Volkswagen to add Hybrid/Diesel to lineup

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I have seen some articles floating around today that indicates that Volkswagon will be offering a hybrid diesel option to their vehicles. To keep costs down, they will be spreading the offering to the jetta and golf/rabbit derivitives. I am particulary interested in the posibility of a Tiguan hybrid diesel.


  • larsblarsb Member Posts: 8,204
    All I can say is

    "It's About Dang Time !!!!"
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    While they're at it how about making it a plug in? Think of it, a hybrid with a small clean diesel that can be plugged in. Puts a smile on my face as gas/diesel heads to $4 a gal.
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    I have nothing against diesel but it will be interesting to see if the people buying these vehicles will feel compelled to justify their purchases based upon some cost analysis. I've followed plenty of threads where hybrid buyers are pretty much beat up over their decision not making financial sense. Well I'm assuming these diesels will have a price premium and where I live diesel fuel costs more than premium gas. So when these diesels hit the market let's do the same analysis. I suspect some people will buy these diesels simply because they like diesels, regardless of the payback. I can understand that. What would puzzle me is if some of these same people couldn't understand why someone would buy a hybrid.
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    Give me a diesel or an EV. I do not want some kluged up hybrid with 30% to 40% more stuff to repair. Hybrids are fine for those that feel they need a new vehicle every 3-5 years. I just do not fit into that group very well. I have tried it and do not like to waste money that way.
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    VW's new TDI is coming to America this year. Everyone's touting the "expected mpg," but nobody's talking about the price.

    Expect it to cost $27,000 - $30,000.

    I'm interested to see the pricing on their hybrid diesels, but I'm suspicious of the "will be offering" concept in the auto industry. It usually means a lot of hype, followed a few years later by a lot of excuses.
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    I would bet that many would buy a new, high tech, highly efficient (whether it be a hybrid, diesel, fuel cell, or some combination), not for the cost savings, but for the environmental impact- and WHERE you're sending your money.

    Perhaps we'd rather send our dollars to germany (or the US for that matter) for a cool car, than to the middle east for the fuel. Even if in the end, the cost is higher.

    We're ready to replace our 7-1/2 year old 3-series BMW with something we feel good about driving (other than a bicycle). Money is not the biggest consideration. And frankly, I'm not that hot on the Prius.
  • 1stpik1stpik Member Posts: 495
    Wait a year. You'll have about a half-dozen new choices in the hybrid lineup.
  • morey000morey000 Member Posts: 384
    not sure we can. but, the Jetta TDI might just fit our needs and passions. Still waiting for a test drive.
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    morey000 said: "We're ready to replace our 7-1/2 year old 3-series BMW with something we feel good about driving (other than a bicycle). Money is not the biggest consideration. And frankly, I'm not that hot on the Prius."

    Ford Fusion Hybrid, out in another couple of weeks, gets incredibly good MPG in a good-handling, secure car, light years better than the wallowy, non-BMW-like Prius.
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    The only Hybrid/Diesel in the works is the Porsche Cayenne, VW will not be getting a Hybrid anytime soon. They are concentrating on the Diesel marketplace. You'll see a TDI Touareg in a few months and if there is demand a Tiguan and Passat next year. The Chairman of VW has made repeated comments that Hybrid and Electric technology has not matured enough and we still need to concentrate on fossil fuels.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    I would be highly interested in a Tiguan TDI. Though I may go for the last year's technology ML320CDI. I am not going to get any diesel with the Urea system. I am with Roland that it is a poor system. If I could get a little more clearance with the Sportwagen TDI it would be a decent vehicle.
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    Get you a Sportwagen TDI and get a local shop to raise it 4 inches for you. :)
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    I did think of that. I just do not want to mess up the handling dynamics like the crazies are doing with PU Trucks and SUVs. So many of them are unsafe at any speed. I would probably not need more than two inches from stock on the Sportswagen. The new Audi A4 has just about the right amount of clearance. Plus it is available with AWD. It is a few inches longer and comes with a higher performance version of the TDI in the Jetta.

    The Tiguan is only an inch and a half better ground clearance than the Sportwagen. I sat in the Tiguan and liked the getting in and out angle. Much better than the Jetta. Just that little bit makes it so much better and the added ground clearance to avoid getting hung up in the potholes that Arnold does not fix.
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