2005 Ford Explorer with soaked carpet

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A few days ago we had some pretty bad weather and a couple of days after the rain had passed I went to work and noticed a mildew like smell inside my 2k5 Ford Explorer. I looked around and found wet carpet under the passenger side floor mat and also right between the back seat and my third row.

After some brain strorming on how it could've happened I noticed that the only thing that those spots had in common was that the soaked spots were next to the wheel wells on the passenger side.

Can anybody explain to me how driving through water puddles could have made my carpet wet on the same exact side?


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    That's because its' not coming from the wheel wells.

    There should be solid metal there.

    Mine is doing the same thing. Last time, I wound up taking three days to dry the water out.

    The best thing I can tell after spending half a day with the carpet and seats pulled up and a garden hose on a tripod is that water is collecting inside the doors. I did spray the A/C air intake on the cowl, and the roof line, too. No water. Also couldn't find anyting on the net besides this or a TSB/recall.

    The problem seems to be worst when I park on a tilted driveway (nose of car uphill). Anyway, there are two drains in the bottom of each door, covered with a plastic flap. That flap appears to be compressed when the door is in the closed position.

    I could basically shower the door, then open and wiggle the door. I could hear sloshing. I yanked those plastic things out, then wasn't able to reproduce the problem any more.

    Hope this helps -

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    heater core leak
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    Can't seem to find where the water is coming from, but the roof liner is wet above the window rear seat driver side. It does not appear to be coming from the window. Any suggestions?
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    Passenger side front and rear sunroof drains are blocked
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