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Porous Engine Block

rfmbrfmb Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Jeep
I leased a 2000 Jedep Grand Cherokee in January,
2000. After many complaints about leaking oil
(with all of them being excused as excess oil from
an oil change to leaking oil filter and finally a
rear main engine seal) the dealership now says I
have a "porous" engine block and is going to
replace the entire engine. It doesn't stop there,
I had complained many times about the brake pedal
going all the way to the floor (yes, no trouble
found) until I drove in last weekend with the brake
pedal on the floor (changing the master cylinder
while replacing engine). Is this common? Any
explanations or help would be appreciated. I think
I have a lemon :-(


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    bnormannbnormann Member Posts: 335

    You will find MANY topics in this conference about Jeep Cherokees, Grand and otherwise. Please use the search function on the left-hand side bar and search for Jeep and Cherokee (two different searches..) and you will find many discussions ongoing. You will get a MUCH better response by joining one of those discussions. That's kinda the way Town Hall works, we prefer in-depth discussions to short question-answer posts.

    Yes, every other one seems to be a lemon, sorry to say.

    Your host, Bruce
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