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'97 with 5.2L idling problem

scottdog67scottdog67 Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Jeep
I left the lights on yesterday and battery went dead, jumped it with one of those rechargable emergency jumper thingies you keep in the trunk... Well, got it to start but now it's having trouble idleing, when I let off the gas to fast it kind of surges and dies, it will start and run but when I give it just a little gas it acts like it wants to die, if I give it a lot of gas it runs great, I'm sure the dead batt is just a coincidence? could it be a throttle senser? HELP!!!!


  • I'm not sure, I think about 2 or 3 and it's off brand, I'll think I'll change it... since I posted the engine light came on, code P0123 "throttle/position sensor A circuit high input"... messed with it a little bit and now it's running better, I think the batt. is just charged a little better now, I'll change out the Battery tomorrow because now that you mentioned it that would explain a few other things too... Thank for the help brother
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    how old is the battery?
    if more than 2 years old change the bat then see if runs ok jeeps are real touchy on batt voltage to computer
  • Hello there, Yeah, ive been having this problem for about a year or so. I've taken it to few shops and they always seem to say something different then what the other shop would have said. The problem is, it will start majority of the time. but there are moments when it'll just turn. It wont catch. then i'll let it sit for about a minute or two. Then it'll start. so the engine turns on, but as soon i put it in drive or reverse, it'll shut off. I'll do the re-start routine again. it'll start. then as soon as i drive off when it doesnt shutt off. i'll get about a mile or so it will shut off. then i have to do the whole re-start routine again. Some days it will work just perfectly. Any ways one shop said it might be fuel injection. so we changed it. Problem still exist. another said it was a coil to some other thing cant remeber what, but changed it, problem still exist. another said it was a crankshaft sensor, changed that. problem still there. Im getting reall frustrated with mechanics these days. Can someone please help me with this.
  • wobblinwobblin Posts: 3
    i have 97jgc 4x4 v8 beenn driving about 300 miles today (interstate 70mph) stopped at a rest stop before i put it in park it acted like it was gonna stall but it didnt. about hour later got off interstate got on hwy 55mph it felt kinda different. stopped at ared light it wanted to stall gave it gas it didnt take off like it should have. not running hot engine light not im goin to LA.from La. (louisiana) to (california)HELP NOW PLEASE I got a long way left to go
  • wobblinwobblin Posts: 3
    ive changed every sensor on mine some twice in the past 2 years. i also changed radiator,fuel and water pump,rear end,oil change as needed any time something screws up i have it fixed asap the only thing that come fron a junk yard was the rear end. this damn thing has a mind of its own sometimes. let me tell you a little story about abs i ran errands all day was dropping off a friend it died on me could not start it 4 days put 3 different diagnostic machines to no avail i was ready to beat the windows out of favorite mechanic was ready to go through it wire by wire. he started in the pcm under the hood after about 10 min there was a slight click 20 amp fuse for the abs was blown chaged it cranked fight up.go figure that out. 4 days i was stuck without my jeep.i figure if the engine runs i can work around everything else. unless the part cost more than the jeeps worth
  • Put all new sensors, tune up, fuel pump, tried new pcm, trans solenoids, still engine light on when POS warms up. On 5th mechanic. He's had it for a month. Anyone know the road out of hell on these POS's called a vehicle?

    ps Don't buy one of these things. Jeep is Chrysler crap. They're no good, very cheaply made. The engine lasts and the rest of the car falls apart. They're an inferior product. Too bad Chrysler didn't go under, along with GM and Ford. Keep Amerika working, buy Japanese. And at least they're still a democracy!
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