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Honda CR-V Noises and Sounds

bgjcxenbgjcxen Posts: 3
edited June 2015 in Honda
I'm hearing a clunking sound when I hit bumps etc..
in the road. I had struts replaced, tie end rod replaced.
Anyone have a solution.

(Note - please see this discussion if you have concerns about 2015 CR-V vibrations).


  • 01 CRV developed a clicking / tapping sound comming from rear passenger side.
    at first thought it was the seat belt tapping against the molding ( that kind of sound).
    checked that and everything inside, found nothing-
    checked everything the in trunk
    put car on lift took off tire - checked everything out
    suspension, tail pipe, bumber, moulding - found all OK
    randon noise not related to tire movement or even bumps in road
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    do you have any of the windows down when you hear the noise?
  • no windows down
    the noise is random
    had it like crazy yesterday and nothing today
    it is not in sync with tire revolution
    bumps in the road dont make it start or make it go away
    it just comes and goes - sometimes it louder than others
    making me nuts!
  • I have developed a "clunk" type sound in the front end sometimes when just starting out, backing up, or turning. Only have 43,000 miles. Dealer tells me this is "normal" due to brake calipers being attached to the struts. That does not really sound like a reason for the sound, and why it just started recently.

    Anyone have experience with this?
  • Finally had some sun the other day and drove the car with the rear windows down to let the dog get some freash air, the nosie was unbearable!
    With both rear windows down beginning at 40 mph it sounded as though I was in a hurracaine, as soon as I opened a front window the noise went away. I began experiementing with different combinations of circulating air (i.e. sun roof open, front only, front and rear) and found that having both rear windows down only while driving on the open road is deafining.
    Has anyone else experienced this? :confuse:
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    It's a common problem with SUVs. The rushing air has no where to go. Old VW beetles used to have the problem too with their front windows down. They solved the problem with rear windows that popped out an inch or two.
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140
    See group discussion "2007 Honda CR-V Helicopter Noise" in this forum
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    A pebble stuck in the tire threads?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    If it bothers you, take off the calipers and spray the backs of the brake pads with a "Brake Quiet" product.

    If your pads have been replaced recently, then they probably fogot to put the siliencing shims on the backs of the brake pads, or the original ones just wire out.
  • that noise would rythmic, in sync with the speed and revolution of the tire - this is total random with no pattern
    someone suggested that the factory left some lose piece in the body but it started recently and comes and goes.
    thank you for thinking about it though - i appreciate it
  • red98vred98v Posts: 5
    I have an identical issue with a 98V. I assume it only makes this noise when vehicle is in motion? We'll ignore tire issues if you eliminated that.
    Do you notice a slight vibration in steering wheel that you may have grown used to?
    My current thought is a resonant frequency occurs at certain speeds causing panel etc. noises due to vibrations occuring that shouldn't. Notice if it occurs at a certain speed range. Or even rpm. This would be similar to slight tire imbalance but we've eliminated that.
    With the age of your vehicle it may be related to the propellor shaft ujointsat the rear having some play. That ultimately might require a driveshaft replacement.1000$ HAve the run out checked. That play could cause the resonant frequency.
    On the otherhand it might be a lesser revealed side effect of dual pump fluid needing replacement. Or being a non honda fluid. But thats a wild shot and i'm way too new to the CRV to know for sure.
    I'll try that first as it's way cheaper than the alternative.10$
  • stevegiostevegio Posts: 11
    to red98v
    there is no steering wheel vibration at all and yes have ruled out all tire and suspension issues - will check out you other suggestions - thanks!
  • red98vred98v Posts: 5
    Everything i mentioned pertains if you have AWD.
    The propller shaft only and always rotates when vechicle is in motion. A noise also when in park due to vibration could be worn motor mounts if all other suspension issues are AOK. .A guess.
    I too thought it might be seatbelt rattling. Sounds like we have same problem,same location. And same generation 1 CRV.
    But any rattling,squeaking,tapping,clicking etc that isn't rythmic(think tires rotating) is very well vibration.
    Even if one were to find a rattling panel and damp it , we could just shutting off
    the "alarm" of the real problem.
    Reason i brought up driveshaft is that i had timing belt and other maintenance recently. New tires at same time. Mechanic thought maybe tires weren't balanced at first but found that u joints had play and attributed vibration to that. Knowing that i was able to detect slight vibration.Nothing too shaky. ANd speed related being worse at cruising speeds.
    Since i had noticed this noise before service(especiallly at cruising speeds) am trying to determine if noise and ujoint issue are related. Maybe not. But it ain't the tires. New set or old.
    I just purchased this used CRV. Very mint in most respects with 116000 miles.
    I live in area where nearest Honda dealer is over 100 miles away(to obtain fluids and other honda parts). Trannie and rear pump fluid were replaced a few thousand miles back by prior owner with local service. Suspecting they didn't use honda fluids.
    I've read of rear pump fluids causing grinding,moaning and VIBRATION as symptoms
    requiring fluid service.
    Easy enough to redo that but i'm awaiting the fluids to arrive.Should have it done by this weekend .
    Keep me posted if you find the answer and likewise on this side.
    BTW if that noise is really driving you NUTS and you do confirm that ujoints have play you might if ambitious enough, remove the propeller shafts(looks easy enough)and try running it as a FWD only mode to see if noise disappears. I've read where others have done this for short periods of time while awaiting new driveshafts.. Someone mentioned that the rear
    half shafts should be disabled too .I'd research that first. But not alot out there about this. All to avoid the cost of driveshaft on older vehcile. Ujoints are one piece, part of shaft and non greasable and as mentioned expensive.
    Consult honda serivice manual about making marks on connections etc prior to removal.
    But i plan on driving this ride to the end of reasonable life span..past 200K much like my 93 camry with 220K and still humming.So i may bite the bullet & replace it. And live in deep snow country so the clearance and AWD are appreciated. But miss that 33plus mpg camry routinely provides in comparison. Get 22-24 with CRV.
  • bgjcxenbgjcxen Posts: 3
    My noise is in the front when I hit bumps,manhole etc..
    It's a rattle. I've had the struts replaced. Tie end rod.

