Chevrolet Avalanche Starting Issues

juice44juice44 Member Posts: 2
I own a 2003 4x4. Two weeks ago I changed out the battery (went bad). I drove it for 5 days, no problems. Then sunday morning the truck was completely dead, I charged it for 12 hrs and was unable to start even after trying to jump start it. I changed out the battery then had the alternator tested, still good but went down quite a bit once a load was put on. I changed out the alternator anyway....ran well for 4 days and now the truck is completely dead again. Has been charging for 8 hrs but still won't start even when jumping from another battery. It won't even turn over.....any ideas?


  • hands2hands2 Member Posts: 1
    For the past month, I had the same problem. What was your solution? Hands2
  • juice44juice44 Member Posts: 2
    My problem was the new battery that was installed by the service center wasn't big enough. Found this out after I replaced the alternator and the batttery twice. Probably doesn't help but there's your answer.
  • west8west8 Member Posts: 4
    I have similar issues on my 04 its not that I lose power i just get nothing when I turn the key forward, i have to keep playing with it back and forth then finally about a couple minutes later it will start, it doesnt do it all the time but enough where it is a pain in the [non-permissible content removed].
  • yoshorite1997yoshorite1997 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 03 avalanche when i start it it starts with no problem then engine light turns and it seems like if it wants to turn off and after it warms up it runs so smooth with no problem someone help
  • dndfiremandndfireman Member Posts: 1
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    I do have the same problems as "WEST8" have you found what was the cause?
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