    I might have looked at this a little differently. With the original "quote" Chrysler would have given you 3 rims valued at $600 but with the "upgrade" (may well be beyond their control) they would be giving you 3 rims valued at $900. Factor in the extra $100 you would have paid for one and you'd still be $200 ahead. :)

    Your real alternative would have been to pay $1,200 yourself to replace all four rims. I think you talked yourself out of a great deal as it was a goodwill gesture to start with!

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    Number one, you should always get your quotes in writing even through a phone by fax or email, number 2, you should have checked other resources for price matching, and 3 I would have been a jerk to you too if you foolish to complain about a deal that really isn't that bad.... 3 rims for free.... 1 rim for $300+tax=325.50..... Even if you found rims at 200 per rim and you got a deal like buy 3 and get 1 for free you would be looking at 200x3+tax=649.50.... Hmmm 325 vs. 649...... You missed a good deal....
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