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Nissan Murano Navigation System

rickiebrickieb Posts: 2
Software Bugs in the Navigation / Hard Drive software?
Has anyone experienced issues with the 2009 Murano's navigation or hard drive? I find sometimes that some of the options seem to disappear. For example, when playing music from the Hard Drive hitting MENU doesn't display all the options such as Search Album/Artist etc and then shows all the songs in one long list. Also, have experienced something similar with the Navigation where I went to enter a new address and the options were greyed out.


  • davidv935davidv935 Posts: 17
    I bought my 2009 Murano 4 weeks ago, and I'm so angry about how much functionality is disabled while driving that I wrote a letter to Nissan North America, Mr Al Castignettie who is the VP and GM for Nissan Division. Garmin is the standard for GPS and does not disable anything at all, but as you have also discovered, our GPS is almost completely disfunctional while driving. The Bluetooth is similarly disabled. I transferred 40 numbers into the car's phonebook, but you can only see 12 while driving! If you stop the car, you can see the whole list. On the MusicBox, you have over 9GB of storage - well over 100 albums or CDs, but when you're driving, you can't search and select by album. The irony here is that you can manually scroll through the 2000+ songs on those albums, but you can't scroll through the list of albums except while in your driveway or on the side of the road. If you're on a road trip, you have to stop every 45-60 minutes to change the CD you want to hear, you can't look for a Mexican (or Chinese, or American or Italian) restaurant for the family to eat while passing through a town, or look up the phone number of someone in your phonebook. The problem isn't with the Murano, it's with every Nissan and Infiniti car with this technology package. I traded a great 2004 Maxima for what I thought would be a great Murano with all the bells and whistles. I didn't get what I thought I was buying! All this extreme in the name of my safety. Safe, attentive driving is my responsibility, not Nissan's or Toyota or any other manufacturer. If Garmin doesn't have to disable anything, then neither does Nissan. Anything disabled should be accessible using voice commands, but they didn't do that either.

    I encourage everyone who reads this to write a letter to Nissan and complain. I'm willing to share my letter with anyone who wants a copy.

    Mr. Al Castignetti,
    VP & General Manager, Nissan Division
    Nissan North America
    333 Commerce Street
    Nashville, TN 37201-1800
  • Rickieb:

    I am thinking about leasing a 2009 Murano but your message is very off-putting.

    Can you set up the phonebook so that the first 12 numbers are the most important ones?

    I thought that you could use all of the functionality except typing in an address while driving. And whatever is disabled can be accessed through voice.

    What about using the iPod screen to scroll lists of songs while driving?

    The Infiniti/Murano Nav system LOOKS great but I can't help feeling that Acura's is far more usable. I have an Acura RL now and the Nav is excellent.
  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    I am about to lease a 2009 Murano. I took it for a test drive. Priorto leaving the dealership, I entered an address and turned on the route guidance. Then while driving, I used the voice command to enter a new address. That worked fine. I then made a bluetooth call and wanted to test that the navi voice commands would come through the speaker while I was talking, and that also worked. The nav screen also displayed the incoming caller ID. My phone itself has voice dialing, so I could say a name and it would connect through bluetooth. I am wondering if your phone is the issue? The phone needs to have a functionality known as OBEX (Object Exchange), to transfer the entire phone list to the car. I have an ATT "Tilt", which does this. Are you 100% positive you can ONLY dial 12 numbers while the car is moving?? Can you voice dial a number or speak the number? I need to know your experience in detail before I lease. I wouldn't personally care about the Ipod. (I have a Zune), but the XM radio would be what I normally use. Please let me know about how you tested the nav and bluetooth and the results, because my understanding was different. :mad:
  • Well Rickied, it looks like two potential lessees are hanging on your every word.
  • davidv935davidv935 Posts: 17
    Based upon a couple unlinked postings, I should clarify a couple things in my previous note.

    First, the voice commands for Bluetooth will let you say any area code and number you wish to call while driving, and if you've assigned a voice tag to every number in your phonebook (all 40), you can say any voice tag and it dials the number. I did use the Bluetooth feature to transfer my numbers from my cell phone - nice touch. What I couldn't do was scroll through the 40 numbers to retrieve a number that did not have a voicetag. The "Down" button disappears off the screen when numbers 8-12 are displayed and there is no voice command to continue to the next set of numbers. The first 12 are alphabetical, so there isn't any mechanism to structure the list. So, today, I will assign voice tags to every number. The Bluetooth works great as long as your memory is great, but I'll freely admit my memory isn't as sharp as it once was.

