Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Navigation System Questions

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Hello, I just did a search and could not fid an answer to this problem. I hope someone here has some info of a fix. Two days ago I bought a 2008 Sierra Denali. The nav system shows me in the correct location but when I mark the location it's 300 - 400 feet off. ie. if I'm in my driveway the map shos the correct location but the address given is a different street!!!!!

Any ideas?

Thanks MUCH


  • shaluskashaluska Member Posts: 2
    Yesterday the dealer put in a new nav DVD, now the problem is worse!!!! I called the GM nav disc "help line" and was told that the unit need to be calibrated, passed that on to the dealership. The dealership tells me they have never heard of calibrating a nav unit......................
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    shaluska, don't know if gm does this but i have a 2008 ford with nav. i was able to go to the ford motor web site and down load their sublimental navigation and radio manual. This thing was about 60 pages but it had in it how to calibrate the nav. It was pretty simple , a matter of pushing buttons to the screen had calibrate and then pushing calibrate. Check and see if your truck came with a manual for the nav system and if not check the gm web site and see if they have manuals that can be down loaded
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    My son just bot a 07 GMC 2500 (new body) with factory Navigation. It was purchased used from a Ford dealer and they had no info and it did not come with a manual. Does he have bluetooth....and if so how can he connect his iPhone...
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