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Infiniti Q45 2002-2006

I am having problems finding any forums discussing the new Q. I decided to try starting one here.


  • dyess5dyess5 Posts: 13
    I own an 02 Q45 Sport and can not get the car to break the tires loose unless I slide it side-ways after doing about 20mph. Is mine just slow or what? I was thinking about adding a windshield washer pump and canister to squirt over the rear tires using baby oil.(just for fun) I am told it is alot of smoke ! ! ! ! I have the computer update and yes tracking controll is off.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Have you tried brake torquing it? When I attempted to hold the brake and gas at the same time it didn't rev any's like the computer decided the brakes are on so it won't send any gas.

    I've had the tires break loose when going around a corner...with a slight over-steer with the back end swinging out about 1-2 feet; have to keep on the gas or it'll tuck it self back in line...not much in a straight line though...

    It's powerful under way with good kick down...but definitely not a sports car
  • dyess5dyess5 Posts: 13
    You are correct it is not a sports car, but with 340hp 300lbs, 245-45-18 tires, rear wheel drive, and more, it is attempting to be one. I understand that creating alot of smoke is more of an American Muscle thing, that is why I have the Mustang, but it is still fun.

    Mine does the same thing when holding the break. The computers are too smart. It will not rev over 1k.

    If moving forward about 10 mph and cutting it right or left (while stomping the gas and VTC off) the car lets loose and puts a hell of show on !

    I have read that some Q45's will cut loose all the way threw the gears and some will not. Just wandering what is wrong with mine. I have had the flash update and did notice performance enhancements but not to the extreme that I want !
  • qforsaleqforsale Posts: 1
    It's loaded with everything and has 66K miles. Already had 60k dealer service and just got it's first set of replacement tires. Original tires lasted 60K miles. Selling it for $15,900. Located in Austin, Texas. email me at specialoffer69 at for pictures
  • q45pleaseq45please Posts: 1
    What are the crash test rating for this year?Are they the same as the 03and up?I cant never find a rating for this year.
  • dyess5dyess5 Posts: 13
    I am getting tires in the morning so I decided to help them remove some of the rubber on my old tires. I had a blast !!

    :) :) ;)
  • dyess5dyess5 Posts: 13
    Does anybody have a backup for the new Navigation DVD in say maybe a .rar file so that can be downloaded? or any other file format that works?
  • rposadrposad Posts: 2
    anybody please!!!
    i own an 02 q45 that has 61k miles and everything works perfect,but the has a very rough ride and it makes no difference whether its on sport mode or auto makes no difference whatsoever,i could be on the high way or around my neighborhood it has a rough ride and can really feel the road. last week i took it to the dealership and they said that all suspension components are in good shape and they can lift it or lower it with their own computer but my sport-auto button does not work.i dont know if its supposed to be that way,or if i'm supposed to feel the diff between the 2 modes.can anyone please help me?otherwise i'm putting a for sale sign on it. i thought it was going to have a very smooth ride because they brag a lot about having a very smart independent suspension all around.THANKS A BUNCH
  • dyess5dyess5 Posts: 13
    I drove mine for almost 2 years. I was not impressed with the ride at all. Yes mine also rode rough but I was running low profile tires on it. I think they were 19's and were stock. I bought the car thinking it would ride like an old cadillac, but it rode like my mustang. Great car but I now drive a RAM. Yes they do ride rough for as big and heavy as they are.
  • Hello,
    I have 2002 Q45 for the past four years, and the car has been great, without any major problems. Lately I have been noticing that my front suspension is making sounds like it’s on the way out. Does anyone know where I can perchance front shocks and how much it would cost? I’m assuming that the car has air suspension since it’s got a sport mode for more rigid ride. Am I wrong? Please help. Thanks
  • I won't have my 03 Q45 until early next week, can't wait! Can you tell me if the CD drive will read MP3 format disc? If not, do they have a way to inline connect an Ipod?

    I bought the car for comfort and power, without driving it. Hopefully I haven't made a mistake from what I have read here about them riding rough. I used to a 4X4 Dakota, so it should feel like an old Cadillac to me.
  • What all do they do with the 60K service? Cost? The one I'm getting is supposed to be serviced, and up to date, but the only way I'll know for sure is do it, or have it done.
    Just wondering.
  • I have had this car for 2 years and been extremely happy with everything! Except, lately I have a reving when I start the car or when stopping at a light and continuing at a slow speed - and the excelleration does not increase. I was told by my independent certified repairman that this is an indication of transmission trouble. Is there anything I can do short of replacing the trannie or junking it? Finish is perfect, interior is great and it rides like a dream - hate to give it up, but hope I don't face a complete transmission replacement. Help Please.
  • Has the filter and fluid ever been changed?
    If it is going out it comes down to one question. Is it Beyond Economical Repair?
  • Thank you so much for the quick response. I had all the hoses and belts replaced in April (it is an Arizona car and I wanted them done as a precaution). I believe the mechanic said at that time that the transmission fluid looked good - not sure about the filter. I will check on both again.
  • cobrapccobrapc Posts: 10
    I recently purchased my 03 Q45 that has the radar cruise control. It seems to be acting weird, and I need to know if this is normal. When I go under a bridge, (sometimes,) or if it stays in the zone where it's picking something up for several seconds, it will beep and stop the cruise like you hit the brake. Problem is it will not resume or let me reset the speed until I have shut the car off for a few minutes. Sometimes it won't start cruise at all.
    Can the radar function be disabled? It's a true pain.

    I hope I didn't make a huge mistake buying an Infiniti. :confuse:
  • jmasinickjmasinick Posts: 4
    I own an '02 Q-45 and have seen M-45 driving about, and wondered when each was
  • i have a 2002 q45 with 127k on it. there is a clunk noise that it does from both front wheels when in reverse and turning the wheel 100% in either direction. i replaced the front struts and springs but no luck. wheels arent rubbing on anything either. noise is really annoying too. also if taking a corner sharp it makes the noise too. could this be a ball joint or something? i have no idea. rides perfectly otherwise. just the noise.
  • jh59jh59 Posts: 1
    did you ever resolve you radar cruise problem?
  • bdb1029bdb1029 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 infinity q45 which has been a wonderfull car for a long time, it has 112k miles on it and i am experiencing my first problem. Now i am no mechanic, but at first the sound appeared to be a power steering type noise that i've heard before, however the whining noise only happens on acceleration and continues through all gears. It does not affect the steering of the car at all and the car shifts fine as well. Im thinking this may be a transmission problem but the tranny seems to be operating fine. Also the other day i checked it both by turning off and on the ac, thinking it may be a pully and although it did stop for a minute it did then continue, so this may have been completely by chance. Has anyone got any ideas before i go spend a ton of money diagnosing possible non problems. Overall driveability of the vehcile is great and doesnt seem to be affected at all, other than this noise.
    any help is greatly appreciated thanks.
  • Did you ever resolve your issue?
  • njoyn1njoyn1 Posts: 11
    This problem concerns my 2005 Q45. I have almost 64,000 miles on this engine.
    At times when I first crank the engine, the engine misses noticeably and the tach needle will fluctuate up to approximately 1500 RPM for a minute or so. Today I notice that the check engine light came on and remained on until the engine was switched off. The light did not come back on when I restarted the engine. I have not noticed any other problems.

    Any suggestions before I make appointment with the servicing dealer?
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