Kia Amanti Brakes

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Hi there,

My wife was parking her 2005 Kia Amanti today and the brakes mysteriously failed.

She pressed the brake pedal but the car kept moving forward and eventually mounted the curb. She said it felt like it surged forward when the brake pedal was pressed. A witness saw what happened and said that the brake lights were illuminated.

I test drove the car afterwards and also took it to the dealership but so far cannot find anything wrong. No fluid leaks, pads are good etc.

One thing I did notice is that if you keep applying pressure to the brake pedal you can push it to the floor.

Can anybody suggest anything else I can check ?



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    Does your Wife drive with both feet? And did you talk to the eye witness. My wife has similar excuses to. Like the garage door just started coming down......
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    Brake and Accel pedals are fairly close so that foot on brake can also depress accel. involuntarily.
    Solution: Bleed all four wheels with a "Pressure" bleeder. Pressure bleeder is recommended tool for procedure on ABS systems. Result is that brake pedal becomes firmer and eventually, sits a bit higher. However, experimental continued pressure WILL make it sink further; not a normal in-use occurrance!
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