    Second, the Nav display is the best I've seen in any car. The voice commands for the nav will let you request nearby restaurants, gas stations, atms, hotels, and one other POI category which slips my memory at the moment; but will not let you ask for anything in the remaining 5 POI categories. If you want to find the nearest airport or bus station, you're out of luck while the car is in motion. When you ask for nearby restaurants, it returns the closest 5 only regardless of type. So if you're starving and just want food and don't care what it is, then you'll be fine with the results. What is disabled are the POI menus which allow you access to all 10 POI categories and allow you to specify type of food. All the disabled features are things you can do with a $200 portable Garmin stuck to your windshield. If it's legal for Garmin, then it's legal for Nissan.

    Third, the 9GB musicbox lets you copy your music onto the car's hard drive and never bring the CD into the car again - that's GREAT!! The sound quality is great. I haven't discovered voice commands for the music system, but I will admit there are many features I have yet to figured out. When you push the Voice button, no options for the music system appear on the screen - only Phone, Navigation, Information, and Help.

    I have two friends with Toyotas - one with an Avalon and one with a Sequoia. Both complain about how Toyota has disabled their nav systems when driving. Neither has the features we have in the Murano.

    My recommendation is to test each part of the system while driving (not just while the car is sitting still in DRIVE). You won't be able to test the music box album list because there won't be any loaded at the dealership. I didn't discover that part until I started loading my CDs and tried to change the one playing while driving down to the mall.

    As for the Murano itself, I love it and really enjoy driving it. It's really well designed. My only dissatisfaction is with the amount of disabled features in the nav/tech package.
  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    Thanks for the clarification. Let me see if I have this right:

    1. You can voice-dial up to 40 numbers to which you have assigned a voice tag. Can you only assign 40 numbers? Can you dial an extension number when the vehicle is in motion? I assume if you have assined 500 voice tags to your phone, you can pick up the phone, hit the command button and say the voice-tag, which will then transfer the audio through the blutooth system.

    2. On the navi, you can only use 5 POI's while the vehicle is in motion. Are they by voice or can you touch the screen? I understand you indicate it will only display (for example), the closest 5 restaurants, regardless of catergory. Can you enter a restaurant name by screen or voice while the vehicle is in motion?

    3. Are you aware of any third party hardware that will fix the issue such as is available for Toyota's and Lexus? Since the system is an HDD, I wonder if there can be a downloadable software fix?

    4. Have you tried to enter a new address by voice when the vehicle is in motion? Can it be done by touch screen?

    5. Have you tried any of these problematic issues on the MDX? I'd like to know the answer to that before I commit.

    Thanks for your continuing responses. :confuse:
  • Davidv935:

    Re 4. I tried entering an address via voice while on a test drive. It worked fine.

    I hope that I can scroll through all of the menus of all of my iPod songs and podcasts while driving.

    The MDX has no restrictions while driving and the Acura nav is great. I have an Acura RL and the nav is one of my favorite features.

    The MDX seems to be quite a bit bigger than the Murano. I would have thought the RDX was more like the Murano in terms of size.
  • davidv935davidv935 Posts: 17
    #1: The car's phonebook only holds 40 numbers and you can assign a voicetag to each. I haven't tried any of the things you've mentioned, so don't know if they will work as you've described.

    #2: For those 5 POIs, you can select either by voice or touching the screen and the system will return the 5 closest results for each. No further commands are allowed.

    #3. No

    #4. Yes, and as fredbloggs states, it works by voice.

    #5. No, never even considered the MDX. After the auto show, we narrowed our choices to the RL, the M35x, while the Murano was a kind of afterthought for fun. We went to the Acura dealership to test drive the RL, but they had no RL inventory at all. So, we then compared the M35x to the fully loaded Murano LE. I guess the idea of something more fun to drive won out over the higher end luxury. The Murano was a complete change for us in type of car. I made inaccurate assumptions about how the nav package would work based on how my portable Garmin works.

    Went out today for about an hour with a handfull of CDs to load into the music box. I still think I have a fun car to drive.
  • I am "this" close to buying a 2009 Murano LE, but can't get any useful info from the Nissan dealerships near me.

    1. Do you lose functionality on Ipod interface while driving? Can you use touchscreen or voice to change Playlist/Albums/Artists ...or are you stuck with one list until you park?

