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2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

With all the talk of hybrids and auto-makers ongoing commitments to creating eco-friendly vehicles, Chrysler is proud to introduce to you their first volume production hybrid; the 2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid.

The Chrysler Aspen Hybrid, available this fall, utilizes the most technologically advanced two-mode hybrid and marks the first of Chrysler’s efforts at providing fuel efficient vehicle technology. So what does this mean for you?

This hybrid technology coupled with the Aspen is designed to improve fuel efficiency while maintaining the power, utility, and elegant styling you’ve come to expect from a full size luxury SUV.

The Two-Mode HEMI Hybrid technology will provide improved fuel economy up to 40% city and more than 25% overall. And for those of you worried about sacrificed performance, the Aspen Hybrid touts an estimated 385 horsepower and an impressive towing capability at 6,000 lbs. Plus you’ll get the best-in-class* cargo capacity behind the 2nd row and comfortable seating up to 8.

If you are interested in checking it out for yourself, the vehicle is now featured on the main site at the following URL:

As always, I will be around to answer any of your questions.


Chrysler Online Dialogue Representative

*Based on 2007 Automotive News Classification


  • jesse12jesse12 Posts: 1
    I have heard that there might be a delay in the introduction of the Aspen Hybrid. Can you tell me when they will be hitting showrooms? Also, are there going to be any incentives?

  • To my knowledge, the Aspen Hybrid is still scheduled to hit dealerships by Fall of '08. No incentive information has been released at this time.

    Chrysler Online Dialogue Rep
  • kwings00kwings00 Posts: 1
    Thats great that Chrysler is going to have hybrid, but why the Hemi Hybrid only offered in the Aspen and Durango? Considering the Hemi is available in many models.

    Personally I am a Grand Cherokee owner and would love to continue being one. When can we expect this Hemi Hybrid in the GC?
  • tnman1tnman1 Posts: 5
    What's up with Chrysler closing its Durango and Aspen plants?
  • That's a good question, to which i'll reply that this is just the beginning. The manager of the Hybrid Program, Abdullah Bazzi, has stated that two-mode HEMI hybrid system is an evolution, which will be advanced with time. The reason for this technology in an SUV is to provide fuel economy, while maintaining performance and capability.

    The future use of this technology with the other HEMI available vehicles is something that will be be assessed by management based on market demands and business case. So I really can't say when/if we'll see a GC HEMI Hybrid...

    Chrysler Online Dialogue Rep
  • Official pricing for the '09 Chrysler Aspen HEMI hybrid was announced this week as starting at $45,570 and can be viewed on the Aspen hybrid vehicle page. In addition to the pricing, it was also announced that customers are expected to recieve an estimated tax credit of $1,800.

    tnman1- I wish I had an answer for you, but unfortunately I am not made privy to the information behind that decision.

    Chrysler Online Dialogue Representative
  • The only time you save gas in the city is when you are in residential going under 40km/h.

    If you are at a stop and in electric mode and want to stay in electric mode you have to accelerate very very slowly or the engine will come on

    It is not made for cold conditions as the 12 volt battery is located under the vehicle on the drivers side so there is nothing to keep it warm. Mine froze up today at -25C.

    I live it because I keep telling myself I am doing my part even though I average 14 mpg in the city and 18 on the highway.

    It doesn't come with a remote start and some places, like the one I went to, don't know how to install them correctly on Hybrids. They are very costly on Hybrids as well.

    It doesn't come with a block heater, which is needed in cold conditions.

    This vehicle is not made for cold conditions. At all.
  • I just got it back from the shop and it has to go back. The ignition light is flashing, and the engine light is one. It only starts sometimes. When it does run it only goes 35 mph. The navigation system is acting up again. Its been two whole days.

    I have put on 2000 miles on this and non stop problems. NON STOP.
  • Well as it turns out the problems were all related to a bad 12V battery. But then when I got it back the brake lights didn't work. :mad: .

    I like the the hybrid part though. So It could be worse.
  • Our 09 Hybrid has been in the shop 2 of the past 12 months, one problem after another. We bought it one year ago this month. We haven't seen it for over a month and have no idea of when it will be fixed. We are pretty disgusted.
  • MY Hybrid goes into the shop, and doesn't get fixed. The hybrid works but the engine like keeps coming on when it goes from electric to gas. The last part took 3 months to build. Thats right they don't carry it in stock. They put it in and the engine light still comes one. That was a $7000 part. They think its a broken wire. Again. I have had over 10 broken wires at different times.

    I live in Northern Alberta. I had to put a battery blanket on the 2 volt as it froze last year and no one would work on it for two weeks because I never bought it locally. We will see what happens this winter.
  • Okay, I live in Texas - so shouldn't have a problem with it freezin; however, we just bought a used 2009 Aspen Hybrid with just under 30K miles last month and coming home off the highway tonight I started smelling something strange like a Sharpie marker - so thinkin electrical or maybe the brakes? I bought an extra warranty package on it, but scared this dealer doesn't know how to deal with hybrids? Trying to find a forum on the cause of this - I am scared to drive it now!
  • syncitysyncity Posts: 7
    They said they had to replace a TCIM (?) part but Chrysler didn't have it so they had to build it. It took over two months. It would have cost me $7000.00 for the part alone. Glad I have warranty. As it turns out, that isn't the problem. That was 3 months ago. Engine light still comes on when going from electric to gas. Dropped it off three days ago. They think its another broken wire but aren't sure yet. That is over 10 broken wires they found in a year.

    Chrylser piece of junk. Brother bought the Tahoe Hybrid, no problems. Might have to sell it and buy a real vehicle.
  • syncitysyncity Posts: 7
    I think my problem is the dealership. Had it for 3 days. Said it had 9 codes in, erased them and gave it back. Told me there was nothing wrong with it. Three days! I drove it for 1 hour got the engine light on again.

    Williams Chrysler in Fort McMurray.

    There is a boycott site for them on facebook.
    "Boycott Williams Chrysler"

    Taking it to Edmonton, will see if they can fix it.

    Found out today from the Edmonton Dealership that the $7000 part (TPIM) was poorly made and they had to redisign it, which is why it took so long to replace.

  • We own a 09 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid. Last Thursday is just stopped running. We towed it to the dealer and they have been trying to figure out how to fix it for a week. Today they tell us it needs the transmission replaced. It only has 65,000 miles. We are the second owners, so it is not covered under warranty. Do you have any advice for us?
  • How do I change out the 12 volt battery that is located under the vehicle. I looked all over the Internet and found nothing.
  • I also REALLY need to know how to change tbe 12 volt battey and then charge tbe hybrid battery
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