Hyundai Entourage Shortage?

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Hi - I really like the Hyundai Entourage, but there don't seem to be many of them around (a grand total of five in my state! And I called three random dealers in LA that amounted to an inventory of two!). They're not hot sellers, but does anybody know why this is? Is there something wrong with them? Is there some big recall on them, so they aren't trying to sell them?


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    Hello, We have 2007 with around 30,000 miles on it and it's been great. Our dealer here in Orlando Florida has many of them.
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    Probably because they aren't really pushing these that much. I have never seen an entourage commercial....ever. But even small town here in IA we have a half a dozen sitting at the local lot. Not sure what the deal is. Maybe they are not ramping up to keep pace with the Sienna, Odyssey. I know the Sedona is ramped up alot more than the Entourage....funny since they're the same vehicle.
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    Well just an update, I stated that the van has been great well it's no longer great. We have had numerous problems from front to back with this van and have contacted a lemon lawyer. We have had water leaks, no start issues, electrical, knocking in the front end, sliding doors not latching properly, middle seats locking into the floor unable to release, rotors turned and already needing new after 6000 miles, drivers seat is loose and rocks back and forth and its more complicated than just tightening up a loose bolt because its up under all of the parts for the electric seats, as of today its 129 miles away from us and we are without a vehicle because of it slipped into limited power mode and we could only do a top speed of 3 mph if lucky. fuel trims are off but not quite enough to trip the check engine light which it did once and then the dealer of course could not replicate it.
    We really love the van if these issue were not there. Oh yeah the power door locks kept unlocking on there own also, forgot to mention that, that was fixed after about 3 months of back and forth to the dealership weekly, and no that is not an exaggeration. When the van is working right I would rank it the best vehicle I have ever owned.

    Just a side note, we travel from coast to coast ever 3-9 months and owned a 2004 Nissan Sentra that we traded for this van and bought new. We pulled a trailer with that little car through the mountains and the only thing it ever needed was an oil change and washes, Man do I miss that car after this experience!
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