    2. On the SL, is there an easy way to transfer your IPod library to the Musicbox without copying everything to CD and then copying CDs to the Musicbox?

    3. The only reason I'm considering the LE is for the integrated Ipod. The navi would be nice to have too. Would it be better to buy an SL and have an aftermarket Ipod/Navi put in?

    Anything you can elaborate on would help. The car salesmen must all still be listening to their music on record players....and I really don't know what to do. Thanks.
  • Hello fellow happy 2009 Murano owners :-)

    Today I found a way to burn an Audio CD from MP3 files I keep in iTunes so that when the burned disc is recorded onto the 9 Gigabyte hard drive the album title and song titles automatically appear in the Murano's user interface (otherwise you'll have to enter them manually which is a REAL pain).

    1. From the iTunes menu bar, select "iTunes/Preferences/Advanced" and then make sure the "Burning" tab is highlighted. For "Disc Format" choose "Audio CD". Now make sure "Include CD Text" is checked (this is the key to saving the album titles to the Audio CD) and for good measure also check "Use Sound Check" (this tells iTunes to even out the volume levels of all the songs on the CD you'll burn). I left the "gap between songs" to be 1 second, but you can change this as you desire. Now you can close the Preferences window.

    2. Now create a new playlist in iTunes (click on the + button in the lower left of iTunes) with the TITLE of the album/CD you want shown in your Bose sound system.

    3. Drag up to about 20 songs from your iTunes library onto the new playlist you just made. Then click on the playlist name to see the songs in that playlist. You can rename or reorder your songs as desired. This will be the way they will be stored on the Audio CD and in your Bose sound system for this particular album.

    4. When you have everything in your playlist the way you want, right-click on the playlist name and choose "Burn Playlist to Disc". iTunes will tell you if they won't all fit on a single CD.

    5. You will be prompted to insert a blank CD. Once that's done, iTunes will convert and burn the MP3 files and generate an Audio CD you can play in your Murano's sound system or any other modern CD audio player.

    6. Now all you need to do is pop the freshly baked Audio CD into your Murano's Bose sound system and after about 4 songs the whole CD will be copied onto the hard drive, song titles and all.

    Just a note that I updated the settings in the Bose sound system so that my Audio CDs are ripped to the hard drive at 132kps (the highest setting) so I get the best quality. I also told it to automatically rip any new CD I place in the slot.

    So that's it. As long as iTunes is set up this way, the Audio CDs we burn will have the playlist (album) title and song track titles automatically copied over onto the hard drive along with the song tracks themselves. No need to manually enter album or song titles!
  • I decided against the LE because I didn't need the 20" wheels (harsher ride and tires cost more), the AWD (no snow here in Southern California), the woodtrain trip (I like the aluminum better), or the $4,000 additional cost just to get an iPod interface. I have an iPhone and would LOVE to have a direct interface to the tunes I have stored on it...but again I couldn't justify the additional cost. Instead I got an SL with all the goodies. The CompactFlash slot is almost as good as having an iPod connector and I can burn Audio CDs from iTunes to copy onto the 9 Gig hard drive.
  • Does anyone have a tip on how to keep an iPhone from playing that noise/interference sound through the speakers? I notice it most when I first start the car. I don't recall hearing it when I'm driving.
  • endodocendodoc Posts: 15
    some of my wife's cds- nora jones and juno load with no descriptions- all the music and tracks are there and play fine. i can't figure out what the manual is saying about retrieving the text. anyone have this problem solved .. most other cds are fine.
  • My guess is that those CDs are NEWER than the Gracenote database that's in your/our new Muranos. So now you have to manually update each track's name.

    some of my wife's cds- nora jones and juno load with no descriptions- all the music and tracks are there and play fine. i can't figure out what the manual is saying about retrieving the text. anyone have this problem solved.
  • achadha1achadha1 Posts: 64
    a curious question can you upload a movie onto the murano's hard drive that will play in the dvd entertainment system?
  • Try this link. I have the same problem. I have to get a CF card first before I can apply the fix in the link. Would have been nicer if the had used a USB card instead.
  • STEVE, HOST.... Do I understand (from the above posts) that if I insert my flash card into the Murano Music system, (which then displays the song and track numbers on the touch screen ) that I cannot select a different song, using the touch screen, while I am driving? Steve
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hey now, don't ask me. My '99 Nissan doesn't even have a CD player, much less an AUX port.