    Could I try spraying everything in the suspension with silicone?
  • red98vred98v Posts: 5
    The only problems i know about are the ones that come looking for me , find me, grab me and try to shake the money from my wallet. I usually try to fight back.
    I haven't had this one(on a CRV) but could very well be heat shield by cat convertor .
    You might take a screwdriver handle and go under and try to duplicate noise to identify location.
    And goggle some more...think theres a honda TSB tech serv bullet about your problem.
  • red98vred98v Posts: 5
    Hi, red here again. In this mail you call it a clunk. Being 97 why not mounter mounts with bad rubber? Engine bottoming out against frame on bumps.
    Heat shield would be a metallic rattle.
    If you crawl under grab stuff to see it anything is loose but then don't make anything loose either!
  • stevegiostevegio Posts: 11
    to red98v
    yes i have AWD
    believe it or not i may have found the problem, i hope.
    i moved the rear seat back passenger side into a different position (forward one setting) - so far there is no noise today! crazy huh?
    waiting to see what happens.
  • red98vred98v Posts: 5
    Funny you should say that as i folded the right rear seat down to slide some skis
    under the front headrest lying the length of the back today and no noise then.
    Maybe some grease on the pivots and no more noise in any position?
  • mpzichmpzich Posts: 4
    2005 CRV has a "clunk" noise on low speed (10 to 20 mph) right turns. Seems to be comming from the front left suspension.
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140
    I have developed an annoying "creaking" noise in the left front door of our '07 V... it is not loud but just drives me nuts!... It is temperature sensitive & worst when cold. I get this noise on take off from a stop & over certain bumps in the road. The door opens & shuts just fine & has absolutely no movement in the door when shut so I feel as though it is adjusted properly. Anyone else experiencing this?... any thoughts on a correction?. Thanks in advance!
  • Hi - my problem sounds a lot a creaking noise in the left rear of the vehicle - it's not all the time and doesn't happen when I go over bumps - it's very random. In looking under the vehicle at the back end, I noticed that the rod that connects the tires (is it the tie-rod?) appears to be rusted - I'm not sure why the dealer wouldn't have mentioned this when I had it in a month ago (no noise then). I'm wondering if this could be the source of the problem? It's annoying and I'm worried now that the whole thing might just come apart! Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
  • rpbmebrpbmeb Posts: 1

    I have a 2007 CRV with about 24K miles and I have a similar noise that just started about a month ago. Does the noise seem to be coming from in and around the column where the seat belt is attached? I have had my into the shop and they adjusted the door, i thought that I resolved the noise some but within a day it was back. I am scheduled to have them look at it again this week.
  • neilbkneilbk Posts: 1
    I hear a high pitched noise on my 2007 crv 4wd only when doing 70 or above, it lasts only a second and may happen over and over again or not at all for 20 or 30 miles. It sound like feed back from a speaker. The dealer cannot find or even reproduce the noise when in the shop. Does anyone have any idea what it might be.
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    When I turn off my 2007 I hear a high pitched noise for a second up front in the engine compartment. It happens with or without AC on. No noise when driving.
  • drc1drc1 Posts: 2
    This is a (not very well) known (to dealers) issue with certain 2007 and 2008 CRVs. Forums at other locations have discussed this. If I'm allowed, here's the link to a discussion of the issue If the link is deleted, the service bulletin is 08-007 dated February 6, 2008. Here's the bulletin link - I have the same issue but I'm waiting until my next regular service to have it looked at.
    Good luck.
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140
    So sorry rpbmeb for taking so long to respond to you... Yes that would be a good guess as to were the noise is coming from - mine is so subtle that I cannot get a good fix as to the location of this annoying noise. Please let me know if your dealer ultimately finds & corrects the problem & let me know what the cure was... Many thanks
  • ovirkovirk Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 CRV and have the exact same noise you describe, which sounds like it is coming from the column by my left ear. I have put up with it since last fall, thinking that it will eventually just stop. But that hasn't happened, and it is dring me nuts. I plan to take it to my dealer within a couple of weeks to have it checked. I am assuming that it is coming from vinyl rubbing against vinyl, but it seems to be internal in the column and I can't get to it. Have you had any luck eliminating your noise?
  • girija720girija720 Posts: 1
    I am hearing the same noise you mentioned in above post. I hear it often on freeways, sometimes on local roads too. Mostly I hear it while accelerating. Noise goes away by itself, or if I remove the my foot from the peadal. Chance of that high pitched noise coming increases with more people in the CRV. I took it to the dealer today for a test drive with a technician, we could n't reproduce it. I am planning to go back there and test drive one more time with 5 people in the CRV. Also, I am planning to have a recorder handy and record the noise when it comes.

    Did you figure the cause for this noise.
  • ovirkovirk Posts: 2
    Have you found a solution to your noise? I just had my CRV in the shop today, but it was too hot, and the noise was minimal. It is definitely more annoying when it is cold out. I had the vehicle in for service about 6 weeks ago, and a technician that heard me describing the noise said he has fixed it a couple of times on CRV's by replacing the seatbelt adjuster in the column. But they don't want to order the part for mine until they can hear the noise.
  • bgjcxenbgjcxen Posts: 3
    the noise I'm here is under the car. Only when I run over bumps or holes.
    It's a clunking sound.
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