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Four-point seatbelts for passenger cars?

0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
edited March 2014 in Subaru
Every time I look at four-point seatbelts in race cars I wonder why they haven't been offered in passenger cars. It not only seems like a safer concept, and I'm sure they could be arranged in a easy on-easy off fashion. Are four-point seatbelts available as an after-market item, and if so, how much would they cost to have put in? The four-point arrangement also seems like it would be easier on clothing. (Anyone ever notice a wear pattern on your left shoulder?)


  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    There is actually a good reason why they don't offer them in passenger cars. With a 4-point seatbelt you cannot turn your body sideways to look over your shoulder to see cars in your blind spot. In a racing situation as a race driver you know how to properly use your mirros to cover your blind spots and you also don't have the same situations as encountered on the street. I'm pretty sure that's the reason. That's why your car generally won't pass state inspection with them as well.

  • Mike you're correct, 4-point harness' are used in racing to keep the driving in his seat and keep movement down as much as possible. This is why you see the bolsters on racing seats which are larger than factory seats.

    The company I work for sells 4-point harness', racing seats, etc. I also helped draft up our "learning center" which might answer a few of your questions, you can check it out at my work.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    No racing I do or know of allows for the 4 point belts anymore. They all require at least a 5 point for anti-submarine abilities.

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  • Paisan: I agree, 5-points are the "norm" now on tracks, but 4-points are great for any street/track setup, don't have that extra 5th belt cutting into your (add creative word here)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Hee Hee, I hear yah! :)

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