Acura Legend metallic rattling noise

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I have a '91 Legend and for some reason it makes a
metallic rattling sound when I accelerate. It
doesn't do it when the gas tank is full but after
about 150 miles on a tank it begins to make the
noise. It's only heard when accelerating and
quits when coasting and is more noticeable on
hills. I use 93 octane premium gas like what is
recommended. The noise does get louder when I put
regular in the tank and instead of waiting till
about 150 miles it starts immediately. I've tried
fuel injector cleaner and it didn't improve so I'm
completely confused. Any advice would be
appreciated greatly. Thanks


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    Except for the full tank bit, it sounds like the classic symptoms of dirty injectors. Supposedly the best injector cleaner is 'Techron' by Chevron.

    I got into this with an Integra at about 80K miles. I was told that it would take at least 3 or 4 tanks with Techron to see a difference. It worked for me. I also switched to (usually) using Chevron gas as it contains Techron as an additive.
    The problem went away and never came back.

    So, try 3 or 4 tanks and failing that, off to a mechanic...
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    for the advice, I'll try it and see if it works and if it doesn't well like you said off to a mechanic!
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