Mercury Cougar Tire and Wheel Questions

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I read on here that someone said that all cougars are the same and that you could change the tire rims. I have 16 inch performance on now and cant get snow tires for them ( if you know of any let me know), I would like to change them to the 15 inch rims. I called the mercury dealer they said go for it and I called sears and they said dont ever downsize. Did anyone ever do this? If so, how was the outcome? Thanks for any help.


  • 4timechamp4timechamp Member Posts: 1
    Of course you can downsize. 205/65/15 you won't have a problem.
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    What are some other size tires that I can use on my Mercury? It's currently got 215-50-16 tires on it. I see that you are saying that you could use 205-65-15 what about 225-60-16, 205-55-16, etc.
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    It sounds like you are discussing two different generations of Cougars.
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    the 225's were to big for my cougar, they rubbed. I down sized.
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