  • cjo1cjo1 Posts: 3
    I was able to select songs from the CF card while driving. It's the least Nissan can do since they took away the aux port and you can't transfer from CF to hard drive with this miserable system. I spent forever transferring CDs to iTunes -- now I have to port it all back to CDs one by one to get them on the music box. What a joke. CJ
  • I'd like to recommend we all let Nissan know what we'd like to see updated in our current vehicles and any new vehicles by submitting our ideas and feedback to them via their web site contact form:
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    It's the least Nissan can do since they took away the aux port

    You do know that the auxilary port is in the back where the audio visual ports are behind the aremrest right?

  • Thanks for the reply. What is a CF card? I thought they were called "Flash Cards" hence the initials FC. Whatever. I don't even have my new Murano yet, but my dealer let me drive an LE he had on the lot with the NAV and Music Box for a couple of days. But what I did do( in my in home tower computer) is load about 15 cds on two 2GB flash cards and then just switched out the Flash Cards. I'll bet the steering wheel controls would select and play the selections we want also. Although I have not been able to try that yet because my dealer wanted his Murano back. Can you imagine the nerve of that guy, wanting his own car back? Seriousley I love my dealer, this will be the third Murano I have purchased from him and he has been very fair with me. His service department is also great. I had to special order my Murano because I wanted the Brilliant Silver with the Beige Leather Intereior. It seems to me after doing extensive dealership searches that 85% of the Muranos in this country have black interiors. I ordered the SL FWD with all the available options. Did not like nor did I need AWD since I live in Florida. The AWD feels like your hauling around 500lbs. of sand in the cargo area. Especially when you put your foot halfway into the pedal. Talk to you soon. Thanks, Steve
  • cjo1cjo1 Posts: 3
    Yes, I had to buy a new cable from Apple to connect to the back seat AUX port so there's cable all over the place. I am so surprised they removed the front port.

  • David V. I checked with my dealer and with Nissan District Rep. Ther is NO VOICE recognition feature for the audio portion of the Navigation system, just for the Navigation System itself. Ain't that a bummer. My wife's 2008 RX -350 has voice recgnition for all Nav and Audio functions. Oh Double $%$#@ ....Thats not bad language is it? Regards, Steve
  • akjha627akjha627 Posts: 4

    I am very excited with my new Murano 2009 SL AWD with Premium, Tech, NAV and dual moonroof. (bought 03/29/08).

    But the fact that we can only rip mp3's from audio cd is very weird and so backward in technology.
    I don't understand if they can be so advanced to provide a hard disk and CF slot in a car, but what is the use of it if you can copy only 12-15 songs at one time by ripping the CDs. Why they couldn't give us the option of copying the songs from CF slot or an MP3 cds ? To fill the whole 9 GB in the music box, its going to take approx 100-110 Audio CDs to rip it. Its just so annoying and pain in the [non-permissible content removed].
    Is there going to be a modification in this software ? Can we all request this feature ? Is there some work around ?

    Also, sometimes my voice recog screen doesn't come if I press the voice recog button on my steering....I suppose the screen was coming much less often in the beginning than its coming now (its only 1 month old). Did this happen to everyone ?

    Thanks for reading my queries.
  • When I was parked I was able to find the Alternate Command Mode which changes the way voice recognition works. It's described on page 4-120 of the 09 Murano manual:

    I turned this on and now I have an expanded list of voice commands I can use when I press the Voice button on the steering wheel. Among those extra commands are some extra Audio functions I can control via voice. There's more commands for Navigation and Phone as well. Check it out.
  • I'd like to see Nissan give us a USB jack that we could either connect a USB memory stick or card reader (then we could use SD card, Memorystick, OR CompactFlash). I've seen that the Ford Edge has this and even allows you to connect an iPod to the USB port and you get FULL control over the iPod via the head unit. I think THIS is what we want in terms of audio connectivity.
  • Hi Brad. Thanks so much for sending the url address for the 09 Murano pdf manual. I have been reading it and am much more comfortable about purchasing my new Murano than I was before.
    Thanks to YOU. Steve
  • I guess I yelled Ouch before I got hurt. Thanks again to Brad for sending the Manual pdf link. From what I have read, there is a whole second layer of both TOUCH SCREEN and VOICE COMMAND options available for the Audio and Navigation systems. You have to set the system ahead of time as to which function you want to use. I guess Nissan did a better job than I thought. Steve
  • akjha627akjha627 Posts: 4
    Can someone tell me how to use voice tags ? I already have tags saved but I am unable to find a way to speak it.
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